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  1. 2 Hours east of Albany is a little far for and I will be at a Con in Rochester anyways. If you have any other events coming up soon I would love to meet you in a few matches :)
  2. Does anyone know of any upcoming tourneys in New York. I am in upstate New York near Syracuse and Rochester while I haven't gotten a chance to play in a while...
  3. I am looking forward to the merc book very much!!! Just hoping it turns out awesome. I like my overlord, reptus and nefsokar armies, but I have a huge spot for my mercs. Rushing in with sticks and spears that have that "thrown together" look is some unlike any of the other factions, and it keeps my strategy wel hidden since they lack any "strong or weak" aspect generic keeps my opponent guessing
  4. I have to agree with part of what Sarec said. If you are using mercs in a different faction you do NOT gain that factions abilities... but only for those merc troops. The issue with point efficiency... It has to be addressed, with a more restricted amount (like 10% instead of 25%), a printed list of adjusted merc points if you are adding them to other factions, or some version of a retreat mechanism. The way the merc grunts are done now is they are very PLAIN, but some times a faction would rather spend less and not have their factions "fluff" soldiers. This might mean we never see cartain units fielded, which would be a SHAME in my opinion. B
  5. Correct, and I have no problem with my models changing sides, I think it is sort of neat. First, I always look at this from a tournament perspective, you dont get to know who your enemy is... this needs to be kept in mind. I feel that is the crusaders think they can keep the mercied units at its previous damage track than that damage tracks DIS should be the one they are using for defence. This just rings an obvious tone with me... you want the 4 track model undamaged but it using its last damage track for defence.. that just seems like having your cake and eating it too. I dont think win/lose ratio is a guarentee of ANYTHING... first, many people play and prolly dont post wins and loses, for many reasons. Second, it may be pure skill rather than faction power... I have won everything I have played crusaders. This makes me consider playing them and (except against ranz) see if I can show other players that they are good and powerful, you just need to use them right.
  6. This is the part where I see the problem too, with multi track models the stats decrease in a controlled manner, the last track has 1/2 for defensive stuff, except for DIS... which drops FASTER THAN GOD. Even a warlord, monster or captain with 4 damage tracks makes his mercy roll with a PATHETIC 2.... this is almost a guarenteed success. All multi-track models, except the dragon who is not official, have a 2 or 3 disapline on their last damage track. Most crusaders doing mercy will have a 6 or more, with the good mercy units have a DIS of 10... not sure if it can get anu higher than 10. That means if the defender rolls a 10 and the enemy rolls a 1 or 2 (I think ties dont succeed) then it fails. This is close to a 1 in 90 chance of happening. We will most definitely run playtests to prove this true... but with beefs like hill giant, griffon, rauthros, onyx golem, avatar, etc running around they are EASY targets for mercy, which if it succeeds even once gives the crusader a free +100 points to the game. Any faction ability that is worth over 100 points seems bordering on broken to me.
  7. I would try and put one of the accuracy upgrades on Lorielle... maybe take off orba's armor and lose a rager. The fewer models that reach you THE BETTER... Have lorielle target healers and mages/rogues ASAP and use those re-rolls to kill them if you roll like a one or two.
  8. Wow weee, that was the LONGEST series of Warlord game I think in EXISTENCE!!!! We grabbed terrain and set up at 1pm, it seems a few out of towners showed up and then when we told them we were going to get the terrain to start they left... that was wierd but oh well. First game was merc vs reptus vs dwarves king of the hill 1000 points. I demoed because 2 were brand new and one kinda new. They LOVED they game, game was awesoely close with reallly variety. I decided it would be quicker and better to throw them in full force, so I made armies like I usually do, a little of everything, so there was clerics, mages, archers. The other two games that went on first were 1v1 with experienced players. We did a scenario game after with loot the nefsokar temple and not get killed, this was re-run of a old scenario identical to the old we made up. We also did an assassin mission of crusader assassins (g0 figure) killing officials of overlords. With planning a 6 man squad of 1/3 the points can kill about 25 of the enemies. Then we did some more 1v1 games and one 2v2 game with one 1v1v1. After breaks for food, hero clix and giant monster rampage it was now 2:30 am after playing warlord. But EVERYONE wanted to keep playing, but the union was closing. So we moved to the Saratoga commons for a 3v3 1500 point game. On one side Anna had her elves, I had dwarves, Nick had reptus.... the other side Willie had overlords, Ben had mercs and Dave (thresher) had necropolis. The battle was EPIC, we got breakfast at 8:00 am.... Details were so complicated i'd just be easy to tell it in person if anyone cares. Basically overlords were magic heavy with 2 firestorms and 2 holds on their beef casters, killed stuff and held khong-to/naikannons unit twice in a row. Elves got their deathseekers to do their job, seek death. The lupines got ATE UP by archers and a failed charge, lord only killed one unit and was swarmed by number from god. The dwarves took huge casualties from overlords and archers all died via f-storm. Necros got the stick vs elves mostly, only wounded the treant once some how, killed some archers in archer v archer battle but it was not enough. Watching 35 spirit warriors charge the elf archer hill was HILLARIOUS, becuase they disappeared faster than choclate cake. The mercs held for a long time, but the 2 last crossbowmen and the shaman said "no way, not getting paid enough for this crap..." Overlords then fell and necro's numberous BBDF's hit the grunts tearing them up, but once wounded fell to hits and archers. It was a crazy game with a table full of metal... we should have counted, but there were more than 140 models. Thanks everyone for a really awesome mini-con and welcome to the new players who became addicted to the game something fierce, that makes me happy!!!
  9. As I said, 1pm for a few of us, but people are welcome to play as early as ten am however.
  10. Well, there will be no "official" tournament on April 8th, I asked sparky if I could do the paperwork for him, but this was far too late of notice to do it. But we/I will be holding Warlord games on this Saturday at our mini-con. We will be in the union and there will also be a large food order going in for a few bucks. Lots of other games will be there as well. For terrain I ask people to bring whatever they want. We will be using hills, trees, a little bit of wall/castle but dont have much. We have been doing a "army men" set up lately, using our textbooks, soda bottles, anything we could find and giving it appropriate rules under the corebook. We will be starting at 1pm, with optional games earlier if people want to jump in. I will try to run a tournament set up if we get enough players, with everyone moving around, hopefully playing new people. Any other ideas??
  11. 1. Yes it can be used against ANY defensive strike, it would add 2 to the DV or MD, which ever is appropriate. 2. No they can not becombined, like stacking archer abilities 3. you can not opt to fire an arrow into someone else if in BAB, you are stuck to MELEE only. You can cast friendly spells while based, but I do not believe offensive spells are allowed. B
  12. Another reason you may be losing.... in the box set skeletons are listed as being 21 points. But they are actually only 17!!!! So you might need to check your math as you may have been using the box army -X +X for points. Also yes, archers are cheap and good.
  13. Oh jeez, yeah mounted archers are something I was REALLY scared of months back. The idea of rock paper stuff is out the window. Grunts will not always beat calvary, you can now shoot and remain out of charging range, move and shoot again. This is just crazy. But I am ignoring the calvary for now, with the other new units released I have my new nefsokar army ready to go. The sphinx is in at the 1500, but not 1000. I am even using the new thoth I got from this last tournament. I think I can find a use for him :) B
  14. Well yes, against a slow heavy ranged army high DV grunts w/ deflect and lots of calvary will defeat them... thats super, but it is supposed to be that way. Lots of teams do not have this luxury and have no good way to counter it. Look at the mercenaries, they have no calvary (lupines sorta count, but have no where near the range or deflect) and NONE of their units have deflect, they get shreaded even if you bring more points.
  15. Actually Ranz, I will be bringing both Warlord playing pledges to the con this weekend. Let me also state now that I hate soul cannons and have always said they were broken even 5 months ago before Razig got its own faction... I am looking forward to a very tactical tourney with an attempt at careful planning to avoid holes in me chests ARG B
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