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  1. Just to add one more, I'm not sure if I've stated this one or not but I've always loved the Asuras since when I first saw these CG angels of vengence back in the old 2nd ed AD&D PS setting. Then I picked up the new 'Book of Exulted Deeds' last week (very nice manual if I may say so) with this fantastic painting by Mark Nelson. Asuras from WotC site I bought a couple of Rackham valkyries years ago for a conversion but wimped out and just build them up as they were. Reaper would do a so much better conversion than I could :D PS: Half-orcs are wussies- try a half-ogre: 'Little man make Sogg angry, when Sogg get angry - SOGG SMASH!!!' ;)
  2. Generally I've never had problems finding a US distributer for figures from Europe though I did once end up having to order some LotR stuff direct from Mithril in Ireland. I've always liked many of his figures, and those new minotaur greens look fantastic, just what I've been asking for.
  3. I hate gloss but I'm not too crazy about dead flat either, I tend to go the gloss then flat way others have posted here but I like to give them a light 'dusting' with semi-gloss afterward to give back a lil 'sparkle'. And on female figures I like to hit the hair with a lil semigloss outta the bottle. Totally flat looks dull and lifeless to me, but gloss is just too much.
  4. Testor's makes a set of plastic pipettes (ok, however you spell it [email protected][email protected]), basically a larger version of a eye-dropper for mixing paint. You can draw up a little paint from the bottle and then by using the same number of drops each time you can get a simular ratio every time you mix the paint. They're immune to most solvents and wash up to be usable over and over. They sell them on the same rack with their acylic paint line in a blister pack hanging at the top. Not sure if this is any use but I've had good results with them.
  5. I've used the Tamiya flat white primer, it does put down a fantastic smooth almost semi-gloss coat that yet covers very well. I'm not sure how it compares to Floquil though. Only problem is it is made in Japan and you'll probably pay a great deal more for it most places. I've been uses plain Kryon flat white for primer for some time now and not had many problems. Sometimes it does come out gritty but I'm sure it was due to me letting the paint dry before it hits the figure.
  6. Guess I'm just echoing what everyone else has said but still... Discount Hobby/Dragglestown: great service, the owner went out of his way to get a set of Fenryll figures for me. I can't recommend them enough. Fantization: Only ordered from them twice but they were prompt and had good service when I ordered. Albino Rhino: Only ordered once but they were very prompt on the order and quickly refunded my money on an out of production item. New Wave: Don't even ask. I had good service for awhile and then they ended up shipping an order to me a figure a week or so over the next SEVEN MONTHS! If the item is out of stock they want to wait till they get it instead of refunding your money, dealing with them is a hassle. It's a GREAT place to window shop but I won't order again from them unless I'm desperate...
  7. Thanks Jennifer, I've been using the Golden retarder for awhile now and I'm very happy with the results. I think I've said it before but I've found the plastic squeeze bottles my contact lens solutions come in to be good for a number of purposes. If you don't have contact lens's you might be able to ask a friend. I find that I end up with more bottles than I need and throw alot of them out.
  8. Actually the Tester's Model Master acrylic paint in the round bottles is of high quality. The enamel Model Master in the round bottles I've heard is good as well, but I've never tried it myself. I don't like enamel paint, I find acylic works just as well with less work on cleaning up. The Tester's in the small square bottles I'd avoid like the plague though. I have to echo what's been said here- Vallejo and Reaper are pretty much what I use now. I have a little RP left that I use and sometimes use Polly-Scale. Tamiya I use sometimes but it's formulated more for airbrushing and is a little too thin to brush well.
  9. Interesting... Actually I picked up the 'Golden' brand extender at Michael's the other week. I thought I'd seen someone mention the brand name here somewhere. I like it but I have no idea how it compares to other brands.
  10. Woodland Scenics makes 'grass' that you might be able to use, the fall grass is kinda a tan sorta colour. Most all model railroad hobby shops carry the brand. Pumpkins, other than sculpting yourself I dunno...
  11. $(@(*#~!?!?! Thanks, that picture just took five years off my life..... Though he might make a good gully dwarf.... hmmmmmmmm...
  12. Weeeeeelllllllllllllll.................. A fully armed and crewed Tanar'ri chaos ship??? Though on second thought fifty pounds of pewter might not be such a good idea... :D On a more seroius note, on the thread on 'giant size' I'll agree, I'd like to see more giants. A storm and cloud looking giant would be great, and if possible females as well. And considering the greater use of 'The Imperial Minotaur Legion of Taladas' in the current and future DL setting I'd love to see more minotaurs. I've been looking for some time for more minotaurs but other than my old 'Imperal Minotaurs of Krynn' figures from RP years ago most are of the more normal GH style beastial minotaur. I love 'Gore: Greater Minotaur' but one or a couple in full field plate and maybe a minotaur mage with heavy robes and even a small pair of glasses perched on his snout would be great.
  13. Ahhhhhhh those Fiannas... I had one break off at the ankles, so tell me they're not top-heavy I go with paper clips too, I get the jagged edges sometimes but you can file 'em down and the clips are so cheap and available I don't mind throwing a segment out and starting over.
  14. Umm, I'll beg ignorance here but weren't their earlier games like Vampire and Werewolf over the top too? I've never played any of them but I strongly got that impression from players that have raved to me how uber their characters were.
  15. Right DS, they kinda wrote themselvies in a corner and well now the producers say: 'I don't want to talk about it.' Lol, don't you love changed premises without even an explanation? Yeah there were Drow on Krynn in 1st ed but we changed our minds in 2nd ed so they've never existed there, just pretend it never happened... :D
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