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  1. Hey! How about....LE Pirates!! No one is making pre-painted Pirates. Pirates are cool. I want LE Pirates! Who's with me? ARRR! Jeff
  2. I thinking it might be because Reaper is out of stock on those items. I'm a retailer, and the multipacks are out of stock at my distributor as well... Jeff
  3. It sounds good, but I'd rather see Warlord, an already existing game, get the PPM treatment first... ...but I'm looking forward to Reich of the Dead, too. Jeff
  4. I've still got my fingers crossed for actual Warlord Pre-Paints! I'm hanging on to my copy of the rule book for just such an event...
  5. For me it has nothing to do with the more affordable plastic, it's the not-having-to-paint-my-minis aspect that's attractive to me. I enjoying painting occassionally, but don't have time for it + I'm opening my own gaming store and really won't have time for painting. Jeff
  6. Yes, yes, YES! I would love pre-painted Warlord minis. Especially if they started with Dwarves! Jeff
  7. Ah thanks. Silly me, I must've stopped reading right before that! Jeff
  8. I don't see anything saying you cannot enter more than once, or did I miss it? Jeff
  9. Y'know, some of you painters really come off bad when this subject comes up. Please consider that for some of us it is not a matter of wanting the "easy way out". Personally, I find that insinuation insulting. It has nothing to do with being lazy, wanting to take the easy way, or anything like that. A) I have a limited amount of gaming time available to me (..and I'm even getting ready to open my own gaming store) and prefer to use that time to actually play a game, rather than painting. B) I really have no interest in painting. It's a nuisance to me, not something I enjoy anymore. I'm excited about prepaints! Jeff
  10. I'm getting all a'tingly! I very much look forward to seeing these! Jeff
  11. Which is why it seems odd that we haven't seen pictures or heard anything further from Reaper on this line yet. As far as I know they haven't even been solicited through Game Trade yet, or did I miss that? Jeff
  12. So, um....when do we get to see some pics? ;-) Jeff
  13. Maybe Reaper should just make fully-poseable 1:18 scale fantasy action figures and we could game with those! I'd be fine with that ;-) Jeff
  14. Ahem. So......when can we expect to see pictures? ;-) Jeff PS - I know, I know...."Soon™"
  15. I don't recall it being asked, so I'll ask ;-) When do we get a look at the minis? (I'm very excited about this line) Jeff
  16. Wow. I just caught this news via Tabletopgamingnews.com. I'm stoked. In fact I started a thread about this very thing last August: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...&pid=337143 I started getting into Warlord about 1-1/2 years ago, but couldn't find much time to paint so - consequently - never played the game much. (Yes, I know you CAN play with unpainted minis, I just don't WANT to play with unpainted minis). I pretty much wasn't gaming at all. I'm married and have a 2 year old and we're busy with a lot of other things, so my gaming time is limited. My take is I would rather spend what gaming time I do have PLAYING a game as oppposed to PREPARING to play a game (i.e. assembling, painting, etc). So, I went to games like Heroclix, D&D Minis and Star Wars Minis and, more recently, AT-43 and have been having a blast PLAYING. So, then I read Reaper is getting into pre-painted plastics. I'm ecstatic! This is fabulous news for me! Way to go Reaper! Legendary Encounters sounds awesome, but how about tossing in a few Warlord pre-painted boxed sets? That'd really rock. Jeff
  17. What? I haven't see any discussion of this? Hmmm...at any rate I am very much looking forward to this game. I've backed off any game that I have to paint minis for now 'cause I just don't have the time (or the skill...or the time to develop the skill)...so, it's pre-painted for me from here on out... Jeff
  18. Personally, I'll just be tickled pink to have the Dwarf book come out! ;-) The waiting...oh....it's the hardest part, indeed! Jeff
  19. As I stare at my still half painted dwarven army lamenting the fact that time that I could spend playing Warlord is spent preparing to play Warlord, I find myself wondering (and perhaps fruitlessly hoping) that Reaper is considering entering the prepainted plastic arena. I know that's blasphemy for many of you who really enjoy the modeling and painting aspect of the hobby. I enjoy that aspect, too. But, these days real-life priorities leave me precious little gaming time and I am finding that I'm being more and more drawn to the prepainted stuff as I can play right out of the box! Now, I will say that I dislike that collectible aspect of games such as Heroclix, D&D Minis and the like...but there's ways around that (trading, buying only singles, etc)...but I see Rackham is getting into pre-painted plastics with their upcoming sci-fi game. I love Reapers sculpts and I love Warlord. It's a great game that's lots of fun. So this is in no way a complaint, just an inquiry to see if the prepainted idea is being toyed with at Reaper for folks like me who just don't have the time to paint. Jeff
  20. So, in other words...no biig news or announcements. I was hoping there was maybe some news regarding upcoming Warlord Faction Books or a revised Core Rule Book...maybe some news regarding CAV 2 or AICOM. Jeff
  21. I wasn't able to attend Gen Con this year, but was hoping to hear something regarding upcoming Reaper product out of the Con. Has anyone heard/seen any Reaper announcements? Jeff
  22. Wow...that looks awesome. Wish I could've been there! I had just returned from driving cross country from California to Ohio (helping a friend move) and just couldn't make it... Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to participate at Origins at all. Money's pretty darn tight right now and had to choose between paying to get into Origins or buying the models I need to get to 1500 pts. But, I hope to watch! Jeff
  23. Hmmm. New Dwarven Warlord in July. My Birthday in July. I like how that synch'd up! ;-) I also like the adjustments to the Mercenary rules. I'd love to be able to work in some Mercs w/o losing my faction abilities! That's great! Thanks, Reaper! Jeff
  24. Agreed. That alone would warrant purchasing a new book! Jeff
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