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  1. great work mate! love the pumpkin shot, is he looking at her "booty"? dj
  2. thanks for the feed back guys im thinking of rebasing him with a gravel and melting snow look. originally i wasnt going to have so much blood on the base but my finger spasmed as i was painting it. dj
  3. hey all here is my finished Ivan. im not totally happy with the base but it will do for now. Ivan face and musket wound Ivan front Ivan rear Ivan hammer also if any-one can think of a better name, feel free to let me know. dj
  4. here are some piks i took this morning of Ivan, they are wip paint job. Ivan face wip Ivan front wip Ivan rear wip comments/suggestions welcome, also if you can think of a better name id like to hear it, because i cant think of a better one. dj
  5. for lack of a better name i call him Ivan. im thinking of playing him as a D&D character. Ivan back Ivan front Ivan hair Ivan leg detail comments/suggestions welcome dj
  6. thats awsome man, can you send it via msn? if so i would love to get it. dj
  7. why do drunken idiots have such nice cars? if they want to wreck them why dont they just give them to me, i dont even know how to drive.
  8. just about the whole right arm is in segments, the left leg is converted at the hip, and the "xenos poo" would be yellow tac.
  9. if you click the image it should get larger.
  10. im doing this guy for a gw in store comp, he took me about 1 hour to build. Templar champion Templar champion front Templar champion rear comments welcome
  11. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehehe great photo, good looking angle
  12. nice nnm, my only qwibble is that the hair looks a little plastic.
  13. i can remember the first time i met an owlbear in d&d, it smacked the crap out of the only party member stupid enough to go near it, unfortunately for that party member they were a sorcerer and they died on the second hit.
  14. wow, i wasnt really expecting a reply. unfortunately i cant make it to moab i dont have the funds and i have no idea were it is. my house is pretty much always open for a game or 6.
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