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    Anime!! And video games especially final fantasy

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  1. dat looks pretty cool, it's a sweet model too, the spear seems to stand out to me.
  2. phoenix are cool. And that is an incredible color combination you chose, I like it.
  3. on the first one, the fire looks very nice and so does his book, but just a little thing I noticed, the highlights on his blue and white cloak look a little sudden, it goes from darkish blue to white a little too quickly but who am I talk
  4. I love that model. the way you did the chopper dagger thing was great I thought, same with the bone staff deal.
  5. Nice, the sock ghost looks great and i like the way you painted your jack'o'lanterns, the cavern worms are interesting models too.
  6. I was just curious to see if anyone around here liked these games, I sure do.
  7. Nice, cool model+nice colors+non+non-metallics= great mini
  8. what pets do you have, just curious, I've got two dogs and a ball python
  9. Not that i know anything but here is a little list of names I think sound good: Matt James Henry Sephiroth[just kidding] Will Evan
  10. That's one of da most ridiculous prices I've ever seen! I mean, the little box is slick and everything, but I never have that much mula on me! Even if I did I wouldn't spend it on a brush set, c'mon, I got 'bout 7 brushes and probably spent twenty five bucks on 'em
  11. I like affordable mexican food and chinese food my favorites include: Manchu Wok Taco Bell Chipotle Little Tokyo Chin's
  12. green day: american idiot ramones: any album I have blink-182: take off your pants and jacket cradle of filth: nymphetamine[or something like that.]
  13. I think i would be a werewolf, the kind that turns into a wolf at the full moon, because at random times i get really wild, crazy, and sometimes really ANGRY!
  14. I like painting animals and monsters, like wolves and snakes and pretty much any model i think looks cool
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