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  1. Yes, absolutely right. The avatar picture is Boren Backslap the one-eyed dwarven rat catcher from "The Eldest Son." And I believe it was Sandra Garrity who sculpted the figure for Boren. I'll look forward to seeing your paint job!
  2. but I can't get his picture to come through. :( cbs Drat! Thanks for the heads-up Ladystorm. I'll get that fixed. Damon
  3. Thanks Polo. That elf was my weekend project and he turned out better than I hoped. But that Falco is just a jaw-dropper. Wow! Damon
  4. I used to just kind of make it up as I went along. But after a while I found that I REALLY favored reds and browns. So as I scanned my shelves of painted minis most of them looked a little too earthy. Now I try to come up with a plan for most figures before I start. I also try to make myself try color schemes that I've never tried before. But I'm not above dropping the plan if after a while I can tell it's not going to work. I'm really diggin on blues and greens right now. I think I'll probably look back in 6 months and refer to this as my "Aqua Period." Damon
  5. Background material for running an RPG (d20) in the setting is underway. I don't want to say too much lest I get dragged out to the woodshed and flogged, but it will include information on of the nations and Kingdoms of Adon (the largest and central continent in the world of Avalorr), the Gods that hold sway in the world, as well as the types of organizations and characters you can expect to find there. † So soon you'll be able to read all about the Empire of Malvernis and their sinister Inquisition, the horse riders of the sweeping plains of Haldor, and the fierce tribal reavers of Kjord. Damon Dorsey
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