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  1. I made it, as planned. It did cost only $3.00 + $1.50, but it took a bit longer than I expected. There were very few riders in the middle of the afternoon. DFW has some signs "Rail to Dallas" pointing the way to the train station, but it is somewhat hidden. You have to get outside on the bottom level (Ground Transportation) and then walk to the north end under a fabric canopy. The connection at Bachman Station from the Orange Line to the Green Line wasn't timed right, so I waited 20 minutes for the next Green Line train. The connection at Trinity Mills from the Green Line to
  2. She is coming along well. Have you read Rhonda Bender's recent 2-part blog post "Tips for Contest Entries"? https://birdwithabrush.com/blog/ Check it out and see how you would apply her tips to this model. I'm usually on the team of ReaperCon judges for the Open Division (heavy conversions & scratch-sculpts), but sometimes we also judge a portion of the Painter's Division. Painter's has 2 or 3 other teams on it. This mini will go into Painter's. If you're really gunning for a Gold, know what the judges will be looking for, and strive to get as high as y
  3. Thanks again! @Iridil : Yes, I wanted the colors to be different from how I would paint a weretiger or a were-cheetah. Rather than being animal-colored all over, their bodies are mostly human skin tones but with hints of the animal colors and patterns (tiger orange-red with stripes, cheetah golden-brown with spots). @RogaDanar: Great relief! I look forward to seeing how you paint yours -- please share here on the Forum and/or Discord. @zoroaster100 : There are tips and tricks about freehand on clothing (and classes offered at ReaperCon over the years). On
  4. Great! Thanks, Jon. And thanks for the warning about the A-Train not running on Sunday or Labor Day Monday, @Xiwo Xerase. The transit option takes longer than driving (2+ hours, vs. 35-40 minutes without traffic), but should be cheaper ($4.50 per person, vs. $40+ per vehicle). And if you don't want to take Uber/Lyft for the last 3 miles from the Downtown Denton Transit Center (DDTC) to the hotel, walk one block north to Hickory St and catch the hourly #7 westbound / Razor Ranch bus. I think you can ride the bus with the same ticket that you got for the A-Train.
  5. Thanks, folks! @Inarah and @72moonglum : Right, it's just this camera angle that makes the cylindrical part of the necklace look like a blue-and-gold cigar. 😉 Face close-ups: @AlonTey : Yeah, they both had some pernicious mold lines (his left foot, his right biceps & chest, her right sleeve/elbow, etc.), which required a bit of work with the knife, some glopping on of brush-on gloss sealer or other thick paint as gap-fillers ... and then some carefully planned camera angles to hide the lines! So don't worry if you did the mold lines to "good e
  6. Good work! I am honored that my rendition inspired you to try something new. I third the praise for the glowing eyes. The green on the eyelids really sells the illusion of a glow. Those nice subtle purples and greens show up well when I turn up my monitor's brightness. Maybe they would show up better in photos against a mid-value/darker background instead of the white/light? I like to shoot with a dark gray or dark blue background, because then the background is darker than my painted highlights, but lighter than my painted shadows. Thanks for sharing! I look forward t
  7. If you bought the Bones V "Fan Favorites" expansion, you probably expected the female rakshasa (#902) ... but didn't expect to get a male, too. Surprise! Pics and then words: Christine Van Patten (Rainbow Sculptor) sculpted them, from art by Izzy "Talin" Collier. Both have the creepy reversed hands with sharp claws, human-feline monstrous bodies, and big-cat heads. I painted his head as the expected tiger, but for variety I painted hers as a cheetah. (Indeed cheetahs are native not only to Africa but also to Iran/Persia and India, where nobility u
  8. Ambitious and well done! And congrats on having him featured on ReaperLand today. I like the amended helmet. I've never even tried to paint reflective/SENMM. I can only imagine how hard it is, because only one "front" and one "back" camera angle will look right, and at any other angles (rotations or elevations), the illusion of accurately plotted "reflections" will be broken. (Anne Foerster has been painting an ambitious SENMM bust on her PaintingBig Twitch channel, Thursday afternoons.) I think the head of the hammer should look different but I'm not sure how. (Maybe n
  9. Strange / novel concepts indeed! Your paint jobs are great advertising for them. I like the mood you achieved with this color palette. ("No, saturated blue, you can't join this party.") Derek
  10. Agreed, nice work. Orange and red and purple ... plus accents of yellow and green and even blue on the back of the pages ... I like the depth of contrast in the billowing orange cloth. Did you add green in the grays of her outfit, or is it just an illusion of greenness with a neutral gray juxtaposed with red (and the green symbols on the page)? Derek
  11. Thanks, everyone! @TGP : Ah yes, protecting a fellow party member, perfect. I didn't see that episode, but that's a great reference! @Metalchaos : Even though she should probably be "keeping her eye on the ball [arrow]" (like they taught us in batting practice), yes, she's just that good and she's already looking for the next one. @ManvsMini : The Last Dragon -- nice! Good question about the brush. We may have to test it at ReaperCon. Sadly for everyone else, it might be like a spear in the hands of an ice devil: "This effect comes from the devil in th
  12. Love it. Player: "Um, did you mean to say 'ShadowFAX', as in Gandalf's horse?" GM Metalchaos: "No, you heard me right."
  13. I missed this the first time around ... but she's great! Somehow you predicted two of the figures I would paint a few months later, too. ;^) Did she (or will she) appear as an NPC in a game you're running? Derek
  14. I've painted another of my sculpts from several years ago. I started her in Paint Club last week, and finished her during Paint Club today: Esmeria was one of my characters in the Living Greyhawk shared-world campaign, 2005-2008. Living Greyhawk had a series of adventures set in the Bright Desert that featured the plots of the archmage Rary and the ruins of ancient empires, so I made Esmeria as my new character from that area to use in those adventures. She started as a monk (scion of one of those ancient empires) and later pi
  15. Thanks, folks! @ManvsMini : You're welcome! I've been painting more this year and am happy to share. @Great Khan Artist : Yes, Rhonda Bender (birdwithabrush)'s paint-jobs on those Deadlands Noir minis are great! I did a sepia-monochrome paint job on the ReaperCon '05 Western Sophie, and again on some other Chronoscope Old West figures -- Doc Holiday, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Lobo Sanchez (link to Lobo). I've taught a class on monochrome painting a few times over the past 10 ReaperCons, but I wasn't planning to do one this year. Maybe someone else will, and/or I could
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