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  1. Time for a new profile photo!

    My old photo was the male sea-elf that I designed, sculpted, and painted more than ten years ago:

    3140_dks_facedetail72h.jpg.2b367a0ffe195b166ae4772533275975.jpg  Ollamiel, male sea elf  (Dark Heaven Legends 03140)


    I've been contemplating a new photo for a while, and I wanted to use a newer one of my design+sculpt+paints, but most of my recent sculpting has been for the Pathfinder line (i.e. not my designs).  These were the 5 leading options:

    03321_Damien_dks_facedetail72h.jpg.42e8f8a7766c1d0afb363572fc2c2cca.jpg  Damien, hellborn wizard  (DHL 03321)

    03433_Corim_dks_facedetail72h.jpg.e087b4e2f8e2b1d52a1318f13199ef3c.jpg  Corim the Kestrel, gnome sorcerer  (DHL 03433)

    03698_TenguRogue_dks_facedetail72h.jpg.b8a68a592f4250524eb210ebfa7bad6b.jpg  tengu rogue (ninja)  (DHL 03698)

    03774_TenguWarrior_dks_GrayBack_headdetail72h.jpg.e32dc1c946a1df35c60037b637f7a16a.jpg  tengu warrior (samurai)  (DHL 03774)

    [Fun Fact: These tengus have the same head, since the samurai is a conversion of the ninja.  But I ruled them out because Michael Proctor is already well-known as "Clever Crow".] 

    3801_KitsuneM_dks_5facedetail-72h.jpg.8ae48c8395c9e40283aa2b628f55a972.jpg  Kogo, kitsune (duelist)  (DHL 03801)


    See you around!

    I hope you'll still recognize me, even though I'm out of the water now.


    -- dks

    (Derek Schubert)


    1. Pezler the Polychromatic

      Pezler the Polychromatic

      They all look good, Schuby! Definitely difficult to choose from, though I have a couple of favourites in mind.

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