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  1. Thank you, Julie! I'm glad you like it. Your sculpts are joys to paint, and my style of painting seems to complement the way you sculpt. Maybe it's a result of painting so many of your Grenadier and Ral Partha sculpts in my formative years as a painter! Here, for example, I appreciated your decision to sculpt a variety of textures on the body -- some areas of thicker fur, but also smooth areas where I could emphasize the muscular volumes and imply the short fur with my brushstrokes. Derek
  2. Very nice! I especially like the leatherlike sheen that you achieved with those higher highlights. And congrats on pulling up that creative anchor that was dragging behind you. I've also hit dead-ends with color choices, and taken months or years to come back with fresh eyes, fix the problem color(s), and finish the thing. Derek
  3. Eww. But great! I love your posts like this that have narratives and a sequence of photos. Your photos #2, 3, and 4 made it look like the one creature was actually changing its pose and rising to attack! How does a miniature do that?! And then I saw that you had multiple creatures. Derek
  4. Thanks, folks! I have to give credit to the Reaper Challenge League for giving me an incentive to finish and a deadline. I thought I would knock out a quick paint in 2-3 hours, but this took about 9 hours (2 prep/sculpt/prime, 7 paint), plus some research time. @Restless : I learned about the king cheetah from the "Wild Cats of the World Coloring Book" that I bought many years ago! I agonized over getting the pattern "wrong" ... though of course there is no right or wrong with fantasy creatures! Inspiration from real creatures helps make the fantastical look more believable. @haldir : Good to see you here, too! @Mystikant : I like cutting away the integral base if a model has its feet spread far apart, so I can sculpt something with more dynamic ups and downs. This is also a contrast to a snow leopard that I sculpted & painted on a base with a slight upward tilt: link to Forum post. @Glitterwolf and @Rigel : Thanks. The mold line runs down the middle of the head so the eyes are somewhat asymmetrical and the left eye had a slight miscast, so I did some "paint plastic surgery" to make the eyes more symmetrical and bigger (I like to paint big eyes!). Derek
  5. Very nice! I know it can be tough to control the size and value of the highlights when you're trying to make something look glossy but with a dark base color. How did you choose to paint these two in the first place, and in these colors? Derek
  6. It's a cougar! Specifically it's a firepelt cougar, from the world of Golarion (Pathfinder RPG). It's also my submission for the Reaper Challenge League under the January theme of "Ice or Fire". Pathfinder authors have described firepelts as having black-and-red or "autumnal" coloration, but I know of only one image in a Paizo book: the 5th anniversary book of Rise of the Runelords shows one as mostly black with thin orange stripes running down its back and orange rings on its tail. I used that as a point of departure, plus extra reference in the form of photos of cougars, and photos of rare recessive-gene "king cheetahs" that have stripes and large blotchy spots instead of the usual small round spots. I cut away parts of this guy's integral base, and sculpted a grouping of rocks that the cougar is descending. Enjoy! Derek
  7. That was a one-off sculpt for a diorama -- my entry into the Privateer Press Grand Master Painting Competition in 2008. I painted the original sculpt, so there are no copies available! Derek
  8. Wow, such a joyful group of figures. I like the variation of colors and personalities, with the unifying tutus. I look forward to seeing whatever basing you do for them. Thanks for continuing to share the new life that you're giving to older / non-Reaper figures. (Also, I can 'listen in' on your Finnish thanks to an online translator. "En puhu suomea ollenkaan.") Derek
  9. Yeah, great work with that reflection! My eye caught the repeated curve in that particular shade of ocher, and interpreted it the way you intended. I almost never try to paint recognizable reflections in my NMM, but I painted reflections of this guy's OSL-flaming mace on his shiny armor: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82166-60205-barzillai-thrune-inquisitor-of-asmodeus/ (Also, looking through the gallery on your website now. Wow, a great body of work!) Derek
  10. I am impressed and amazed again! Wow. Such beautiful arrangements and transitions of colors, such skillful management of the areas of direct lighting and reflected lighting and shadows. I was about to ask for more info about your process and whether you had any in-progress photos ... and then I see that your sig says "WIPs, step-by-steps and more on my Patreon account"! Derek
  11. I like it! Dark yet colorful, and moody but not muddy. Great differentiation in contrast. Is that a "reflection" of a curving horn on the blade? There's a lot to explore with OSL, especially combined with metallic effects or other simulated shininess. Thanks for sharing. Derek
  12. I like it! Congrats on depopulating your shelf of shame a bit. Little critters like this are perfect opportunities to try new color schemes and basing techniques. Thanks for the fun facts. Amazing to think how our languages affect the ways in which we perceive the world. Derek
  13. I agree with you: the fleshy pink tentacles make the rocky monster look even more unnerving! Nice juxtaposition of materials. Will this critter see use in a game? I can just imagine the players moving their minis around the cavern ... and then you put this thing on the table and they jump out of their chairs! Derek
  14. Very nice! The details on these Sandra Garrity sculpts are tiny, and you got them all. I appreciated the surprise of the red-and-white hose in the back views, because of the front-only leg armor. Thanks for sharing! Derek
  15. @Glitterwolf and @Kuroneko : Thanks! @Samedi : Right: bolder colors below, and duller colors but higher value-contrast above. The inspirational photo of the ibis had a beautiful emerald green on the wing-tip feathers, but the bird's legs were dull; I just had to find a place to use a green like that on the basilisk. @Citrine : That's a trio of adjectives that I would appreciate in a critter like this ... maybe not so much in a person! @Kangaroorex and @Metalchaos : I decided on giving the eyes a light-green "glow", so then I manipulated the colors of the body and head so the head would be dark and provide a high contrast with the eyes. @Metalchaos : I wanted to keep the whole thing on a 30mm base (not much bigger than game-legal for the more popular RPGs), and these two statue pieces give just a little backstory. You could imagine building a bigger base with a whole garden of statues. Color-shift and blending notes for @Kangaroorex , @PhantomAsh , @ksbsnowowl: I had some browns, greens, purples, tan/ivory, yellow-ocher, and Rust Red (+ tan = salmon-pink) on my palette, and then my final 2-3 hours of painting (out of about 7-8 total) involved looking for places where a transition was too stark, and then dabbing that transition with an intermediate "bridging" color. And since I wanted the iridescent color-shift effect, I didn't worry when those intermediate colors were a different hue. I got some happy accidents, such as on the right side behind the last leg: brown + green + purple + pink. A similar thing happened on the armor of a kitsune that I painted: link to Forum post. The rock also has a color-shift from orange (warmer/advancing) on top & in front, to purple (cooler/receding) below & in back. Plus the green "lichen" for some extra visual interest. @ksbsnowowl : Humping a rock indeed! It likes sunning itself on warm rocks, and it's just slow and low to the ground by nature. ("Slow and low, that is the tempo," according to the Beastie Boys.) Derek
  16. Look at this cute fellow! But don't look directly at his eyes. Too late? Uh-oh, I'm sorry if you just turned to stone. Anyway ... this is the Basilisk, #77371 in Bones. The color scheme is inspired by the iridescent plumage of a bird, the White-faced Ibis (Plegadis chihi). My folders of saved wildlife references include a photo of an ibis whose wing has golden, green, and orangey-pink metallic tones, and its head is more purplish-pink. I clipped away part of the integral base and built up this rocky base with putty. I added bits of two metal figures as the basilisk's petrified victims: the head is one of the 3 options for the Death Warden (Dark Heaven 03083), and the leg is from my Dwarf Shieldmaiden (Warlord 14379). I imagine that the basilisk ate the rest of those 'statues' and left these for later snacking. The grass is a preformed "Winter Tuft" product (dull yellow-green and black) with painted highlights, and the leaves are dried oregano, fully painted. I had used this basilisk as a demonstration figure at ReaperCon 2019 ... or maybe 2018 ... in my "Painting Fur, Feathers, and Scales" class. It was all dark green, with just the front right shoulder area painted with highlights simulating smooth shiny scales. It sat on my shelf since then. I wanted to paint something small and relatively simple, so I mentally kicked around a few color schemes without conclusion until I rediscovered the image of the ibis last week. I spent a couple of hours wet-blending the colors, and then a few more hours glazing and stippling, shifting the scales green and pink and purple and yellow-ocher and orange, etc. Enjoy! Derek
  17. Your Mini-You is great -- I especially like the shimmering teal hair (closely followed by the textured denim and leather and furs), and I'm giving a conspiratorial nod about the potential for freehand to distract and bamboozle. Thanks for sharing! Glad you didn't try to include a mid-spill drink in your selfie. Has Vancouver Mini Painting Club continued to meet virtually? Is there a gallery of other members' work from Season 3, or theirs/yours from 1 & 2? Derek
  18. Congratulations! I enjoyed looking at all the work that you submitted. You continue to challenge yourselves (and one another, and everyone else who sees the gallery of entries) with new techniques, color schemes, and compositions. Thanks for rising to the occasion, creating art, and having fun. Derek
  19. Welcome! Nice detail work on the stars and owl. Lighting advice, if you want it: A third lamp (above the figure) would fill in those shadows cast by your two lamps. Covering the lamps with white satin would make the light less harsh. Including an object for color-balancing would also help -- I painted swatches of black, red, yellow, green, and blue on an index card; I do the automatic color-balance in my software, and then crop it out of the pic that I post. Here's a shot of my setup from a few years ago; the physical setup and the lamps haven't changed, but the camera has. I still use a 2-second delay to eliminate the shakiness of a camera held in the hand, but my current camera has a good standard macro setting rather than the manual focus and zoom that I had to use with my older camera. Phone-cams now are pretty sophisticated, too. (Anne Foerster gave all this advice to me 10+ years ago. For color-balancing, she used to use pots of red/yellow/green/blue paint, with white labels and black writing.) Keep painting and keep sharing! Derek
  20. Thanks, all! @Darcstaar : Yes, every highlight on the feathers is a brushstroke. tik-tik-tik-tik-tik... x1000 or more. Several drops of the Reaper paint color Aged Bone. I also did some washes/glazes. I spent about 2 hours basecoating the wings (1 hour for the darker top surfaces, and 1 hour for the lighter bottom surfaces), then about 8 hours on the highlighting and shading. There's a lot of area to cover. Not as much as a Roc, say, but still quite a bit. @PhantomAsh: Exactly! There's no reason to limit yourself to white, given the great real-world range of colors for horses and birds ... plus any other color for a fantasy creature. My High Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles (25 years ago) included a general on a pegasus, and I painted it all black for a change. The movie "Fantasia" (I watched it again last week) has adult pegasi that are white, black, gray, or purple, plus the cute foals in pastel colors. @Iridil: That contrast in texture is ... at least partly intentional! Real feathers don't have such deep texture but they look better sculpted that way on a miniature, so I gave most of these feathers only 1 or 2 layers of highlights plus some thin-paint lining between feathers, while the harder surfaces had several layers with higher highlights and darker shadows. I'm looking forward to seeing what other painters (such as you!) do with this figure when they get their Bones V packages. Derek
  21. Hooray for the goodguys! They're small but feisty. I like the scene you've created here, and your Secret Sophie recipient must be happy. Good job on the NMM. One thing that I like to add to my NMM is simulated reflections, especially on the lower parts turned away from the sky -- nearby clothing/materials that have different colors, rocks or grass on the base, mysterious off-camera glows, etc. -- sometimes just a subtle glaze, sometimes a tighter painted 'reflection'. You might experiment with that on your zombie dragon, for example (though it looks pretty complicated already!). And on dioramas, you get to be the Lighting Designer and draw our eyes with higher contrast or warmer colors, so you could (for example) paint higher highlights on the upper parts of the rock than on the lower, as a sort of spotlight to draw our eyes up. Thanks for sharing, Derek
  22. Thanks for sharing these! Good to see you back here, and glad your unexpected gaming group is providing a little silver lining. Nice weapon-swaps, textures, and freehand. And I don't think I had ever seen Dobbin painted before! Now that you've introduced them to RPGs, do any of them want to paint miniatures for themselves? Derek
  23. Here is my rendition of Pegasus, figure #516 in the Greek Odyssey expansion for the Bones V Kickstarter. I love the sense of motion, grace, and power in Julie Guthrie's sculpt. This is a resin master figure, not a production piece in Bones plastic. It took me waaaaay too long to paint this. I got the figure more than a year ago but I couldn't decide on a color. I ruled out the traditional "white horse with white wings" but that still left ... well, infinity-minus-one options. I imagine this Pegasus flying along a sunny rocky coast. The pale buckskin colors are inspired by a photo of a mustang, and the wings by the juvenile (brown) plumage of some species of gulls, which I found in Sibley's encyclopedic bird book. When I painted Reaper's peryton (also sculpted by Julie Guthrie), I took my cue from hawk wings, but this time I looked at birds other than raptors. These wings seem to have a different shape from most hawks or eagles (falcons maybe), and I figured that Pegasus wouldn't have the colors of a carnivore/raptor. The turquoise-blue eyes tie in with the color of the water below. Enjoy, Derek
  24. Lovely! I like your reimagining of the color palette, and those high highlights capture the sheen of the silk fabric and of her hair. Congratulations on all your (well-earned) votes in the contest! -Derek
  25. Ambitious ... and brilliant! Thanks for sharing this excellent work with us. Derek
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