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  1. Strong work, thrush65. The pit fiend has good presence and I like the deep red-orange that you chose. I think the fire has its yellows and reds right, but the transition looks a little abrupt. Maybe painting some orange (or a few layers of thin yellow) along the boundaries would smooth things out? Thanks for the link to your site, too -- like the detail on wizard, the setting for the frogs, etc. Something to compliment about everything there. Derek
  2. Beautiful and fantastical color choices, and the fades look very good. Good choice for the background, too, to complement the cool colors. Excellent work! Derek
  3. Thanks, Haldir! I'm glad to hear that I'm getting some things right. Every figure has something new for me to try. First were the short and stocky figures (plus a bug) for two years, then figures with typical human proportions, and then this figure at about 50mm tall with lots of bare skin. There's always a lot more to learn -- trying new forms and textures and becoming more efficient -- especially when I see what the other sculptors are creating. Look for at least three more pieces from me by the end of the year. Have fun painting! Derek
  4. OK, can't just attach a file? I don't know of a viable place to put my pics online. I just put one into the Files section of a Yahoogroup that I belong to, but the image didn't show up in the previewed message. Derek
  5. Thanks, all. Glad you like him! Yes, his feet have 6 toes each, too. I added rings to his fingers and toes to call attention to the extra digits. I wanted to derive the clothing (what little of it there is) from one or more of the classical warm-climate civilizations, so it came out as a blend of Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Indian (southern Asian). I hope to improve my costuming skills as I sculpt more figures. FWIW, I intended the sword to rest point-down on the ground in front of his right foot. [tries to attach a pic of the green into the message but doesn't understand how...] Derek
  6. Very nice work, Patrick! The dark skin and pale hair worked out well together. The crimson cloak looks a bit dull compared to the vibrant purple coat, but I know that it's tough to highlight reds high enough without turning pink. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing your interpretations of them. Derek
  7. Nice work, Eric! The warm and cold whites in the horse work well. Thanks for explaining how you used the MSPs and other paints to get a result resembling the studio scheme. Thanks, too, for the tip about lining the filigree through washes. I'm no expert on photography, but I think I've heard that using different types of bulbs -- halogen, incandescent, daylight fluorescent -- in one photo setup will throw off the white-balance. I don't know whether that would lead to glare or overexposure, but it might at least change the colors a bit. On the advice of Anne and others, I set up my photo area to include three daylight-fluorescent bulbs, and cheap white satin taped over each bulb to diffuse the light, and it seems to give me good results. Derek
  8. It depends. Creatures with very short hair/fur (like a horse, maybe the big cats too), where you want to emphasize the musculature, could have the fur texture omitted altogether. The painter can add the texture of the fur through brushstrokes. Creatures with slightly longer fur (like a wolf) could get texture all over, at least to show the direction. http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2700range/Thorback_ds http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2800range/2806_af Creatures with longer / shaggier / mangier fur could get deeply sculpted fur all over. http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2800range/2878_ds (I'm familiar with my own paint-jobs...) Badgers would probably go in the in-between category. http://www.distlab.dk/badger/img/badger-photo.jpg Also, the skill and interest of the sculptors are factors. Like to sculpt fur and are good at it -- add the fur. If not, then simplify and let the painter do the work. Drybrushing can be a great technique for fur IMO, especially if done in a succession of colors, with washes and glazes, etc. That helps simulate the different colors present on each hair. Hope this helps, Derek
  9. Costuming is tough, I agree, and something I want to work on too. I've been looking at examples of clothing on existing miniatures, in fantasy (and non-fantasy) art, in historical costume, in fashion magazines, and just on what I see other people wearing around me: boots/shoes (how thick/heavy? how high? are there laces? what happens at the top? how high/thick a heel?), pants (what material? how long? where do they rest on the waist? how tight? are there visible seams? how are they fastened?), shirts/blouses (material? neckline? sleeve length? details?), corsets, skirts, dresses, togas, armor of many types, jewelry, and so on. I'm amazed at the variety of options for dressing the same two-armed, two-legged form. And then hairstyles are another place for creativity. When figuring out the folds on my new male pirate's clothing, I used myself as a model -- put on some lightweight pants and a lightweight shirt and took digital photos of myself posing in a mirror. I had these on my camera's view-screen while I was sculpting. This at least showed me where the major folds and billows were. I don't know whether others will agree that it worked, but I found it easier than totally making it up. I also have the "Compendium of Weapons, Armour, and Castles" by Palladium Books, with lots of examples of real-world weapons and armour so you see the variety. There are many other books that could show you examples -- this is just one that I have and like. For now, I would say, if you see an idea that you like, just steal it and try to sculpt it. Try it out, do it different/better on the next figure. Tim (Talin) has a lot more experience with costuming than I do, and he did a "figure design seminar" at the Artists' Conference last October. Maybe he can give further/better advice...? Or other people? (Jennifer Haley has amazing knowledge of real-world clothing and hairstyles, which you can see applied to her sculpts as well.) Derek still new to this too
  10. Thanks, Sniffles. Non-broccoli integral bases -- no prob. Her legs are intended to be bare... no folds/wrinkles at the knees. The painted version's skin is brown-grey so indeed it's harder to tell what's clothed or bare than on most other figures. Derek
  11. Thanks. This is Jake, right? If you're at EndGame this weekend I can tell/show you. My technique on bases is pretty fast and loose, usually with colors from multiple triads. I don't remember the colors for this one off-hand. All MSPs, atleast. This base was blue before it was brown-grey, since I've painted other Underdark-type figures with blue rocks and I like the unity among them. I painted over it, though, because the blue was the strongest color on the figure and I didn't like it. ... maybe I should also post this to the Gallery update thread since it's moved on from sculpting per se... Derek
  12. The pic looks nice, Michael. Thanks! She is about 22mm to top of head -- crouching, so probably about 24-25mm standing straight. Gnomes are supposed to be a little taller than halflings. I used Jason Wiebe's recent gnome rogue for precedent. Derek
  13. I've just put up pics of my green in the Sculpting area. Derek Aw, poop! Well, maybe she'll be modifiable. I'd just like to see her!
  14. Next convention, you teach the "Good Fast Painting" class. They make a very striking and harmonious group of figures. Excellent! Derek
  15. Thanks, guys. I let the armor segments cure before adding the studs. Each donut stud is carved out of hardened putty, and then I dipped the donut holes in powdered sugar and ate them. Actually, the donut studs started like all the other studs: little balls of putty (though slightly bigger than the non-donut studs) that I stuck on where I wanted. I flattened them to a disc shape, and then pushed the hole into the middle. She's holding a crystal. Whether it glows is up to the painter. And I'll be interested to see what conversions people do. Derek
  16. Here is the female gnome adventurer that I sculpted recently. Reaper plans to release her this summer, AFAIK, and a pic of my painted version will probably be available in the Gallery soon. Flynn mentioned her on the "Figures We Would Like To See" thread, since he had been requesting more female gnome figures and he saw her at ReaperCon. She's intended to be a svirfneblin (deep gnome), which are more muscular than rock gnomes or forest gnomes, but she would look cute painted any color! Enjoy! Derek scainter (sculpting painter)
  17. Finished converting my entry yesterday ... prime it tonight, start painting tomorrow? Derek
  18. If you're buying new paints, buy the MSPs. You can still do good work with ProPaints, but it's better to start with the better paint and not have to worry about "paint snot" and other bits of crusty dried paint that lurk in the jars. FWIW, I painted out of the lids of open paint-jars until about a year ago and I still do sometimes, such as on Matthias the Twisted (http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2800range/Mattias), my rendition of the elf sorceress Alastria, and speed-painting competitions. But I can use similar techniques with MSPs by putting a drop on a palette and pretending there's a jar-lid around the drop. Derek
  19. Looking good, Mengu! Four big fellows like this in fourteen days is an excellent pace. Did you work on them as a unit (all the blue skin at once, for example) or each figure separately? And now you see how a little freehand works wonders. Derek
  20. This looks pretty simple and could be used as a border: http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup/ob...n.php?id=654929 I found it with a Google Image search on "Maya pattern". If you want something else, you could try a Google Image search for some of the prominent Aztec deities (Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc), "Aztec pattern", "Maya calendar", "Maya pattern"... Derek
  21. What was the total amount raised? Derek
  22. Hmm, my antennae are burning. About 4-6 hours to paint the grub IIRC, not incl puttying the base (1 hr?). One afternoon/eve at the last artists' conference anyway. Idn't he cute? "Who is Fergie Pynes?" ... kinda like "Who is John Galt?" <shrug> Sorry, can't type much -- I'm molting today. Derek
  23. Beautiful on both, Darin. It took me a second look to notice the subtleties on the purple and the tarnished metal, a few more looks to appreciate them, and I'm sure I'll need several further to really be conscious of the effort. Good thing your judges were looking closely and rewarded you for the work. Derek
  24. Here I am. Thanks for the compliments. I still haven't set up a website (despite my claim in CasketWorks). Maybe this summer? Derek
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