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  1. Final week! And only two models left to unlock: The Flying Tiger and Kaiju Girl. If you missed it, the Mini 6 Pack/Three Pack backers and higher now get a Free A2 size photo backgrounds - soon will be getting a free 32mm miniature when we unlock the $30K stretch goal! Here's the WIP preview of Kaiju Girl's costume and Flying Tiger
  2. All the twelve models in Deadly Dozen are now available. We are really close reaching the next $20K goal. This will give backers with "Three Pack/Mini 6 Pack" and above a free H18 background upgrade from size A3 to A2 along with unlocking the first Fabulous Four model.
  3. Thank you for your support, we just achieved the 15K goal. Backers with Mini 6 Pack/Three Pack and above now gets a free photo background. Next target is $17.5K to unlock the last three of the Deadly Dozen models.
  4. Hi dsmiles! We just added the Mini 6 Pack pledge that qualifies you to all the stretch rewards as a thank you to our backers to unlocking the $12.5K goal. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/710406053/modern-pinup-miniatures-bawidamann-style/posts/831774 Next goal is $15K - that will give the Mini 6 Pack and Three Pack pledges and up one Hangar 18 Background (size A3) for free
  5. Thanks for posting our Kickstarter here, Kris! We really appreciate it. If you missed it, we just passed our $10,000 stretch goal. That means the first freebie for "Twin Pack" or higher backers is now unlocked. It also unlocks the Hangar 18 Miniatures tabletop photo backgrounds with KS special price. Next stop is $12,500 to unlock three more models
  6. Thank you Spike! Just an FYI, if the "vignette" effect is not strong enough to your taste on these backdrops, you can also have them backlit to make the effect stronger. See the picture below:
  7. It's been a while since I posted here at Reaper Forum. I can't even remember how long ago that was. :) Anyway, this is a shameless plug, but I'd like to let you know that Hangar 18 Miniatures has just released our new product: The Tabletop Photo Background. This product was inspired by Massive Voodoo article. We have 6 different backdrops: from the classic portrait background to the modern grungy one. All backdrops are printed on a 11 x 17 inch durable yet flexible fabric that is water resistant. Take a look - we have posted some samples of photo that we took using the backdrop: http://www.hangar18miniatures.com/blog-news/introducing-hangar-18-miniatures-hidef-photo-backdrops/ And here's the complete product page: https://www.hangar18miniatures.com/photo-backdrops/ Just an FYI, Hangar 18 Miniatures is a new miniature-related company that I started along with my husband (Kirk Troy) and our fellow painter, Tory Reed. Thanks for your time! :)
  8. Aaaw, Phil...but your version is still in progress, so don't get discouraged just yet :-)
  9. Bren, today must be my lucky day to see your excellent piece after a long hiatus to this forum. I love, love, love the skin tone, the artwork on the tiles - they look like real tile glazing - amazing! Maybe adding a running water for the fountain and a stray cat or some kind of potted plant? Cheers, Lili
  10. Quick update: Jen is now back at home. From what Jeff (her hubby) told me, she's mobile, but still dealing with soreness of the muscles in her leg and she cannot put any weight on the thigh bone for 6 weeks. Thanks all for the warm wishes and prayers. Lili
  11. A little update on Jen's (Midnight Lurker) condition. I visited her today at the hospital with Kirk and Terri (Whyspyr). She was still in pain from the surgery the day before. From what she and her husband, Jeff, told us, the surgery went well, better than what the doctor expected. Looking at the X-ray photo, the cyst was huge and we could see the fracture that's right in the joint area, between the hipbone and the thighbone. She had her physical therapy already started and will continue until they let her go home. Nobody was certain when she can go home, but the nurse said probably they can let her go home on Sunday.
  12. Good morning, I got the news that Jen (MidnightLurker) is in the hospital due to a broken femur and currently waiting for surgery. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Here's the message we got this morning from her husband: Hi everyone...at least I hope I'm sending this to everyone, This is related to her hip (those that remember from last 2nd Sat paint club). We got the MRI done last Friday. Yesterday we talked to the doctor who had looked it over and confirmed that she does indeed have a cyst in her left femur. She scheduled us for Jan 9th at some other specialist in Denver. Everything was looking up and up (as up as it could I suppose...not malignant, etc). But then last night, she rolled over in bed and her bad leg slid off the edge. She yanked it back up with her arm and screamed out...she said she thought she heard a crack. To make a long story short, we ended up calling 911 and after sitting in Emergency for almost 5 hours, they determined her leg had broken right across where this cyst is. She is scheduled for surgery (I assume to clean out the cyst and pack it with some sort of medical cement(which was going to have to be done anyway), as well as mending the broken bone) sometime later today. I thought she would want you guys to know, so there it is. If anyone has any specific questions, feel free to ask me. Not sure what else there is to tell other than gory details from Emergency. Keep her in your prayers, Jeff
  13. Just an FYI, team Denver and San Diego painters are planning to upscale GDLA quality of entries starting next year. This includes: me, Doug Jones (Slayer winner 2007), Eric Johns (EricJ at Coolminiornot), Bryce Cocanour, Torin Reed and many others. So, you're also very welcome to compete with us in LA next year Lili
  14. Eh... You can get away with painting a purple-skin Orc if you do a night scene with purple light source. Just an idea... <shrug> In the US, Citadel paints are not well accepted. In Europe, however, Citadel paints are widely used, including Prince August, which is a private label for Vallejo Model Color. I once was asked by a kid about the paints I used in front of GW staff in GDLA 2004, and I told him that I used Vallejo paints. They didn't seem to care. As I stated in your other Golden Demon post, they don't care how you painted the model, except that it has to be GW model and no other manufacturer parts attached to it. I now own about 20 Citadel paints and learning how to use them. I do like the vibrant color of Citadel colors. None beat their Blood Red and their Yellow so far and my favorite NMM triad: Bestial Brown, Snakebite Leather and Bubonic Brown. Cheers, Lili
  15. And my first slayer from GDLA 2003 was purple, highlighted to pink (the Slaanesh standard bearer). Purple rocks! I think that apply to all painting contests, not just Golden Demon. By entering a painting contest you're acknowledging that your entry is now under the mercy of the judges subjectiveness no matter how long you worked on it or how much effort you put into it. They were not there when you worked on it, sacrificing blood, etc, and they don't care about it. All they care is the finish product. That's why you must paint what you like so you enjoy working on it. Another suggestion for you to get familiar with GW fluff is to enter their local contest. GW usually have rogue trader painting contest or something similar. Check your local GW store for such contest. Cheers, Lili
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