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  1. Yes GenCon is still taking events. I was really hoping for Ebentop again this year. I have 10 and 11 year old kids that loved it. It's hard to find events for kids in that age bracket that are good. I thought this was one of the better ones. I understand you won't have product, but I request re-investigating running Ebentop and the Dragon game (I forget the name).
  2. I've recently changed over to my non-min S7's ( I was keeping them until I got better @ painting, a stupid thing to do.) Since the switch, I have only used my #1, period. The point is excellent and the paint load is much nicer. I did use a 15/0 for some eyes the other day, but trusty #1 does it all. At this point, I really don't see a need to use the miniature S7's on a 25/28mm figure. My brush control is not that great, but I paint much better just because of that nice point. I also poke my S7's into some tight spots with easy, under shields, arms, doesn't matter.
  3. oh. I knew I couldn't have just made it up. Thanks for the info. Do you happen to know which mini's she used this technique on? As for picture I'm working on it. You'll just see my poor painting skills, heh.
  4. I'm a new painter and have decided to be bold and just go for any new technique. I have several minis (cheap plastic GW ones) that I try out the various ways to paint on. I've found something I haven't seen anyone else comment on in a forum. I tried a 3 layer NMM on a guy's shoulder plates. It looked ok for a first timer. The blends were a little too obvious, so I thought I'ld try a wash and bring it together. I used VGC smoke and gun metal (dark-ish siver metalic) and washed over my NMM. I love this effect. The transitions of color smoothed out and I get the little shiney bits for true light reflection. So here's the question: Anyone ever try this? I know with NMM you are avoiding Metalics, but I think when my NMM is better perfected I will still be doing this wash. Try it out, Doc
  5. Great stuff! I disagree with the more freehand and the magic runes. It looks good now, besides the magic rune sword thing has been way overdone. Less is more applies to this one. This makes my skills look so bad, heh. Just goes to show that I can, infact, screw up a wet primer dream.
  6. Any chance Reaper will have decent discounts on Complete RMS Paint Sets? I didn't think last years set was priced too competetively (nothing was really). I can find it off internet retailers as a better deal. Its just a hassle to click on all the paints, because few retailers sell them in sets. I'ld be willing to dump some swag points for extra discounts :) Thanks, Doc
  7. I'm using LiquiTex Flow and Retarder and I'm having trouble getting my qlaze consistancy right. It seems I go from too opaque to a runny wash. I'm using VGC paints. Is anyone else using the LiquiTex stuff? I really want to use the Retarder as I'm a slow painter and I loose some to drying. If by chance anyone is successfully glazing using these products I'ld appreciate a little help on your mix ratios. I've considered dropping the Flow and just using the retarder and water, but I would ultimately like to find a flow and retarder solution I can pre-mix into an empty RMS bottle. If anyone Uses this stuff or has any sugguestions I'ld appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Doc
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