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  1. Go to your local automotive store and get the Duplicolor Flat Sandable Primer. Way better than GW and at half the price.
  2. Cool. It shounds like what I generally use my liners for anyway.
  3. Noted the following on Alliance Games today: Sounds interesting. Anyone willing to share any more details
  4. Not to mention that not all miniatures will remain in production.
  5. I'm wanting to recreate the paint scheme seen on this Sci Fi Aircraft and haven't quite decided which technique to use to replicate the striped pattern. I'm considering either drybrushing or stippling. Any suggestions as to which technique would be better for achieving the desired results? Thanks.
  6. Yes. I prefer not to mix my mid tones so I can keep it consistent across my models and since this is for an Imperial Guard army, that's going to be a LOT of models I'm definitely not looking for 'exotic' nor do I want to go warmer. The majority of my palette will be the Grey Blues and Stone Colors Triads with the Redstone Triad for the models bases so I'm keeping the colors very cool and very muted. Perhaps this will help. Basically what I'm looking to do is duplicate the paint scheme used on the second model on the left, top row. So the options right now for my shade are... 1) 2:1 Blue liner to Grey Liner. IMHO, this will help keep the shade from getting too 'blue' or too 'grey'. 2) Either straight Blue Liner or Grey Liner. 3) Midnight Blue darkened with Pure Black. I'm just concerned that the Pure Black will be too strong and overpower the already dark Midnight Blue.
  7. How would you recommend shading Midnight Blue? Right now I'm considering a 2:1 mix of Blue Liner to Grey Liner as a base coat, but I'm open to any other suggestions. Thanks.
  8. Use the Olive Skintone Triad?
  9. So how does Ruddy Leather from the Burnt Colors triad sound?
  10. Maybe use a bit of Pearl White as the highlight instead of Silver?
  11. I'm painting some Sci-Fi Troopers using Shadowed Stone as the base for the fatigues and Ultramarine Blue for the armor with black weapons. My question is which color would look better for the boots and pouches? I can't decide between a Walnut Brown base or simple Black? Or would you recommend some other color instead? Thanks.
  12. I like Testor's Contour Putty. It comes in a grey tube like their model glue comes in and when it comes into contact with super glue it sets up rock hard.
  13. Don't the various liners already have this covered?
  14. Not if you're using the Natural Steel triad.
  15. Or to be more specific... http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...st&p=446274
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