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  1. Just wondering if this was still sold? I can't seem to find it in the online store.
  2. Scede

    Minis we would like to see (fantasy version)

    Rust Monster Ankheg Bulette more Demons/Devils/Aasimars (the one's you guys have done are awesome btw!) Aboleth Beholder (another one would be nice) Slaad Dabus Doppelganger Devourer Darkmantle more Giants more Gnomes Girallon more Githyanki / Githzerai Mimics Of course several of these are properties that belong to WotC and do not fall under the SRD, but maybe things that are close?
  3. Scede

    A few ideas of box sets i would like to see

    You know, I was thinking about this while I was doing some painting. Reaper's strength is not historicals - and there are a number of good gladiator lines out there, lions and all. Reaper is not the first company I think of for historicals; they are the first company I think of for fantasy. Reaper does a fantastic fantasy line. So what Reaper should do is offer stuff like this - Orc gladiators. Fantasy gladiators with decidely non-historical equipment. Heck, make a boxed set of the Malvernian Judgement Pits, with priests presiding and champions dueling to the death to determine the guilt or innocence of some prisoner. Or elf, human, gnome, etc. slave gladiators with some bizarre fantasy cat critter to fight. We've got a good boxed set of pirates, but the only really fantasy pirates I've seen are Fortress Figures Pirats, a really old RAFM set of Orc Pirates*, and a few miscellaneous ones here and there. So, a box of non-human pirates would be cool. My boxed set wish list would be for Reaper to play to its strength - a really fantastic fantasy line. Trying to compete in the historicals market is probably not worth the effort, not when fantasy versions of historical minis are so hard to find. Foundry makes Swashbuckler Dwarves and Renaissance Orcs, which are very cool, but Reaper could do just as well with a box of Gladiator Goblins, a crew of Pirate Orcs, a fantasy tinkerer and his automatons with built in weapons... It fits into my general theme of "box up something I cannot get elsewhere and I'll take it." * I would pay good money for orc pirates. My RAFM ones are nice, but not particularly well done minis...not sure who sculpted them nor how long ago, but I am certain Reaper could do better. Even thought the RAFM pirate captain has a skull-and-crossbones hat, a peg leg, an eye patch, and a reptilian "parrot". Give me some Olley and Garritty Pirate Orcs and I will be very happy indeed. If you haven't seen the Confrontation goblin pirates, check 'em out they are awesome. Goblin Pirates!
  4. Scede

    The new wizards dnd figs

    Nah, the pictures in Scrye are not repaints...neither are what is on the boxes of the blister packs if you look closely. Most of the pictures are just small...BUT quite a few of them paint up pretty nicely, especiallly the orcs, trolls and draconum. Oh...and to help with the bent minis that are bent WAY back, just stick them in the microwave for about 20 seconds or so, bend and hold. It helps a lot. The only things that need to be replaced are just the weapons, which reaper sells in packs!
  5. Scede

    Wotc's loss is reapers gain...

    Actually, Heroclix kinda stinks as a straight battle game and needs scenarios to be tolerable. Mechwarrior isn't the end-all either with some of it's rules, so many people are going back to their old MK figs... And I agree that if you look past the old releases and look at some of the new stuff- there are some really neat sculpts in there.
  6. Scede

    Halfling mage

    I like the slimmer halflings much more than the old hobbits....they just seem much more practical as PC's. I just thought RPing an old halfling would be a bunch of whining about food and homesickness. The new halfling is much more aggressive and adventurous. Also I can't see a chubby halfling (or anything else) lasting too long in a dungeon before it becomes lunch.
  7. Scede

    Pot bellied orcs

    I just have to say that I like bleep near everything that Reaper has put out...I like the direction the figs are going in, and it's nice to see some non-traditional fantasy figs coming out. I used to think the same way about the oversized weapons, but nowadays I find that I like them- they don't bend or break as easily as weapons that are in-scale. Also, it's a lot easier to customize the paint job on them because of the amount of space to work with. Overall- keep up the good work Reaper!
  8. Scede

    Wotc sucks

    Wow, that one looks like it might have been from the Cruicible line...I have an "official AD&D" one at home I can post...