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  1. Wizards of the Coast makes a lot of gnolls for its Chainmail line, though they're outrageously expensive for my tastes. †Also, there are no good "packs" for them, which typically are cheaper/mini. †Plus they also typically only have one pose/model - that is, 1 gnoll with sword, 1 gnoll with spear, 1 gnoll with axe, or what have you. †I much prefer most of my army to have similar weapons - 3 spears, 5 swords, 10 axes - and a variety of poses among those. † So how's about it then? †Bugbear and gnoll army packs? I've heard that Wizards is aiming for another mini game since they cancelled Chainmail ... maybe Reaper could beat them to market?
  2. Uh ... Is anyone from Reaper reading this stuff? Or are we just blowing smoke (albeit nice, multi-sail and double masted ships)? zyzzyr
  3. For modding, then, what do you use to get a clean cut? I can do the bending, I would guess, since I've had to bend minis back into their original positions (since they're bent in the packages). I can't think of what to use to cut them though. I would think that an exacto knife is quite a crude tool for that. Is there something specialized? Note I'd still prefer a pack of 10 bugbears or 12 gnolls! :) zyzzyr
  4. Hmm, well ... My intention wasn't really a true "army pack" in terms of a leader, two or three minions, and a group of fodder. †I was mostly concerned about the fodder. I can pick out the leader and minions on my own, and I don't think I'd want to be constrained by liking the fodder, but not the leader, or vice versa. ladystorm: Thanks, I have already seen those. †I guess I would like more of those - 5 bugbears in one package - and not one with a "command pack"! †My monsters typically don't come in with drums and a standard! †I do like the kobolds, and that's the sort of thing I'm thinking of - though once my players get past 3rd level, they rarely see a kobold. BeardedSkald hit it right on the nose - that's exactly what I'd like. †All my players fight monsters mainly, and while Reaper is fantastic for the 'niques, I'm having problems filling out my fodder ranks - I usually use small dice. †I saw the ones from GW (zombies, skellies, skaven, elf archers, empire, and so on) - and that's exactly what I'm looking for, but a higher quality, and a different monsters - gnolls and bugbears are my two favourites. Given the new state of 3E, and the cancellation of Chainmail (which didn't fit the bill anyhow for fodder - sure they had gnolls, but very $$$ and mostly 'niques). As for mods - yipes, I'm cringing at that. †Probably when I get a bit more experience with them, sure. †But I'm very leery about trying it, and ruining one of my minis! zyzzyr
  5. Hi, I'm an avid D&D player and DM, and have been since it was released. †After this long while, I've come to the conclusion that it's much easier, and prettier, if I have lotsa minis. †That being said, I'm stocking up on minis, and so far Dark Heaven is my favourite (Chainmail's nice, but too expensive). So.... As a DM I continually throw things against my players such as: a necromancer, 3 wights, and 12 skeletons an ogre mage, 4 ogres, 6 trolls, 18 bugbears (or orcs) an evil cleric, 3 fantastic fighters, 24 low-level fighters So as you can see, I run into a bit of a problem. †I can fill out the first two ranks with individual minis, but once I hit 6 or more, I've got a problem. †I see the reaper dark heaven army packs have 4 minis per pack, but there are only two different styles - and it doesn't appear that their limbs are glued on (which allows for greater variations). †Granted, I could take, in the case of skeletons, three different packs and thus 6 different mini styles, which is acceptable, but I would like to have all the minis pose in their own unique way. †Also, there's very few bugbears from what I've seen ... Anyhow, what I was looking for was a pack of 30 or more of the "fodder" minis for D&D - skeletons, zombies, orcs, goblins, human fighters, elf fighters, archers, and bugbears. †(And I mean 30 of each, of course). †Does Reaper have any plans for this? †Or at least expanding the number of army packs? Anyone else interested in this sort of thing? I also just wanted to send a little "tip" to Reaper - bugbears make fantastic fodder in D&D once you get past 6th level, which is probably most people who play. †I'm in 3 groups, and we all use them a lot. †Coming out with a lot of bugbears might be a good idea ... zyzzyr
  6. Hello all, I've just begun painting some of my minis, and I was a bit surprised by the difference in thickness of the paint. †Let me give you a quick rundown of what I did first. I primed my minis using a white spray paint (thanks again!). †I then broke out my blue, yellow, black, browns, etc., threw a little bit in my palette, and dipped the brush in and went at it. I was first surprised to see the difference in thickness. †I have some FolkArt, Americana, and Citadel. †The Citadel was by far thicker than the others - I lost almost all the detail wherever I painted the Citadel. †However, I only needed one coat, whereas the other two paints required several coats. †Is this typical? †Common? †Necessary? †Beneficial? †I don't particularly mind it (though it did take me two hours to paint one mini, and I'm not done yet!) So should paint be relatively thin for thin layers, so as to not lose the detail? †Since this results in three (or more) coats of a specific color to be done, I was wondering if I was doing something wrong ... Any help or advicewould be appreciated. zyzzyr
  7. Thanks for the replies. I guess I've got to get used to the spray paint can :P And find a box that won't let spray paint get on my porch! zyzzyr
  8. Hello, I have just picked up my first set of paints and paintbrushes and am going to finally paint my stack of minis. †I have cleaned a good number of them, but unfortunately, I am stuck on the priming stage. I tried to prime some minis with a white undercoat using the spray paint, but I have two problems here: I don't really have a good place to do it, and secondly, I'm horrible at it! †I lost almost all the detail in the minis. †I was hoping for a more controlled way of doing it, e.g. with a brush. †So I took a look at my paints, and figured that I could thin down some white paint and prime each mini individually. Unfortunately, I read in the Reaper mini painting guide that the priming stage is because acrylics stick better to other paint coats than to metal, and I was just about to prime it with a thinned down white acrylic paint! So I'm stuck - do I need an oil paint or something? †Would a white wash be sufficient? †Do I need desperately to practice my spray paint technique? Basically, can I prime my minis with a thinned down white acrylic paint? †Does this also apply for other colours as well? Thanks, zyzzyr
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