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  1. hmm, I can also call myself a non-receiver. And, yes, I'm disappointed.
  2. Sadly, I didn´t receive a mini and haven´t got any word either.
  3. Here's the mini I painted for rgtriplec in the summer mini exchange: I must say it´s not my best work - but not the worst by far. Pics don´t help either, but anyway ... I guess the NMM is okay, the striped pants were a first for me. I had some real trouble attaching the swordarm, I had to resculpt the upper arm with greenstuff and pin it all the way from elbow to shoulder ...
  4. Mine's finished and in the mail already! Due to traveling across the big pond it could take some time to arrive ...
  5. I got the mini I want to paint finally. Just some green stuuf work to do, then priming and painting. Should be done by monday.
  6. Thanks again Ishil for the mini. I like the dark and gritty feel this dwarf has - and he fills a void in my collection of rpg minis - I have surprisingly very few dwarves .
  7. Received a mini from Ishil today! Thanks you very much! If you´ve made pics, you can post them now ...
  8. I´m in, PM sent. What I really like about those exchanges is painting for somebody else. I´m trying harder to get a good result, which leads to getting better at painting minis. (The last one I liked so much, I was reluctant to sent it ...)
  9. Nameless received the mini I painted for him and here it is: This is my fourth try at NMM and I think it worked out well enough to be called a success. Anyway, I´m glad Nameless likes the mini I sent him!
  10. Mine is almost finished - needs a layer a of varnish, some static grass and a pic to be taken and off it can go! Should be in the mail monday! UPDATE: Mini was sent out monday! UPDATE II: Mini was received last week. Pics up in the Show off! part of the forum! (Sigurd, Viking)
  11. 2889 Dire Rats glued to a standard round base, additional floor sculpted with greenstuff and the small dice from the Warlord Starter box glued onto it. Will see use as ReRoll counters for my Skaven Blood Bowl team.
  12. I received it weeks ago, but couldn´t do any pics earlier: Here he is, Gulliver, Gnome (Reaper DHL 2942): THX, Faraday77!
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