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  1. I always used two cups of water. Primary rinse in one.....once barely any paint comes off on my towel, I rinse in the second cup, mostly clean water.
  2. Will this stuff hurt Bones? I painted my first mini today, Bones Great Worm....didn't want to ruin it by have the varnish attack the plastic.
  3. I washed them earlier today and primed them about 2 hrs ago. No issues.
  4. That's what I was concerned with. I handled them both pretty good while filling the gaps.
  5. So I used Green Stuff to fill gaps on 2 minis yesterday. In roughly 2 hrs, the 24 hrs recommended for full cure will be up. I always use warm water, soft soap, and a soft bristle toothbrush to wash a mini prior to priming. I plan to do that this afternoon. Just curious if "washing" the Green Stuff will have any negative effects or make it come off.
  6. Srsly? I can't figure out if you're joking or not. Maybe it's just cause I'm just sitting here impatiently waiting for my giant box of bones to arrive, and I wonder how you could have missed it... Okay, I supposes it's not impossible to have missed it, cause it's actually NOT the most important thing going on to most people. Just, you know, me. Been a forum member since 2005. Got out of it several years ago....and just started getting back into minis a few weeks ago. So yeah, I missed it.
  7. So what was/is this kickstarter I keep reading about here? I know people donate money to get something going. Are they getting ready to release a few more current minis as Bones when it goes through?
  8. If you are worried about it possibly marring the metal or base.....could probably put a small peice of leather around the pins.....or maybe a piece of rubber. Might even give it a better grip.
  9. Somebody mention macro?? :-)
  10. I know some people use Green Stuff. Just wondering what are some other options?
  11. I mainly plan to collect, paint, and display my minis. Haven't mounted any on a base yet.....but have a bunch of the 1 1/2" wooden disc from the craft store I planned to use as bases. Have some larger circles and small plaques for larger minis and dioramas. If I ever decided to use some of these for gaming.....would the bases meet requirements/rules or not be able to be used? I don't know much at all about the games, but have read all sorts of stuff about rules and bases. Didn't know if they are required to meet a certain size, type, shape, etc.
  12. Not bad, I really like the Ancient woods. Has some mood to it. Looks like a scene from the Ewoks. Dark and foggy forest
  13. That mean's pro, hobbyist, amateur, etc. If you only take a few snap shots here and there, doesn't really count. But if you take photos all the time, enjoy it as a serious hobby or profession.....that's who I'm talking about. I consider myself to be an advanced hobbyist/semi pro, as I've had a lot of photos published and sold for commercial/editorial use, etc. I basically shoot just about anything EXCEPT people, lol, unless it's my kids or family. I don't really have an interest in doing the whole wedding/portrait thing....just nothing I care about. I'm a storm chaser and shoot photos and video of severe weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. I do a lot of commercial stock photography, macro, landscapes, etc. Just about anything and everything except people as said. Wondering if there are any others here that share photography as a hobby/interest. I have yet to shoot a mini.....but it's on my list. I'm thinking some black and white macro shots of some of them fresh from the blister would be interesting. If any of you are into it and have any type of website, gallery, Flickr account, etc. I'd love to see some of your work. Here's a link to my sets on Flickr if anybody is interested. http://www.flickr.com/photos/drmabe/sets
  14. Never played any games.....in fact never even heard of D&D or any games for that matter until I started messing with minis. I've always been a gamer (video gamer). Years ago when Doom 3 was selling preorders, I got a cool pewter Mancubus with my preorder. I had a friend that preordered from a different place and got a Pinky Demon. I started looking around to try and get one of those also. Found out online that they were made by a place called Reaper Miniatures and they made just about every creature that appeared in the Doom games. Then I found out they didn't make them anymore.... Started searching ebay....and spent quite a bit, but aquired most of the set. Then started buying other minis by Reaper in the DHL line because I thought they were cool. That was 7 years ago. Then I got out of it.....sold everything including my Doom minis.....still kicking my own elf for that. A few weeks ago...I started buying DHL minis again. I have around 40 so far....primed my first batch today :-) Don't plan on selling these anytime soon.
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