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  1. I always used two cups of water. Primary rinse in one.....once barely any paint comes off on my towel, I rinse in the second cup, mostly clean water.
  2. Will this stuff hurt Bones? I painted my first mini today, Bones Great Worm....didn't want to ruin it by have the varnish attack the plastic.
  3. I washed them earlier today and primed them about 2 hrs ago. No issues.
  4. That's what I was concerned with. I handled them both pretty good while filling the gaps.
  5. So I used Green Stuff to fill gaps on 2 minis yesterday. In roughly 2 hrs, the 24 hrs recommended for full cure will be up. I always use warm water, soft soap, and a soft bristle toothbrush to wash a mini prior to priming. I plan to do that this afternoon. Just curious if "washing" the Green Stuff will have any negative effects or make it come off.
  6. Srsly? I can't figure out if you're joking or not. Maybe it's just cause I'm just sitting here impatiently waiting for my giant box of bones to arrive, and I wonder how you could have missed it... Okay, I supposes it's not impossible to have missed it, cause it's actually NOT the most important thing going on to most people. Just, you know, me. Been a forum member since 2005. Got out of it several years ago....and just started getting back into minis a few weeks ago. So yeah, I missed it.
  7. So what was/is this kickstarter I keep reading about here? I know people donate money to get something going. Are they getting ready to release a few more current minis as Bones when it goes through?
  8. If you are worried about it possibly marring the metal or base.....could probably put a small peice of leather around the pins.....or maybe a piece of rubber. Might even give it a better grip.
  9. Somebody mention macro?? :-)
  10. I know some people use Green Stuff. Just wondering what are some other options?
  11. I mainly plan to collect, paint, and display my minis. Haven't mounted any on a base yet.....but have a bunch of the 1 1/2" wooden disc from the craft store I planned to use as bases. Have some larger circles and small plaques for larger minis and dioramas. If I ever decided to use some of these for gaming.....would the bases meet requirements/rules or not be able to be used? I don't know much at all about the games, but have read all sorts of stuff about rules and bases. Didn't know if they are required to meet a certain size, type, shape, etc.
  12. Not bad, I really like the Ancient woods. Has some mood to it. Looks like a scene from the Ewoks. Dark and foggy forest
  13. That mean's pro, hobbyist, amateur, etc. If you only take a few snap shots here and there, doesn't really count. But if you take photos all the time, enjoy it as a serious hobby or profession.....that's who I'm talking about. I consider myself to be an advanced hobbyist/semi pro, as I've had a lot of photos published and sold for commercial/editorial use, etc. I basically shoot just about anything EXCEPT people, lol, unless it's my kids or family. I don't really have an interest in doing the whole wedding/portrait thing....just nothing I care about. I'm a storm chaser and shoot photos and vide
  14. Never played any games.....in fact never even heard of D&D or any games for that matter until I started messing with minis. I've always been a gamer (video gamer). Years ago when Doom 3 was selling preorders, I got a cool pewter Mancubus with my preorder. I had a friend that preordered from a different place and got a Pinky Demon. I started looking around to try and get one of those also. Found out online that they were made by a place called Reaper Miniatures and they made just about every creature that appeared in the Doom games. Then I found out they didn't make them anymore.... Started
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