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  1. Been a while since I have been here. Since it became clear I was never going to paint again till I get a place with a work space I have not been to these forums. Chronoscope line looks great! My favorites are the Anime Heroins. Have two of those. Want the rest. Espeacialy Whitney. The minis finder is super easy to use now. Found Eskin, Male Rouge with no problem. Was using him for a Star Wars game and lost him. I'll be ordering a new one unless I decide to order Cobra, Modern Ninja instead. Reaper TV! Awsoem! I remember metioning how that would be a great idea ages ago. Way to follow through. Glad to see my favorite miniatures company is doing great. Hope I can get to paint again some day. Till then I guess its Legondary Encounters for me.
  2. I thought this would be fun. What games have you seen Reaper minis used in. I'm sure Warlord and CAV would be obvios so what other games have you see them used. For me it has been Bushido, Earthdawn, and Dungeons and Dragons. I've personaly used Reaper for running verious incarnations of D&D and used a Reaper mini for Bushido. I have also seen Reaper used for Earthdawn but can't remember if it was when I played or not.
  3. I will tell you what I tell everyone who takes an intrest in painting minis. A miniature is just a 3-D colloring book. If you can collor in a book, then you can paint a figgure. Its that simple. And remember, you can do at least as good as those pre-painted figgures so don't be afraid.
  4. Thanks. Your right. It dose say Male Rogue. Thats what I get for multitasking. Last day of vacation and was trying to get out as much of it as I can. Also, I almost never think to link anything. I need to do that more here when talking about figgures. You may be right about the red. Something to consider. But, alas, vacation is over. I'm going to have to put the paints away. Thanks for the responce.
  5. It was a metalic gold. The gold was pretty old and looked kind of dark for gold. Almost bronze. So I mixed in a bit of silver wich brightened it up a bit.
  6. Oops. Too late. I just could not wait. I ended up going gold on the lions claws, eyes, and main. After seeing the end result I'm wondering what I was thinking with blue. I am very plesed with my work. The only thing I would have done differently was use a darker yellow on the main, teeth, and claws befor going over it with the gold. Wish I had a digital camera. Well, I'm off to put a sealer on it.
  7. I posted a bit on general about how I thought Eskin was a better fit for Chronoscope, he's a great figgure, and that I would like to see him in the painted gallery. But what I realy need is some thoughts on painting him now. Generly I'm thinking leaving him black with gold, brass, or copper armor bits. I'm likely going to paint equipment brown or beige to compliment the mettal. But here is the problem. After priming Eskin black I noticed he (or she) has long hair. I'm kind of stumped. I don't want a blond, brown would likely get lost as well as black. Exotic anime collors like blue or pink would segest male or female and be to jarring with the collor scheem. Anyone have any thoughts or segestions?
  8. D&D Minis? Laking you say? I don't see where you could have gotten that idea? Accualy I find D&D mini's are a gateway to painting. Even a beginer can do at least as well as the D&D pre-painted line. I don't remember if the Learn to Paint series has a brush on primer. I would recomend a can of white spray primer to begin with. I disaggree with Darious on the sand and static grass. True it dose look great but if you are like me and want to mix up your plastics and paints on the battle mat then simply painting your bases black works too. Remember not to let your painting overwelm you. take it one step at a time and remember that most mistakes are easily fixed.
  9. I am pleased to say that I'm getting some painting in. What I'm working on now is the Celestial Lion. I'm taking a very different approche from the painted example on my card. Since the Lion is a summoned creature I wanted it to look more otherworldly. He is primarily white with a light yellow dry brush. I plan tho make his main and longer fur a darker yellow but he needs a little more zing. My first thought was to tip the longer hairs with a blue and collor the claws dark yellow. But my some one seggested I go gold. Bright gold in the main would look great and would not be as garish. But then what should I do about the teeth and claws? Dark Gold? Blue? Any thoughts?
  10. Well I hope to get Ape-X. He's a real cool figgure. But I was wondering if we are ever going to see his partner... Villian-S.
  11. My space never gets to bad because I do not have a dedicated space to work in. I'm so jealous of all you guys that have a desk or even an entire basement to yourselves. I'm lucky to get an entire week on the kitchen table befor someone decides they need it more. At least we are not the type of familly that feels they have to eat at the table.
  12. I've realy been digging the gnomes of late. The gnome sorcerer in no exception.
  13. Eskin is one of my favorite Reaper mins. He has an interesting pose and a unique look. I'm getting ready to paint him(?) and thought I'd try the painted gallery first. Allas, he is not there. I have an idea that his mask should be metalic. gold maybe. The outfit I was thinking should be black or grey with accessories being brown or grey. But the part that is realy throwing me is the hair. I never even noticed the hair flowing out of his mask untill after I primed him/her. I'm completely stumped. I also have a couple of comments, wich is why I have this on Reaper General. I would love to see Eskin in the painted gallery. I would love to see what an experts interpitation would be. Also, am I the only one that thinks Eskin would be a better fit for the Chronoscope line? I'm not painting him for a standard fantasy game. I plan to use him in Star Wars! He looks like a futuristic ninja infiltrator more than a mear Rogue to me. Advice or thoughts on any of the above are welcome.
  14. Thanks. I was just thinking while writing my last post that I needed more grunts. I mentioned that grunts don't last long at my FLGS. Its double so with any archer types for some reason. I think the local WH group has been suplementing there armies with WL. I remember looking at an awsume vampire at one of the saturday WH games. I was marviling at the paint job and detail of the sculpt. Then I saw the necropolis symbol.
  15. Garr appeals to me. He can lead a group of War Dogs. Also, The Hound of Judgement is a favorite. I painted him up real cool. Wish I could send a pic. Anyway, I had this idea od making a Crusader army and calling it The Dogs of War. All thouse Incubi I picked up resently. Big blisters of grunts don't last long at my FLGS so I snaged them up quick. A bit pricey but a good buy in the long run. I'm thinking I'll have them lead by Ashakia if I can in the new rules.
  16. New rules, new abilities, new stuff! I started collecting Warlord befor I even knew there was a game attached. Since then I have focused a bit on Vrusaders and Darkspawn. But with no imediate players and a limited budget I still tended to buy hodge podge whatever struck my fancey. I did not bace my decisions on what worked so much as what looked cool at the time. So here is the question. What would you do with what I have? Darkspawn Dark Elf Queen Thuusia Pain Mage Guros Cpt Ashakia, solo Incubis (8) Broaken Fodder (3) Pain Tenders (3) Chaos Spawn Devourer of Mashaf Crusaders Duke Gerard Garr Wardog, srgt War Dogs (2) Hound of Judgement Maieda, Battle Nun Battle Nuns (3) Gaudian Angle What do you think?
  17. 3 products in Reaper's line, all 3 are Out of Prod, but you can still get them from Reaper directly. 02523: Wererat 02761: Skrattle, Giant Ratman 02871: Were Rats (2) Thyanks. I have never seen them at my FLGS. The giant rat man is not exactly it. Think something closer to a demonic rat man. (IIRC) It has a skull for a head and ram like horns. The two I saw had great swords but I think reapers shoulds carry a giant scary sithe. Reapers could be even cooler by giving it horns like the beastmen in Warlord. It should be wearing some sort of clothing. Light chain or leather? It should be at least the size of the boar demon. OH! What if we gave it some nasty scarey demon wings! Or maybe not. Flying pigs are more belivable than flying rats...unless your talking bats...or pidgoens...It could be called Someone the Plaugemaster! Well, I guess thats a request. The were rats are spot on. I realy like 02523. I always forget about figgure finder.
  18. Not made a request in some time. Frankly I'm quite satisfied with what reaper has out now. But since we are talking rats I'll put in my 2 cents. *I don't think I have seen anyone make a wererat since TSR was making minis. *There was a Time I considered getting into that other fantasy wargame made by GW. One of the things that made me deside against it was a single modle. I called it The Horned Rat. I've since been told it was called The Vermin Lord. Notice that was is underlined. You see, I REALY liked that model. I fought a version of that thing in a game of Bushido. I later whatched a session of Earthdawn with TWO VERSIONS of this moster on the battle mat. I'm not a GW fan but I love that figure. So much so that when I found it was not being made for the Skaven army I just did not see the point. What other awsome figgures were they going to just toss in the trash? In case you have not figgured it out, I would like to see this Horned Rat/Vermin Lord reaped into the DHL line. I would so buy this.
  19. All this talk of elves changing got me to wondering. What has changed with Crusaders and Darkspawn?
  20. I think all gaming companies could learn from that. Cry wolf too many times and people start yelling vaporwear.
  21. "Its not what you fight. Its what you fight for." A fun little quote I picked up from an RPG called Mousegaurd. May be I'm old fasioned too. I chose crusaders based more on the fluf than anything else. Fighting on the side of rightiousness seems to apeal to me. Darkspawn, on the other hand, I chose for the models. They are just cool looking in a neo Cthulhu meets dark fantasy kind of way.
  22. As for the first part, fair enough. As much as I loved the idea of taking a DHL figgure and creating Warlord stats for it, I did see the potential breakiness of it. The second part has me kind of excited. OK, so cards may be out completely. But if not, this idea of having a generic faction symbol instead of a picture I like. Its the what unit go's first part. As I recall, each player had a generic playing card for each unit. The cards would be shuffled and each turn a card would be drawn. The card drawn would be the unit to take action. What if you did not have to draw generic playing cards? What if it was your own Warlord playing cards you were drawing? Now a faction symbol is not a generic Warlord logo but it is a step in the right direction. But if the cards go, I don't think I'll miss them too much. A little side note on the cards. My spectral hound looks very different from its card. The painted figgures on the cards are great, but I think that some people would feel compeled to paint the figgure like the picture. On the flip side, I dose sometimes help seeing another persons interpitation to inspire your own.
  23. First off I'd like to say... YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have a copple questions. 1. My copy of WL has some awsome rules that allowed you to customize a figgure. I took the Spider Centar from the Dark Havens Legends line and made a cool but (I felt) ballanced monster for the Dark Spawn faction. As far as I know, there is not a single miniatures battle game that has ever done that. Please tell me that WL 2 has similar rules for custom creating new units. 2. Will we once again get the opertunity to order stat cards for modles we own. Getting them off the net is one thing, but having the actual stat card in hand, for me, is better.
  24. I saw The Gamers: Dark somthingorrather....The second Gamers movie! Can't belive I already forgot the title. I've been sick. Anyway, I saw a display case chock full of nothing but Raepers Dark Haven Legonds in the movie. Now thats product placment I like!
  25. Modern equivalent of Jaws would be The Grill. Bond villian and supper villian all in one. Rasputin was mentioned and it made me think of my weird time traveling wrester game. Imagion Rasputin the wrestler with a bad russian accent. "I HAVE SEEN THE END OF THIS UPCOMING MATCH AND YOU HAD BETTER JUST STAY HOME! I KNOW YOUR EVERY MOVE BEFOR YOU DO IT AND I WILL WIN, BECAUSE WHEN YOUR IN THE RING WITH ME, THERE IS NO DESPUTIN RASPUTIN!" Um. No. Don't make him a mini. Its just to weird. But I do like El' Deoblo. He needs someone to fight.
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