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  1. **** Edited ***** was just a post i started this morning and has already been covered.
  2. I had a great battle today! It was without any casters. it was an 850 point game Andras Moria Lola 6 Crossbowmen 2 warriors 1 spearman Andras Moria 3 Warriors 2 Spearmen Corvus 3 warriors and a battle totem This list overwhelmed my opponent with ease. I even made a mistake and got hit by a fireball at a bad time. He rolled low thank goodness. Highlight Grave Horror unborrows infront of the 6 crossbowmen. They fire 5 of them hit :) drop the grave horror. It was priceless. I was really worried about the lack of caster's both cleric and mages. The +1 M
  3. I don't mind this idea, but there should be a cap, if you submit 20 pictures of your figs even 20 figs, I dont think that should have the same impact as 20 battles. or a ratio.
  4. I'm with BM... All of us like/dislike the teasing of the books and miniatures. We love/hate looking at them and wanting them and having them cause us problems trying to decide what faction to play as we wait patiently for minis from our other factions to release. I think I would prefer that they make about 2-3 miniatures per faction at a time regardless of book situation. Everything would still be as it is now, with people guessing what a particular SA means or does. But, it would keep people that have decided on particular factions to keep their excitement up a little more often.
  5. Oh my, That cross death's river is very nice. I was using it to pull Kufu out of battle and heal him up a point or two of damage and then move him back to the front. It was also used that with the avatar and the reborn. I was very very disapointed with the rangers. of course the fact that i couldnt roll over a 4 with them may have had something to do with it. All in all a very nice army to play (I was playing them while working on basing my Overlords) I cant wait to cross death's river with a scorpion. (i hope they keep that power in thier expansion book)
  6. It was the Mini's that first got me into the game. I would much rather see the new Mini's.
  7. Thanks, I am glad that is cleared up :).. even If I was playing it wrong.
  8. WarMachine has recently expoloded and was around for several years before really taking off. I see Warlord following that pattern. I Know I see more and more interest at or FLGS.
  9. I was just looking at the Gallery can you say Giant Scorpion!
  10. in which book of yours is she listed at 66 points? in both the First and Second Printing books, she is listed as 45 points, her correct point value. I apologize you are correct. For some strange reason I had it in my head that she was the exact same point cost as lola! please disregard this topic... there is nothing to see here. PS the really funny thing was that i checked just before posting.. talk about the power of your sub conscious wanting to conform the world to your reality.
  11. In the online card repository it has Moraia points cost at 45 in my rule book it is listed as 66. Now all things being equal I think the 45 points is more realistic for her. Especially when you can get lola for 66 points. I also checked through the FAQ's and the errata and didnt see it listed there. Any idea which is correct?
  12. There is more information for virtually every spell than what we could list on each card. We will not likely be putting all of that information online any more than we are making the same information from the corebook available online. If you are really interested in a particular spell, and no one in the circle of friends with whom you play has the book, then you are at no more of a disadvantage than they are - since they can't use it either. If at least one player does have the book, then you all have access to that spell, unless your friend doesn't share. So no - you don't have to bu
  13. Hrm just for Fun Ashkrypt Fireball 2x Wound Transfer Ice Shard 2 warbrides Lola Darkslip 5 x Overlord Crossbowmen 2 x Overlord Warriors Andras Warbride 2 overlord Spearmen 3 warriors and a battle totem. Comes in at just under 100 points I could actually switch lola and the third warbride. I am kinda nervous having just two troops in 1000 points but i have had good success with my warriors and my crossbowmen. the warbrides are there as a distraction to allow lola to get in place. I think it could be allot of fun. Then again all the players in my area (
  14. Hmm . that would be nice but the Shamanic spell are Reven only , its the Mage Spell that aren't specific in the book . Hrm. I know they have allot of spells up in the online data card repository. However there is more information needed than what is on the cards. (For example wound transfer being available to other evil wizards as a level 3 spell.) are there plans for all the spells to be listed online or do we need to purchase every book or be at a disadvantage? err I am hoping this doesnt come off harsh. Just hoping for a clairification. I could be wrong but I didnt notic
  15. oh wow. I started way back with warcraft then command and conqur<Sp> I spent hours and hours playing that game. then red alert. then Starcraft then I got out of it for awhile didnt really get into the age of empires or any of the others untill my friends dragged me into dawn of war and most recently Winter Assault. But it does divert funds from the mini buying and painting!
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