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  1. I thought of joining a couple of times since I first found out about Reaper a few years back, but I think I am a better fan then a BL rep. Alas I have way to many hobbies and not enough time! I do rev war reinactments, paint minis (of course), run an anime room at a con along with helping with setting up special events, game, I take care of my mother-in-law that has MS, I am hopelessly addicted to WoW, and I work full time as well There is one other major flaw with me thou, I have patiants, but I hate repeating myself, dont know why I just do, its a flaw I know about and try and control but sometimes it gets the better of me and I end up snapping at whom ever I am repeating myself too, thats not a good thing when you are trying to teach someone how to play that knows nothing about a game. In the long run I know I would not make a good rep because I can not devote the time to it that it deserves and I would end up snapping at people which would not be very professional. So its not that I want to set up and run the demo, its me trying to find out how I set up a demo with an exsisting BL rep Kit, Thanks for the links thou to the BL page. I have read through it many times already before I posted, it tells you perfectly how to set up the demos if you are attempting to become a BL rep. It does not however tell you how to go about setting up a demo with an existing BL rep. I of course guessed that you conact the rep via the email link given in the DB of BL reps and set it up directly with them, but I came here to the boards to confirm that since it did not say that anywhere in writing, I wanted to be sure is all
  2. I help with a gaming covention in Columbia, SC in April and we have started talking about trying to get a Warlords demo setup and/or a paint and take for the convention. I got the task of getting the ball rolling, so here I am rolling the ball:) If someone wants to set up a demo for Warlords, or a paint and take session at a convention do they contact a BL rep or Reaper? What if there is no BL rep for the state the convention is in? I have checked out the BL webpage and did not really find the answer to my question spelled out. Thou since there are email address for each BL rep listed I can guess at the answer. I would rather be safe then sorry thou.
  3. Well I am not a good marketer I suppose thats why thats not my job:) Honestly thou I did not intend it to sound negitive I was just trying to be truthful so that if someone did decided to come they would not be disipointed and never come back. As for the possiblities of the this time, I think if enough people know about it that it could be a really cool portion of the con, and the director might even see about doing painting demos (he recently went to a con that had a small one and thought it was pretty neat idea) And as for the prizes I really dont know what the prizes are. Not much info on the painting contests has been given out. -Quickie
  4. Just a simple little self bump up in the boards because its a new month:)
  5. Well I know I am not the most active member on the boards, heck I have been gone for about 6 months:) but I wanted to let people in the southern region of the US that there is a gaming convention (RoundCon Website) in Columbia, SC that is having a painting comapition. There compition has been very pitiful for the the last 2 years, the first year there was only 1 entry and last year it only had 2 (I was one of them). The convention is mostly roleplay gaming, but they do also have board gaming, there is always a LARP of some sort, a nifty dealers room, and a kick butt anime room, but then I am biase about the anime room cause I run it Anyway, I know that there are some gamer types here that live in the GA /NC area, and thought they might be intreasted in checking it out. -Quickie
  6. It has been a long time since I have been on the reaper boards, Man I missed this place! I havent painted a thing in awhile too. I of course like many got WoW and it sucked me in:) then the holidays reared there head! Anyway I just wanted to hello again, and get back in the swing of things here:) -Quickie
  7. I LOVE IT!!!! Then again I am a glutton for punishment and very doped up on cold medicen
  8. I created a dwarf paliden to mess around with on my boyfriends account, wasnt anything I thought I would enjoy playing, just wanted to see what they were like, and it turns out I am having a blast with it! I know people dont really know me here on the boards because I am mostly a lurker, but if anyone wants to RP/group with a lvl 23 dwarf palidan on the Earthen Ring (RP Server) My name is Raffe, feel free to look me up:) I am normally on from 7pm EST till around 10pm EST and only a couple days a week. -Quickenin
  9. Myself and my honey have only one account and one computer so we both have characters on his account. he has a lvl19 dark elf hunter, I have a lvl 15 dwarf paliden. They are both on Earthen Ring server which is a RP server, and for the most part people are pretty good about it, i have noticed that the general channel seems to be OOC. He is in the middle of upgrading his other computer, and when he does we are going to get a second copy of WoW so we can both play together, means thou we have to make up at least 1 new character each:)
  10. I was spoiled rotten, my fiancee got me an ott light (the task lamp with magnifier), and his parents got me the complete master paint set. I of course got other things, but I have to admit those were pretty darn cool and unexpected. -Quickenin
  11. Well I got the mini shipped off on monday. I also remembered this time to get pictures before sending it off. Anyway hope he likes is -Quickenin
  12. I think I fit the bill of being a lurker to I mean what 90+ posts since 2002. I enjoy looking at the wonderful pieces people do and intreasting tips and ideas that are traded around here. Most of the times thou I dont think that I can be constructive enough to help the level of painters here, and adding just one more "attaboy" to most of the posts seems to me as just a way to inflate ones number of posts. Dont get me wrong I think having praise for you work is great, but when there are pages upon pages of "wow thats nice, great job, love those colors, thats so cool, you are so great" the person already knows its good by that point. I think that the exchange is wonderful, it encourges the lurkers of the board to come out and join in. I have had the most fun in the last 3 exchanges then I have in any of the post I have made on this board. I remember each person I have painted for and recived from. When reading the boards I tend to notice the posts by those people more then most of the others, because I am farmiliar with the name Anyway I am not sure this is really what I ment to say but ohwell! -Quickie (not so quick on the uptake today)
  13. *cheers* I got the mini painted, sealed, and pictured! now just to mail it out. It wont make it to its new home my christmas like I hoped, but it will be a great new years gift -Quickie, the not so quick these days
  14. One of the many things I like about WoW is that you dont have to play ALL the time. Tthey have a nifty rest bonus thing, if you log out in a town or inn or even just putz around in town, you accumulate a rest bonus, and when you log back in or go off to kill stuff you get more XP on kills (not quests). Its a nice feature, I really like it.
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