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  1. Kelcore, Fantastic conversion of this classic Warlord mini. I really like the cape, because I've never been crazy about the big metal wings they have pinned to his back. Like the axe / sword swap out as well. Then you go and give it a kick butt paintjob just to really knock it out of the park. Wonderful work! Cheers, Grumb
  2. Really nice conversion. Look forward to seeing him painted... Cheers, grumb
  3. Man Chris, looks like you've made out like a bandit in the exchanges. Nice looking group of minis, even if one of them was mine... 8-). Cheers, Grumb
  4. Wow, that's very nicely painted!
  5. Very nice work! Love the base, great details. Cheers, Grumb
  6. Thanks guys. I'm glad Tzor likes him. I'm a notoriously slow painter and it took forever. Thanks for being patient Chris. The armor was done with some of Reapers colored metallics. It was a fun experiment. The base is a Groundforge resin base. They are really nice to work with, I'm definitely going to buy more. Here's some pics I took of him before I dropped him in the mail to Tzor. Cheers, Grumb
  7. Finally got something pulled together for Tzor. Man I am such a slacker. Will go out on Friday. I'll post it after he receives. It is actually a redo of a mini I started about a year ago. I was trying to paint him a Sophie, but it was so bad that she is swimming in the bottom of the stripper bucket ATM. Cheers, Grumb
  8. Got mine in the post today from Shakandara and it is awesome. I'll let Vince post the pics, but thanks much for a really neat piece. Its going in the display cabinet right now, before the kids can break it. On a sadder note, I'm a slacker and haven't finished mine yet. I PM'd the recipient with my lame excuse, but I apologize here publically for being a slacker. It will get finished in the next week if I have to lock myself in my studio until its done. Grumb....
  9. Man Kev, I could paint her for four days and she wouldn't look that good. Very, very nice. Cheers, Grumb
  10. Very cool diorama. Excellent work. I really like the look of the wall and was thinking that same approach would look good as a road as well. Cheers, Grumb
  11. Darkstar, all I can say is WOW. glad you finished her, she's beautiful. I love the freehand that you've done on the cloak, and her skin is beautful. Great job all around. Cheers, Grumb
  12. Beautiful job Wendy! Lovely colors and nice color shift on his robes. Love his long flowing white beard too. Cheers, Grumb
  13. Very nicely painted mini Angorak! love the way you've done the cloth. Armor came out very nicely as well. This is a lovely figure.
  14. @mlavanish I agree with you, they definitely need more highlights. Funny how much easier things are to see at several times normal size! I also noticed some spots that need more work after the concrete drop repairs... also wanted to darkline the armor more to separate the plates better... He might be done someday! cheers, grumb
  15. Well, I have to say I really liked this mini the second I saw him, a dwarf in FULL battle armor, what's not to love. I've been working on him for a wee bit and wanted to see what you folks thought. He's on a temporary base as I'm going to cut him off the slotta and pin him to a new base I'm working on ATM. Love to hear your thoughts oh him, sorry the pictures aren't the greatest. Our cat decided that my light tent looked like an interesting play thing after 2 years.... Looking at these pics I've already seen a few spots that I want to fix. He was 90 percent done when I dropped him on the concrete floor in our basement. I won't say here what I said when it happened, it would probably get me thrown out... Cheers, Grumb
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