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  1. Thanks for the reply, everyone. Both containers of resin have never been opened. Also, they have been stored in a box in our second bathroom (no showers occurred during the time of storage) IIRC, the smooth-on resin had a date of 2002 on the container. I'll try a small GS mold of something to see if the resin is still usable.
  2. Both resins have been in their original packaging, so that isn't an issue. As far as mixing them, I'm kind of leery on doing that with my molds.....but, all in the name of science, and all that
  3. I just recently (re)found some casting resin from a few years ago. One is Micro-Mark CR-600 two part resin, the other is Smooth-on casting resin 202. Does anyone know if these things have an expiry date, or shelf life? Both resins have not been opened. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for all the input and suggestions, folks :) I found a set of drill bits at a local store that also sells model railway accessories. I'll try them out. Thanks again.
  5. Currently, I am painting DSM 4117, Human Ranger with bow. My issue is with his bow hand. It will not stay attached to the rest of his arm. Does anyone know the size of the vice bit required to successfully pin his hand to rest of his hand? Or, for that matter, use on any 25 mm fig. Thanks in advance.
  6. Since you won't answer questions posted directly to your kickstarter, I'll post it here. Since this is a Canadian venture, why do Canadians have to pay for shipping within Canada, but the Americans get free shipping? (No offense to any American backers) It seems counterproductive to alienate potential backers who live IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY.
  7. Pardon my ignorance, but what is Ravensrodd? If it is some kind of fantasy setting, why not sculpt the adventuring party for that? Or, incorporate the adventurers into the line you currently have going? Brian
  8. Each version looks fine to me. As others have said, it shows the progression of the adventurer. If the heads don't work for you, how about one head (say the middle one), with 3 different body styles to show the progression of the adventurer? The same can be done for female models. Brian
  9. I'm going to throw my 2 coppers here....... I would love to see different versions of adventurers, either male or female. Showing progression in their career as an adventurer is something that I have looked for from the beginning of my play with miniatures. Alternate poses would be great, but not at the expense of ease of sculpting the figures. Should you decide to undertake this, I will be one of the backers. Brian
  10. I use these bases for my Space Wolf Terminators, as well as my Sisters of Battle for Warhammer 40k. As far as connecting the fig to the base, I pin them together.....just be careful how fast you drill the pin hole.
  11. I use 25mm Litko square bases for my 2nd ed. AD&D game. I find that the clear base works well with whatever setting you are using (dungeon, town, etc) @LotR - do you have a link for that site? Brian
  12. Found what I was looking for.......thanks guys. Brian
  13. That is why I had triad in quotation marks.....I know every company has their own way of doing things. Thanks for the link. Brian
  14. Hey all Does anyone know of "triads" for Vallejo paints? I am aware that there are triads for Reaper paints, but was wondering if one exists for Vallejo. Thanks in advance. Brian
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