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  1. Nice job. Like what you have done with The Death. BTW, for anyone who is wondering the words on his sword is not OXAPOS. It is actually "O XAPOS" (pronouned in English O HAROS) which in Greek means "The Death". Seems like someone in Reaper is trying to make a connection to King Minoas son
  2. Just got my order of MSP and love them as well. Started using the metallics triad on this orc that I have been working on (seems like forever ) with great results. I have also noticed the tendecy of the paints to dry up very quickly even with the addition of water. Still love how smoothly they go on and the effects I am getting.
  3. After doing my experiment this makes total sense. I kind of figured a pour would have worked much better in these circumstances (e.g. setting up the terrain and then covering it with the water effects) simply because of its consistency. BTW, the experiment is still curing. I think you were also correct Joe that this will take about a week in order to clear up. Live an learn I guess.
  4. Wow. Great work. Agreed on the background. Den of evil seems fitting some how.
  5. I also took this min as being part of the "Apocalypse" group. Looks to be a big min (about the size of War) but not too interested in it. Also, didn't Reaper release some other Riders of the Apocalypse early on? Seem to remember War on a Lion or part-lion. Need to check.
  6. Thanks for the advice Joe. Much appreciated. Working with these type of materials to achieve certain effects is all new to me so it is very much welcomed. I have also ordered some EnviroTex Lite pour-on. I have heard some good things about it and people getting good results. Thanks again.
  7. Nice work on both mins. I have been meaning to paint up Jiunan for some time and have been playing around with color schemes in my head. Your version is providing some inspiration as the color scheme seems to enhance the mood and tone of the sculpt.
  8. Imogen's sword and shield are fantastic. You can feel the heat coming off that sword. The rest of the min is great as well. Nice basing on the pole dancer. The tatoo is a nice touch as well.
  9. Nice job overall. Like the eyes on them as well.
  10. Wanted to try it so Friday night had a chance for a quick experiment. Took about a 1 to 2 inch in diameter plastic bottle cap (half an inch deep). Waterdowned some Elmers wood glue and then added woodland scenic ballast. Also added two rocks from the garden one so that it would be sticking outside of the water another to give some diversity to the scenery and 4 small twigs sticking straight out of the edge. Again, this was as an experiment to see how the water-effects (WE) would turnout and was not looking to make anything pretty. I have the transparent WE one. Vallego also makes some colored one. Joe is correct that is is a jelly type of material. It is white instead of transparent. No instructions on the bottle other than a descrpition of what it is suppose to do (dry to a clear finish). After I had set up the scenery and made sure the glue dried (about 3 hours later) I added the WE over it. I noticed that it was a bit messy to apply because of the jelly like consistency. To me a pour would have worked much easier as the WE would probably work better for waterfalls, springs and fountains instead of transparent water. Well I checked it this morning and other than some of the top edges the jell is still "white" and not transparent. I am starting to see some faint hints of the bottom but the color still remains a milky white despite being well over 48 hours. It has hardened but there is some slight give to it. The "experiment" is sitting on a desk in the house at room temperature. Maybe it is still curing and someone suggested that I stick it under a lamp to see what happens. I'll keep you guys posted on any changes but so far I am not exactly thrilled with the results. Any advice would still be appreciated however. Thanks
  11. Thanks Nikmal. If I have some time this weeken I am going to have a test run with this product. Nothin crazy, just planning on overturning a medium plastic jar cap, glue some ballast and then apply the water effects. I'll report back on Monday on how it went.
  12. Looks good. Reminds me of a campsite on the cover of a Dragonlance novel. If you do not mind me asking, what kind of prep work (primering, etc.) do you do to the cd before starting work on it? I have a couple of large mins that would look great on a cd base but am not sure where to start. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi guys. I have been lurking in the boards for some time and decided to come out of hiding to join you all. Has anyone used the Water Effects from Vallejo yet? If you have, any advice on using it? I just got my shipment of "clear water effects" and am going to try it soon but was wondering if anyone had any results with this yet. Thanks in advance for your help.
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