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  1. *dives* FIRST!!! *starts placing stakes to mark his area of the swamp*
  2. I felt the need to say goodbye to the '07 swamp before it's locked and replaced... you'll be missed. Ok my sensitve side is all used up for this year, so guess that mean i'm done.
  3. Yes you can win with a minimal model count army. Is it easy? No. Will it still put up a good fight? Absolutly!!!
  4. Some line AOE just have to touch, but it says so in the discription: Blowthrough:"...Any Model's base touched by this line is in the AOE..." Lightning Bolt/Blast:"...Any Model whose base is touched by this line is affected by the spell..."
  5. Because she finds her hammer very prittyful, and not worth the chance of loosing on a mortal.
  6. Which is why i love you guys at the club. You know I'll try exploiting any rule once for the fun of it or at least quire what whould happen if I tried and you all forgive me for it. But even if I had still remebered this rulling i wouldn't. there's no advantage to it. If i base a model that i don't want attack it's because i want to hold you (and survive), which you can't do with the corners, i wouldn't want to provoke defencive strikes either. And if you can't make the distance to get even a few millimetres of flat overlapping to say the charge is making it, you'd be pushing it further than
  7. Mostly the faceing rules work, but i'd also like to see that corners are still valid. Though now that i think about it, i've never had the situation were i couldn't attack back durring my turn.
  8. no it doesn't: "A Leaping Model must end its activation on the ground." So if you don't have the move to make that extra half inch to clear it, then you can't end your activation on the ground so you can't make the leap. I think at that point I was reading the whole argument for making leap a strait movement as that you physicly couldn't turn at any point when you used leap, rather than a a meathod to tone down leap. So my mistake there.
  9. As written: "The extra movement spent is twice the base size of the Model/Terrain being jumped over." - So it's only the size of the leaped models base that gets the x2, not the size of base & what ever it takes to get the leaper's base to clear (as the example shows). "A Leaping Model must end its activation on the ground." - If you don't have the remaining movement to clear it, then you can't do the leap. (also mean that leaving 1" between models so that the base can't fit would only count as 1" provided they still had the move to get to the second models other side) "A Leap
  10. Well if you want logic. I have leaped over someone without breaking a stride (hands on shoulders feat each side). For something with an anatimy built for it there's a good chance they'd be able to do it at half speed with weapons involved. But I see your point (for both leap and hover).
  11. I was thinking more it would work something like. Leap over model A (x2 mov of leaped models base), land. Continue moving (normal speed/movment), leap model B (x2), land. Charge at which ever direction. Long story short, I was seeing it more like a game of leap frog, where you jump over one person, keep runing, till you jump over the next. The way you seem to protray it is just long jump, we have hover that does that at no penalty.
  12. I don't think you'll find one person who doesn't want to see a new rulebook and it sound like most will put their money where their mouth is. Me not being an exeption to either. As for the starter boxes for each fraction. The release of a shiny hard cover rulebook at the same time as the starter boxes whould give the whole game a great boost. The starter box SE sugested sound like a good idea. Like he said, it would show off the mixed units, but it would also show off a larger variety of sculps.
  13. It's my thoughts that the leap can be used as many times as you wish and in the charge mov (so long as it's strait). The penalty to movement should be fine to allow it. If you're able to reduce your move by 3" or more and still make the charge you should be able to.
  14. From what i've seen, the whole BL forum issue is more "What's in the box... I want to see what's in the box. Why can't I see!" Also many of the older topics were asking for a refined view on this rule, mentioning this or that was broken and asking what others think, pleading for a type of model for this army or asking for tips with army builds. As the game has matured and developed. We've gotten those refinements. Rules/models have been fixed. Armylists have been expanded. And most of us have learnt to build our own armies reliably. The problem isn't that all the topics have been moveing t
  15. Clerics are healers. I don't beleive that they should get stronge attack abilited. Maybe things like hold but Clerics shouldn't getting damage dealing spells any more than Mages should get healing spells.
  16. not sure if you'd clasify it as mage heavy, but it's as mage heavy as a reptus list will get at any point value. All three mages with greater familars CP10, 9, 8. Suported by 13 other ranged units (had gone for the all ranged army to see how it ran). It was against the BSG, so no shooting or magic till about the second turn. a little manovering to keep them out of the main force, kept them alive till the last two turn. Had i taken some warriors instead of all archers, i think the mages would have been a slaughter (and yes even with a counter or two on the other side). On the other hand, if i'd
  17. The complex array of things you can do, yet the simplex mechanics to do them.
  18. not sure about the first one. But in the second the former is correct. If you had a warmaster model and you oppenet had 3 troops and attacked that model in each of their activations, she's get three lots of defencive strikes.
  19. Just to put my opinion out. From what i've used of the spell, it seems fair as is.
  20. A model worthy of being feilded as often as the turtle is. I'll be picking one up as soon as it can get from green to Australia.
  21. You treat the base being jump as a x2 mod to mov (measure the models actual position from its bases centre) Rules state that you can't ocupy the same space as another model (flyer/burrowers being the exeption). So that would then meen you must have anough move to get your back half of the model.
  22. Based on the SA it's posable for a model to have smite(x) in their ranged or magic. We might even see it in the future. Though I don't play undead or Crusaders (or evil cause of "Judgment"), I'd alow it to all that was aplicable.
  23. If your model is in b2b with an enemy hit by an AOE, but not hit itself???
  24. Well seams i'm drasticly wrong (had ment caster casts againstattacker while in B2B) Probably i good thing i haven't used mages enought for this to have come up.
  25. Well as I said, we had a run with the BSG on sunday. First off Burshmaster feilded 1000pts of Reven vs. BSG. The "They Came from Below" came in very helpful. Thanks to that (and unlucky rolling to force them to surface) the beetle rider lancers worked extreamly well sitting there untill the softer targets came within their 12" charge. The ones that were forced to the surface, did about as much as a i'd expect from a 44pt model and not much more. Pulger's and tunnel knights in a box fomation around two sides of Ever Living and Shaerdra (a low wall covered another side) was a deadly combinat
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