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  1. Hey in me defence i missed... 2 maybe 3 times.


    It was a 1000pt RC08 list. Pure range/magic list vs. BSG. Ended up loosing by only about 100pts. Went very well considering i didn't get to make use of range or magic till the second turn thanks to there FA.


    I'd never do a pure ranged army again (not a single model with 360 :blink: ), but it was fun.


    All 3 mages, with greater familars and max spells, 5 archers, 4 venom spitters, and 4 clutchling javeliners.



    Scotty, make sure you remember the FA. It can be uberly powerful at times. With DV and damage tracks on our grunt, Reptus are very good on the defencive. And I'd put my vote on buying the skullbreakers next.

  2. From what I've seen, the BSG's list looks fine. Only one extra wound on all grunts/adepts bar one, and an average DV of 11 would to me balance out there offencive capabilities dramaticly. And as i'm bord and the 124pt grub seems to be under great dispute here's how I see it vs. the common reptus:


    3x skullbreakers (141pt): 9 mav 9 attacks, vs. DV 13. avg=6.3 hits vs. 4.2. Reptus win, with only 1 lost

    3x Longstrikers (144pt): 3 mav 8 1st strikes, vs. DV 13. avg=1.8 hits

    .......................................6 mav 8 attacks, vs. DV 12. avg=4.2 hits vs. 4.2. Reptus win, with only 1 lost

    4x clutchlings (120pt): 4 mav 8 1st strikes, vs. DV 13. avg=2.4 hits

    ....................................4 mav 8 attacks, vs. DV 11. avg=3.2 hits vs. 5.4. Reptus win, with only 2 lost


    Sure you'll have support, but that's what the rest of my troops there to deal with. And as any one of these three are likely to show up in near every game against reptus I'll near garanty that you'll be needing that tough/5 to stand any chance of living till the second round of combat. and it you're not gonna take them on, great, that's 124pt you've left to do nothing as it's a melee troop.


    Hopefully i'll be having an actual game against the list this sunday, but till then I've done similar calculations for some of the army (yes i was very board), and from what I can tell without a good fraction ability they's be to soft to pose a large threat. StV, the maths says it's not overpowered, the play testers say it's not, without actualy playesting it yourself to prove both wrong (few people will argue with that) then all you've done since is repeat your first post.


    I'll hold my judgement on the changes to mages/archers, and the new reptus models till after sunday when i have a good chance to put them through the round. But at first glance there's nothing that I wouldn't take, yet nothing that i see as a must have in every list.

  3. ...But myself and several other I game with love the fact that sometimes one doen't even have to roll because of auto-hits...


    *ish one of the several others ::D: * We realy do love the auto hit part. It's fun and it speeds up the game a little (normaly to the end).


    And to saticefy the RPG stand point: How can you justify a burly 6' something humanoid lizard who's carrying a mace, (Skullbreaker anyone? ^_^ ) which probably weighs more than the goblin thats being held off the ground by two other equaly as powerful brain-matter smeared lizards, failing to hit it??? The redundancy of actualy needing to roll probaly represents the goblin suffering a heart attack.

  4. *pops head in* Yep i'm still alive... Welcome to you Autochton.


    I near always take a full unit of 5 Gaan-Hor warriors with the clan eldar at 377pts. Keap them airborn as often as posable, mob anything with a large base (preferable away from the main army) 18 mav 5 (+3 sup) attacks will drop alot of things pritty fast. The moment it's dropped get back into the air and use something cheep and fast to cdg (coatls come to mind ^_^ ). Once all the nicer targets are gone either fly them to whereever neads some cleaning up, or drop them all round something nice a squishy ing the middle of your opponents for a final sucide run.


    ...bugger, i started rambleing again.

  5. How many points are we looking at??? What ever the case, i'd strongnly recomend the Gaan-Hor Clan Warriors. 12 inch charge that effectivly ignors any models/terain in the way, use hit and run tatics, take out the one model you don't like then take to the air ASAP, before going after the next one. Other than that (if you have the points) try the hydra with a T'kay to heal any lucky hits, and maybe a teleport to get it either out of an unwanted spot or into a nice week spot.

  6. How about :poke: ... Stay out of my air space.



    Yes , thankfully the local players don't seem to know about them . :wacko:
    I've noticed them... i just feel that i sould finish painting one arm before i start feeling for a second.


    Try not having lone flyers out. With 3 attacks each 6 of my fliers make short work of them using swarm tactics. Infact try avoiding moving any model out further than you can get support to in a single round.

  7. Use the flyers to control archers and spell casters, or swarm solos
    I've use them almost exclusivly to take out solo's, and have yet had a solo last for more than a single combat. But as many ans 18 atacks at MAV 8 (5 + support) will do that. I'd personly replace the standard with a musition just to give that extra edge. but the rest seems solid.
  8. I don't beleive the line of site rules should take the model's sculpt into acount. The krung beast for example is a giant base yet it's "eye level" is lower than most standard sized bases. Long story short LOS should be taken based on base sizes.

  9. Granted you'd need 3 spellcasters in a troop to pull it off, and they'd better be 3 fairly decent ones so you're looking at a caster Warlord + 2 other casters.

    I see one major floor in this plan.

    Mage 1: Poo Wi-Set, Nagendra Warlord

    Mage 2: Ssudai, Unq Mage

    Mage 3: ...I'll get back to you on that...


    We can't field 3 mages in an army at any point value, let alone in one troop. So we'd have to do it over two turns making it alot harder. :poke: Brings up a question though, all magic is at the same time, so wouldn't the target only be considered out of cohesion once you've finished both spells?

  10. If at any point the model takes a move action, Aura fades, and will be restored the next time it finishes an activation without taking a move action.
    That would say to me that during the second round of combat we would get the +2, but then if we choose to move after we would loose the benifits if we are charged, shot, etc. till we stood still for a turn again.


    I like the idea and with the increased MAV of all models the "+2 is too much" argument is no long as valid. Though to make it simple, maybe re word it to something like: "A reptus model may drop a single move action in order to reseive a +2 to DV and +1 to MD. This bonus lasts untill the models next movement (magical or otherwise), though move equivlen actions i.e. CDG, loot, etc. do not cause the aura to fade"


    I added the magical or otherwise and the loot/CDG bit so it would be easier to keep track. "Yep that model's in the same place it was last turn, it must still have the aura."

  11. The round base made it quite anoying when trying to base other models, at most you could get 2 regualy (I had one case where i got 3) but when you have something that big you'll want it to be able to base as many as posably, the hydra has up to 10 attacks each causeing poison against goblins or other low point models thats and entire edge worthe dead. I like very much to see it changed to a square, for the above reasons and for any future models that size without 360.

  12. To the best I can see there's no trencher. But can anyone honestly say that the hyrdra needs trencher. I've also desided I love the long strikes and clutchlings. A handful or two of them lending support to your main force will make the enemy think twice before charging in. Activate them to clean off any survivers.

  13. Not at all. I think the main thing is that swarm armies have been so effective in the last verson's of warlord the now that the swarm vs. big hitters are more balanced people might take a while to get used to. As for broken things the biggest one my local BL and myself found was in regards to flyer/burrowing models, which had actualy always been there but only got picked up by acident cause Reptus now have flyers.

  14. Let me just say one thing , I hate , hate , hate , hate , hate , hate , hate , hate the Hydra . :blink::wacko:

    I quite enjoyed our games with it. If the one or two supporting T'kays had ever been taken out it could of had some problems. As fearsome as it is i don't see it as a must have in every list.


    What I realy love are our flyers. My fav tactic with them was to keep them flying to stop them being shot at (halfed range) then swoop them in on mass on a single model, before taking off again in seach of anther high point model. With a full troop you'll find in nothing will stand against 16 hit and run attack at MAV 8 (MAV 5 +3 support).


    I also love the new reach rules, i.e. the reach bonus is used by everyone attacking the model not just the one the reacher is behind and that a third of our grunt/adepts have it. Though the fact that as per the rules a clutchling can stand behind a hydra and give supports seams a bit off to me.

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