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  1. Cleric warlord and a Nagendra warlord. Critical strike with Mav 6 would be fun, and i think the point cost would be down played significantly when you see that all snakes have almost no armour and no tough. So I would expect that the warlord would have both a low DV and tough value. and keeping it at 2 attacks would also keep the cost down.


    And as an after thought it might be nice to have something with spy.

  2. First off i'd like to welcome you to the clutch... now that that out of the way.


    Clutchlings are a must have in an Reptus army, a unit of about 5-6 are great for hit and run tactics to take out you enemies solos. I agree full heartedly with the unit of warriors. if your in combat for more than a round try and get a clutching to support then and don't forget to use your aura of jade.


    Uru (and kin) is defantly a must have. Don't be foolish and run him by himself though. No model can hold there own when swarmed. If you have him supported by our cleric, letting her heal those stray wounds that Uru gets, He should easy take out a good 200pts.


    The breakers keep behind the warriors until you get in combat, once again support with clutchlings and use the Aura. They are very hard hitting when you have a todem and support.


    The krung beast... what can i say when it works it's devistating, sadly this doesn't happen alot. Because of it's speed if it's held up for mor than a two rounds it's as good as out.


    As for the snakes well they're in the same boat as the clutchling keap them out of sight and swarn to take out solos. about 4 should do it if your careful.


    In summary:

    Must haves - todem, Uru, warriors, clutchlings

    Always support when ever you can

    Avoid - krung, longstrikes



    "advantage does Chai Uut have over the big To"... simple about 175 points.

    "I bought the rangers because of the ranger moves, and they could get to enemy archers quickly" that's the clutchling jobs keep them hidden in woods where posable and swarm what comes too close. use your ranger move to get to safty faster, try having a troop of 4 snakes (one with musition) 5 clutchlings and an Audt this saves you about 56pts.

  3. **NEW (May 25th)

    First Strike and Defensive Strikes (Thread: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=21437)

    Q: Can models stunned or killed by First Strike carry out defensive strikes as normal against other enemy models in their front arc, even though they cannot the model with First Strike?


    A: Models stunned or killed by first strike may not perform defensive strikes on any targets

    I new I'd seen a thread which discused this... good side I lossed anyway so it didn't make a diffrence... better side I was right :lol: As for not being able to beat him i can say that, after over a year of trying I've finally managed pulled it off at 1500pts and even then it was extreamly close comeing down to one model a side :wub:

  4. It is posable to win with a small army. I came 1st (2nd actully but i was beaten but our BL running it but he was in it only to make the numbers even) in a 1000pt torny with an army list containing (if memory serves) a krung beast, Kong-To, T'kay, some archers and snakes and clutchlings. That was over half the points in 3 models and used the two most expensive adepts i could feild.

  5. It's a beautiful sculpt. Makes me think "It's just been hit in the side (near the left arm pit)". Wether or not you were aiming for that IMO you've caught that pose quite well. I'll agree that the scales should be a touch smaller :poke: 2/3 of the size maybe... and I also think that you should continue the scales down the legs and arms or fade that scales out instead of the sudden stop that you have. But like i said you've managed to creat a beautiful pose.

  6. I was meaning that the five stat increases/SA should be worth more than mashwalker and 7pt's. I'd been first told of them that weekend didn't really look at the model till I read this topic. So that was my original response. Now that I’ve gotten over the initial WOW ::o: , at them and actually had a close look I see that I put ALOT more value to speed than the average person, and over priced tough/1. I still don't think that they're and equal match, but they're close enough that it could be put down to, as I’ve said in a different thread, some armies are better at some things then others.

  7. If you’re aiming at lesser orks there's you first mistake... As has been said through out this topic you should be aiming at things like low DV mages or high point cost models that have already been hit, then enter hand to hand. For instance you aim at a mage, presume you hit that could probably be considered half the model base point value taken out there and then. Next turn the mage cast iceshards at one of you models, because of the wound, it's probably allot less likely to hit. If it fails that's half the caster's points, 10pt for the iceshard and half of the targets points that you can add to what the king just took out.


    I know that there's allot of "if"s but the concept is there, and with the right deployment you could get as much as 2-3 shots before a single spell is cast. What people need to remember is that it's not always what the model took out but what it stopped from being taken out


    EDIT: I realy need to take some speed typing leasons :rolleyes:

  8. as there's nothing the same size as the Krung it will always be an arrow magnet... but with deflect and it's high base DV you shouldent have to worry too much just have a T'kay with a few bandages (and a cure if you wish to be a bit more sneaky) just to make shore it remains effectively DV 14. then keep it with you warriors and only charge when it wont leave the Krung open. useing this i've acutely managed to kill twice it points worth at one point


    As for models i find no use for i'd have to agree with the longstrikes... there's no point in taking them for reach we have clutchlings for that. Mav 2... one point cheaper and you get a breaker with mav 3 and tough. 360... for this to be used by a standared model they would have to base 3 models to, in which case your stuffed anyway.

  9. I need to double check my Necro book to see if it's legal, but something for GF users to consider. If you have a level 3 Mage with Defensive Magic. Pack a Dispell, and send your GF with a tightly packed troop as a magic shield to protect from AOE spell attacks.

    If i remember corectly the GF doesn't receive any of the SA of the caster model, just the damage track. So the GF wouldn't have defencive magic, and as it's the GF being targeted not the caster, you couldn't make any defencive magic.

  10. I like the sketch it's a good cross in my oppinion, though i think if your going for the serpant look give make the body half to a full lengths longer and the tail half again in length. I'd still like to see wings on it then say something like "because of the weight size this dragon has grown too, the wings are only good for show and deflecting the odd arrow"

  11. Well first of all our god and source of all life by our beliefs (if you read the archers description) is THE great Dragon Payanak. Though i can't find anywhere that it says "the Reptus are of draconic blood" i think it's fair to make the assumption.


    As for the more oriental dragon, they're more snake like a flowing and more often than not have manes/hair like bits. While the European dragons are more stocky an muscular and almost never have anything that could represent hair. Reptus well there muscular and clean shaving, and I personally think they look better, so my votes for the European type.

  12. * :blink: backs away very slowly*


    Though I'm shor everyone has thought about it, I can't see anyone who's come right out and said it... I WANT A DRAGON!!!

    I don't care if it reaches almost 300pts I'd like a dragon nothing would fit the army better than one. How about something like:


    #MA #RA Dmg Mov Dis MAV RAV Rng DV CP MD






    SA: tough/4, deflect, innate:fire ball, warmaster, beast, horrid, flyer


    Or have the innate fireball replaced with a blowthrough. i think haveing the mage SA like the generic one is a bit too much. And of cause it would be a solo. I tryed to base it off the generic dragon, just at a more playable scale. Like i said i didn't think the mage SA felt right and with someting the size of a dragon 360 doesn't seam appropriate. IMO if you compair it to the krung beast it souldn't realy hit over the 300pt mark. even if it does reach 300pt just the "fear me for i have a dragon" factor would see me play it on a some what regular basis.

  13. 1)you can take you defensive strike against anyone in your front ark


    3) You may cast back with a spell, up to the spells range so long as it state that it can be used via defensive magic (i.e. bolt). It was also my impretion that it could only be use after being targeted with a ranged or magic attack, not melee

  14. So Acetone and Simple Green are my best bets. Is simple green a brand or just a general name, like green stuff, cause i haven't noticed it before (not that i was looking very hard) and if it is a brand.made by a single company than it may be alot harder to find over here. And thanks for the fast help.

  15. I think the Hydra needs to be a 4 track model, but have the stats do something a little different. The Hydra would only start off with one attack, to represent the fact that it only has one head. Then, after one wound, it has two attacks!! :bday: Granted, the MAV will continue to drop with each wound!! Now, by the time it gets to its fourth damage track, it will now have 4 attacks! With Warmaster! At a whopping MAV 1! :lol:


    I would love to see a model like that!


    Wild Bill :blues:

    I think something like:






    SA: 360, beast, tough/3, warmaster


    When it gets healed it's muscles tense and... POP!! One of its extra heads just falls off.



    As for regeneration to make it not over powered: must give up both actions in order to heal one point of damage, all models in base contact may make defensive strikes (at improved DV) at the regenerating model.

    In my head I see it as a painful experience, involving a lot of arm flaying, convulsions and ground punching, as a wound that should of taken months to heal stiches itself back together in a matter of seconds. And of cause the enemy will take full advantage of this momentary weakness.


    The first striking snakes, love the idea. single track, DV:8, no tough, Mov:7 or runner. Very, very fast but if they don't take the enemy out they're probable won't survive.


    I'd like to see some Payanak born "equipment". The equipped model is closer to Payanak then others and as such still retains some of the gods awesome might. One giving the 4" RAV:2 blow though, One giving it the SA:Horrid, or SA:beast




    Edit: As funny as it would be a general rule of thumb is that if it doesn't have scales it won't quite fit (unless it's a troll ^_^ )

  16. Does anyone have any advise in stripping the paint (and primer) off a mini, bear in mind I have a limited budget. What I’ve tried worked for the large areas but the paint in the crevices, still won’t budge. Some far I’ve tried almost all methods available in my house, including turps and chemical cocktails from the laundry (one of these turned a dark green model bright blue), and the most effective thing I’ve found… a refreshing dip in a mug of boiled water before a scrubbing with a cheap and nasty 30c paint brush.

  17. I'm all for the idea of being able to add an elite into most units. I think that a restrictions like "one elite can only be taken once 50% of the troop slots is filled" (to stop from taking alot of small captains to get a lot of elites) along with "the elite's point cost (before spell and equipment) cannot exceed the cost of the leader" would make it viable without leaving it open for abuse.


    I would also like to see more defensive magic spells in the game.

  18. I'm glad Qwyksilver brought it up, He is unique, that and the difficulty of supporting him because he's a solo would have reduced his point cost significatly. If you planing to feild Uru as more than a distraction there's almost always going to be a t'kay with a badge (or a cure to stand him up perfict after he's been dropped). As has been said target t'kay stop him from reseving her support and most of us 'izzard players will think twice before charging him in. With deflect you nead a 6rav before you even nead a 9 to hit him so shoot at other things (a.ka. T'kay). If it's a timed game run single grunts just to stop him only swing on the defencive strike and if you manage to role a 10, only then run a extra few grunts down to finish him off.


    When just one role of ten can put him out of comition i wouldn't go as far as to call him broken.

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