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  1. Woot, We still have claim on one of the best sculptors. Well it's good to know that your still sculpting. Now... Do you mean big and important or BIG HUGE COLOSSAL!!!
  2. A few (not so) simple tactics: 1) BRING A TOTEM!!!! 2) Main force – Provided that your opponent doesn't have a mage stick with a box formation. Have the warriors in the front row with the leaders down the sides. Have a breaker/clutchling unit inside the box with the clutchlings giving the warriors support. When a warrior drops step a move the supporting clutchling out so that a breaker can step in. Move a second clutchling to where the first was and CDG the fallen, then use the first clutchlings second move to support where the second was. Then attack with the breakers at a MAV 6 (3 + support + friendly + totem). Once they reach you have your leaders sweep into the flanks. 3) Archers – Have your archers out of the box and in the first turn take out enough of your opponent’s archers to stop them from volleying you then scatter. Use you remaining turns to either take out the last of your opponent archers or picking off the vamps. 4) Clutchlings – Have a unit of clutchlings with a musician run up the side to try and split the force and take out solos with hit and run techniques. If one ends up in combat swarm in order to get it finished fast and then the hell out. Leave the fallen clutchling untouched but stay with in 11" of them so that if any vamps come to get the free bandage he then gets swarmed killed and then you run away… again. Against solos a small units of clutchlings can be devastating with 4 of them you can get 4 MAV 5 attacks. Well worth it when you consider that it's only 84pts. Well that’s my finished essay on “how to beat vamps”. It’s a good tactic against most non-mage armies, just forgo the CDG’s against the rest.
  3. While you nead five models min to volly all ten attacks count towards its size.
  4. Well over here in Australia Hell has frozen over because i've been winning on a semi-regular bases. With the changes i've been feilding a build of 4-5rangers + 3-4 clutchlings (they're still as immortal as ever), 9 warriors, Chai-Uut with 4-6 archers + some more clutchlings if i can affored it + t'kay, Uru, todem and if there's any points left over a normal troll or two.
  5. leader makes a disiplin check??? -1 for every 2 models being absorbed???
  6. I stick by what i said earlier on, that I wouldn't support this rule without a surcharge inplace. But here's something i don't think anyone's mentioned yet: What about a variable charge i.e. for every 5% or fraction there of the merc units cost 5% more, so if you wish to feild only that one 60pt sole in a 1000pt army it would cost you 66pt's but if you want to feild a 200pt's worth of archers it would cost you 250pt's. So the further away from the norm of your army you get the more it'll cost you.
  7. If the merc book was coming out last i would say that's probably what would happen, but it's coming out in the middle of the other books so I think it quite unlikely. Personly i like it how it is cause it give me a reason to look forward to the next book even though i don't play those armies. And as said once there all out and were all finished argueing about them have a all in one book with a few thins extra.
  8. speed bumps arn't ment to kill them they're there to slow your enemy down. Don't attack with your minions then you opponent will only get the one attack and you still get you defencive strike.
  9. In my opinion a models point cost is not solely based upon its own stats, but also in how they are used within the army. That's why, for a point to point bases, some armies archers are that much weaker, because they have more effective malae troops to use as support. While others, like elves, basic melee troops are that much weaker in a point for point bases so there ranged troops are stronger.
  10. my 2 cents worth: through in a few musitions and a firekeg or two (i thinks that's what it's called), then go for troop size rather than initiative cards in order to make full use of the musitions at a minimal cost
  11. I like the idea that negative effects are doubled back onto the mercs. The rules would have to be worded along the lines of "for the purpose of FA mercs are treated as enemy models" and then it's all fixed
  12. Well after promessing my self i would stay out of this argument here i am. I personly find this idea logical, simple, and most importantly playable. While some same that it's a game and therefore a 1/2" wall is easily the equivlent of a 6' person and therefore no nead for any of this, most poeple play that the turrain is more or less to scale and find it hard to accept that the 1/2" wall gives total cover to the 1" tall model. But to me what SE said clears up this problem. Secondly i also agree with that a heavy cover for a size 1 model should be light for a size 2, not non-existant.
  13. As the allied Reptus player I would say that had the firestorm been expected the damage it did could have been reduce significantly. But as mentioned our group rarely uses mages and so wasn’t expecting strike. Though this may change for me personally after it was pointed out that we have a CP:9 mage for 90pt.
  14. slightly diffrent question does the origenal tough come back if they get taken out again. i.e. shout up the grave horror CDG it down to though 1, it stands up, i drop it, is it tough 5 or 1 now???
  15. Well it would depend apon your army. If you have a lv3 cleric that's probably your best option. If not have a sheild wall in front of your archers 1st move the sheild up at an angel so that there out of the way but still moving forword, move you archers forward, shoot, form the sheild wall again. When I versed her she was put in the corner of the bourd behind a large rock. so the archers weren't an option. Instead i ran 4 clutchlings and 5 rangers with a musition up. sadly it didn't work that time as he got the first activation next round and closed the 2-3" gap... but it was good in theory.
  16. I'd agrea here. I'd rather see them bring out all the individual books. A gap to give some of us slower painters to get court up then release an all in one with may be a bit extra.
  17. yep that would be my biggest problem... Now another question: Is it possible to regroup a sole soul cannon into a troop’s spare elite slot? I can actually see some use for this (other than “because I can”): -soul cannon and a second troop are going to die if they each don't go before you opponent -you get the first card -you activate the second troop and regroup the soul cannon -it would already be within command radius and can therefore shoot right away, the other troop can than attack, hopefully saving both the cannon and the troop As far as I can read there doesn't seem to be anything stopping this from happening, and though rare, it could actually be useful. So can anyone see something I’ve missed???
  18. i'd say feel free to sculpt your own base so long as it the correct size and shape i.e. 1"x1" for standard, 1.5"x1.5" for large, 1"x2" for calvery and 2"x2" for giant.
  19. would this meen that a blowthroughs would have to be declared at the same point as normal ranged attacks??? Sorry to be a pain but i've just got my first model with blowthrough
  20. I just won a starter of pirates and decided to run it as a secondary army cause I love the dark maiden's sculpt (and surprise, surprise another of Chaz's master pieces), so I guess I’m now a pirate hat wearing 'izzard. The first thing that hit my mind after reading the rules was... Can I shoot Razig in the back so that he comes back fully healed (and of cause the shooter would be one of the first to be sacrificed)?
  21. In a reascent game, I played against the vampires for the fist time, in order to stop them from feeding and regaining the wound I chose to loot my own models. My thinking being that you can't perform a loot action on a model that has already been looted and therefore stoping the feeding. The move was allowed but for future reference I would like confirmation on wether it should have been one way or another.
  22. the Clutchlings, archers, and Uru are a must. At 1000pt I would proxy Kong-To as a Chai-Uut as Kong takes you back significantly in your model could as i discovered today i'd also say stay away from the longstrikers, maybe proxy them as some rangers. Nai-Khannon would also take you back a bit too much as well but the Ra'am should do fine.
  23. Wow you sound like my you play like me. I never win friendly or club games (the in tournaments i seem it be able to do no wrong... go figure).
  24. Well I only just heard about this today and have given it some thought. I'd be for it as long as the following rules applied: -25% point surcharge had to be paid -restrictions placed i.e. Necropolis and Darkspawn may not take any model with the following SA: cleric, healer, innate spell (any cleric spell) -normal free lance restrictions i.e. no good with evil -mercs don't get the benefit of army SA The second would be able stop people from removing truly intentional floors in there army and the third and forth I don't think need an explanation. For the first point, I read that some believe it should be as little as 5%. I disagree this and wouldn't support anything less than 25% extra cost (though I would support over), the "25% rule" would be there for flavour not to plug holes in an army. It would offer a great chance to customise one's army. It would also reduce significantly the amount of models that become redundant as it would put there price 6 points over an equivalent grunt: (Example compared to Reptus) X-bowmen @ 28pt vs. Archers @ 41pt For the better part of the battles I’d use my archers but the RAV 3 and 13pt less I’d take them from time to time (my first thought was to use these as clutchlings with short bows. the +1 RAv is due to the fact that a short bow is easier to handle than a longer one) Minotaur @ 91pt vs. river troll @ 52pt I would still stick with my troll but the extra 39pt could easily be absorbed by dropping just 2 grunts and there for make it viable to take a "big an' tough troll" merc warriors @ 24pt vs. Reptus warriors @ 23pt the 'izzards win hands down with there higher DV, Mov and deflect. The only real use would be a way to use a few of our now excess warrior models. p.s. though I don't think you should be able to take from anywhere other than mercs, I thought it may be worth a mention how close the following has come to being a reality : Soul cannon @ 94pt = the "mini Godzilla" with plasma breath that was brought up early in the first Reptus fraction topic.
  25. Well I have seen him uses them effectively a few time that I can recall. Any ways back to me… two out of three friendly games (not at the club) the krungbeast paid for his price and then some even in one of them taking out over double his point cost. Sadly everywhere else I haven’t had any luck. The most unlucky of all was being held up by a single elf, who decided to stand up not one not twice but about 4-5 time, all without a single bandage. So my 2cents worth is don’t charge a single model under 20pt even if it’s the only thing with in range and there’s no counter charge waiting
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