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  1. Because it makes a bigger bang??? A stronger caster expends more energy to give a spell more kick.

    I like the idea but i would think it should be more CP x 4 + 10 sort of thing so that it makes it a bit more even so that for instance a fire ball would be: CP x 4 + 20 only a 12pt diffrance rather than a 21pt between a CP:4 and a CP:7

  2. I see this as being the best option. It fits well with our "core" troop being a DV11 shield wall, it would be great for holding objectives (DV13 + deflect :wub: ) and it would ounter act our greatest problem of the rest of our troops, that they drop too easily. And it wouldn't effect the other end of the scale too much as most still nead a 10 to hit them (e.g. Uru, Krung) with or with our the +2. Despite this lack of effective change, it's still fun giving Uru GMA and in the cases where you get the chance to use the aura yelling "fear my DV18 of doom!!! :grr: ", even if this has only happend once :down: .

  3. I've only played in one tornament, it went by bounty point to resulve draws, and 1 or 2 one off games were we desided to play bounty points rather that "so what's left standing". In the one off game it scraped me a win (1000pt and i won by 5-15pt) and in the tornament the bounty was acumalitive to resulve draws... it would of been quite helpful if i was one of the drawing parties as i had managed to loot an entire elven army.


    All in all it gives us the edge in a close game to scrap the victory, but i think if you have the time to loot the opponent anough to make a real diffrence you going to win anyway and if your truely loosing then you won't have the time to claim those loots.

  4. I find haveing a troop of clutchlings (or enought clutchling in a troop to break off from {4+}) can be quite valueble in garding a far flank against a solo running in behind. Or as previusly mentioned harrassing the enemy archers. After looking at the list I'm going to be running a unit of rangers (probably a 50/50 mix with archers), with a musition and todem. ranger, mov 7, #MA 2, mav3 they should be efective in taking out enemy archers. And with the worriors adptified i'm in nead of some diffrent troops to fill in a few whole. I'll post the list once it's written.

  5. After a good look at the new list it won't be too bad. I think the warriors changing to adept was so we take more than a bunch of then and maybe an archer or two, which as sad as it is to say was a viable army. We probable will get a warrior sublist (like the revren tomark sub-list)

  6. If the longs strikes had droped a point with the 360 and MAV 2 than i might of consider them, i agrea that there still not worth the points the only thing that's made them more viable overall it that the core of EVERY Reptus player's army has become Adept, something that without the flexablility of other choises is down right wrong (we are even given 9 of them in our starterbox) well that's all from me till i actuly have a good look.

  7. I usally take 3 breakers, no matter the nuber of troops/models i have. they rarely last longer than one swing each and out of all the time i've used them i've only managed to stand two of them up, and one of those two times was by use of a bandage. Our breakers lack of speed and stayablity throws me off takeing any more than that. But as for the SA i manage to use it almost every time one servives even if it's just moving it closer to another model so that they don't get swarmed.

  8. I don't have to win to have fun, but losing constantly does drain one's enthusiasm quite a bit.

    Speak for yourself apart for a single tornament i've won only about 1 in 20 games, lol and i'm still as enthusiastic as the day i started.


    Now back to topic: One thing that hasent been mentioned is that many of the fraction books haven't been released. But don't let that turn you off ALL the lists in the core book are play able. I personly play reptus, though my win/loss ratio isn't great that is my rolling not the army so take no notic of that. the point i'm trying to make is that the reason there are armies with twice as many models as the rest is because there book has been release, key thing to point out is that unlike other games the army with the latest book is not the best, Reaper have managed to keep things even between all the armies and the book only acts as an expantion to the seperat armys... :poke: can someone explane this for me because i've just rambuled and haven't said it clearly :huh:

  9. we mainly play a 1000pt game. At that size i don't take Khong-to and at best i take an archer, just for pot shots. I useally have Chai-uut 3warriors 3skullbreakers 3clutchlings T'kay, Audt 6x warriors 2 clutchlings, Uru, and a todem (this is more or less my list but i don't have it with me so i may be a bit out)

  10. Troop 1 (325)

    Chai-Uut w/divine favor (87)

    Ssudai w/fireball, ice shards (115)

    3 Archers (123)


    Troop 2 (176)

    Audt (44)

    4 Warriors (92)

    2 Clutchlings (40)


    Troop 3 (176)

    Audt (44)

    4 Warriors (92)

    2 Clutchlings (40)


    Troop 4

    Uru (71)


    Total: 748

    Init Cards: 4

    Model Count: 20


    swich the 3 archers with the warriors/clutchlings in one of the other troops (alowing you to threaten a larger area for longer), up grade one warrior in each troop to a skullbreaker and hold them behind the warriors so that they don't get pincushined (same with the clutchlings).

  11. Any model in a Defender's front arc is a valid target for a Defensive Strike, irregardless of whether they attacked the Defender or just stood there picking there nose. Even if they are from another troop.


    In fact, if you have multiple troops attacking you, it's not uncommon to set your Defensive Strikes against the models that have not yet attacked you, preventing them from getting the chance.


    Sorry what i was meaning was, grunt runs into the front arc and stands there "picking his nose", First stricker runs in and takes him out the enemy. the enemy does not get his defencive strike. But if the grunt attacks (or declares an attack as all attacks must be declare at the same time) in the same turn as the first striker then the enemy gets his defencive strike.

    But if i'm reading this right the enemy is attact by a grunt and a first stiker as long as the first stiker does anough damage to kill it no defencive strikes are made, if the first striker fails to kill the model then the grunt can finish the job, and the defencive strikes are taken as normal.


    As Bruch Master said this is a big clarrification for us.

  12. I think the real question about Reptus fighting each other is whether or not they would eat each other.
    Wether it's a different fraction, opposing reptus force or even a fallen brother, meat is meat. And in the later who wouldn't consider it an honour to be eaten by a brother in arms (or sister/cousin in arms in the case of T’Kay/the Nagendra’s). ^_^
  13. Models stunned or killed by First Strike MAY carry out defensive strikes as normal against other enemy models in their front arc.

    isn't this only if the defending model was attacked by one of the other models eg. Models stunned or killed by First Strike MAY carry out defensive strikes as normal against other enemy models that declared attacks in their front arc.

  14. Q1) we have played that the first striker didn't manage to sucesfully pull off the first strike and there for alowed the enemy to react at some point during the attack as normal and so for all intensive perposess treat it as if the first striker didn't have first strike.


    Q2) we've played that they don't. the model has been beaten up enough that it's stunned/helpless and can not react and so doesn't get to swing back.


    though me being me i may be wrong...

  15. In that case maybe there should be bowmen that can hide and shoot without being seen.

    There is it's called an indirect volley and/or SA:Blazer (i think???)


    The way I see it is that your common grunt looks to his totem for inspiration and see either an enemy within arms reach of the totem, this mound of pushed up dirt coming towards the totem or a bird/angle/flying thing circling the totem. Either way it's going to dishearten the troops and there for doesn’t matter what level you’re on and if you’re out of 2” the grunt will be able to ignore the enemy because “some one” should be able to get in there way fast enough to stop them.

  16. Most equpment isn't worth there value in a low points game though there are two that i rarely leave of the list these being musition, 15pts, and the todem, 10%, though the later may seem quite expensive when you consider an average game (1000pts) most poeple will have 18-20+ models thats only 5 or less points per model and the musition can give you that extra step up at only 1.5pts when put on a good sized troop.


    though at time i must admit that making a model freekishly good at one thing is always fun, e.g. Uru+GMA 101pts DV16 has a good chance of standing up to an rageing bull orc

  17. Shhh... Some of us have opponents that haven't worked that out yet ::): But i must say i never leave the swamp without one, the +1 can be devistating even on a clutchling (though these seam to be devistating by them selves as anyone who's played against mine will know) When affecting a bunch of Skullbreakers or a Krung it pays for its self. when your playing with any good sized army the +3-4pts cost per model is insignificant for it's bonus and if you can fit 20+ models in 900pt (1000-todem), which i know for a fact that many can, it is 2pts per model or less. Given this how could anyone say it's over priced or not woth taking.

  18. I gave half a pic it was just missing the imagery

    My camera is stuffed up and it seems that you can’t scan one on a flat bed scanner ::(:

    So unless I can bug some one at the club the best I can offer you is a description… the armour is a chestnut brown with metallic green trims, while the model its self is a traditional green, with purple dry brush running form the top of the head to about two thirds of the way down the tail of the model ::D:

    but i will see if i could bug some one at the club ^_^

    Which remineds me, Brushmaster... ::D:

  19. I must say that I fined that the Jade Aura comes in handy but not enough that it could pass as our only fraction SA. A bunch of Aura's would be a good fraction SA, have to sacrifice a move action to use any one of them, but give you a +2 on a single stat till your next activation. We concentrate on doing a single thing e.g. defending, attacking, blocking magic, shooting. It would give us an advantage but at the same time have its draw backs because we couldn't do anything else that turn. It would also make some of our current models more viable, have them move at half there speed but they then get a DV 11 or the archers have the options to move & shoot, shoot too shots or shot one at a RAV 4.


    Out of curiosity I would like to see what other people see the SA to be and give a few of them a play test to see if any are actually a viable and fair fraction SA.

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