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  1. Realy... I may have to put another one or two up then... he he he that we do, that we do...
  2. How can anyone resist the idea of humanoid lizards who will eat any meat. And despite the online pics they are great minis.
  3. I love the designs, both simple (in one way or another) and clearly distinguishable. They there worth there weight in gold (probably more considering there weight ), but are one of those underlining things that would be a headache without but is that simple that they are easily over looked. But I think they were defiantly worth the effort it would have taken to make them. So [insert more praise of here]. In short the answers are Yes, Yes and BIG TIME!!!
  4. only in champiagn and when you play with bounty points. When you loot a model that requires a role to see how many bounty points you gain you add 2 to what ever you role. I must say that i like the blue & orange lizards, but i don't think green works for the trolls, sorry.
  5. the Seros Province will be getting a few as laviathon finishes tomorrow and were all regestered (i one 4 out of 5 )
  6. I'm not shore about the spark but with crimson embrace, I think that's it and if you have a familiar or not will make no difference because you were able to cast the spell, you just didn't get to use it.
  7. Everone's probably was on the same page, but I think I may have been reading a different book all together
  8. while i didn't think of the hospitalers healing offers, I consider one turn=one draw of the deck and one round=ocne though the entire deck. so by taking out a whole unit you reduce the number of turns they get and as a direct result the chances to mercy
  9. I'm glade for an offical asswer as i ALWAYS take one. So thanks
  10. Just throw in a few clutching + musician to double move & charge 18inch then have your warriors/skullbreakers + musician double move then charge the next turn 23/20inchs respectively and attack the second turn that you charged. In short the easiest way to compete with a fast moving army is to run something in to lock them up while the rest run in behind or as previously mentioned split your forces
  11. As much as it won't affect many people, I play an all melee, with a few bandage army, so I would like to see a ruling for taking out flyers maybe something along the lines of two standard (or equivalent) models can through another standard model at the lowest models RAV, to cause one wound, while the thrown model takes a wound auto. Allowing two Skullbreakers to throw a third or a single river troll to through a Skullbreaker, or maybe two trolls to throw a third to cause two wounds, with the third surviving on one wound.
  12. Hit them hard and fast... they can only mercy once per turn so focus on eliminating a single troop then move to the next one. Though taking the leaders out at range is probable a good idea especially when allot of them are easier to hit then some of the grunts
  13. That sound more likely... but i would hope it's some thing like auto coup-de-grace
  14. My camera is stuffed up and it seems that you can’t scan one on a flat bed scanner So unless I can bug some one at the club the best I can offer you is a description… the armour is a chestnut brown with metallic green trims, while the model its self is a traditional green, with purple dry brush running form the top of the head to about two thirds of the way down the tail of the model but i will see if i could bug some one at the club
  15. I have to say that the new mercy is a bit much. If you have to defend with your last damage track’s discipline that would then directly lead to you being on you last damage track. On the other hand beating the higher discipline, would reflect converting an enemy that is unhurt and sure of himself. In short I think that the mercy should have it one way or another but not both/neither. Well that’s my two cents worth.
  16. a bit diffrent but would devine favour stop the effects of a single poison attack, as you ignor the first wound taken would you ignor all the affects of that wound??
  17. In regards to the snakes i agree they are nice models. Infact, armour wise, this is how i had pictured the snakes to be.
  18. From what i've seen alot of the reptus pic's don't do them justist. The same thing was said about the snakes and if you do actuly have a look at them your self they are a nice sculpt.
  19. You get one per troop/solo, you get another if you have a tactician in you list. But while more is usually a good thing is you have too many you want have enough models in a single troop to do damage in one turn forcing you to attack the big models in waves allowing more defensive strikes and more chances for you opponent to bandage. Long story short you need a good balance of cards and buck in a troop. The easiest way to do this is to through in a troll or two, which are also great for scaring the enemy costing a MASSIVE (cough, cough ) 52pt.
  20. I'd say don't think of it as losing 5-6 grunts think of it as (in this sized game) loosing one in every 7-8 it sound a lot more reasonable that way and don't forget it also affects beasts so the krungbeast and the trolls also get an other wise unattainable bonus to there MAV.
  21. Looking at this I can see that you have a good start, managing to ovoid the biggest trap I fell into i.e. going for the pumped up characters with nothing else. Which only in the last two-three moths I’ve come out of. What I would recommend is much the same drop Nai-Khanon in the place of a lesser model, this would go for any of the expensive models, perhaps replace one of the Chai Uut with an Audt. Other than this and what every one has already said try dropping the standard for a munition and stay with the larger units as aposed to a high card army. and this is the link to the data card for you http://warlordhq.reapergames.com/?nav=Help...4;=Data%20Cards
  22. With the way the Mercy rules have been rewritten in the Crusaders army book, I wouldn't want to whittle away at a model. You basically pick up the model at whatever damage it had on it at the beginning of the activation phase. I had my Griffon mercied a couple weeks ago. It has 5 tracks (I think). At the start of the phase, it had one damage done to it and then got surrounded and spanked by the Crusaders. We won't go into why that happened. Needless to say, he died horribly, and got Mercied. Then a stupid Hospitalier cured him later in the turn! Grrrrr... Wild Bill I haven't seen the new book so i don't know how it was rewritten , but when i last glanced at it you took the model on its final damage track eg. you stop just before you kill him. on a second note: if you kill it before you offer mercy if it has tough you could always cast a single bandage to get it on its last damage track (it should be weekend to a point that it won't be that hard to mercy, start to bandage it up after that)
  23. I've always thought that they were optional, though the only reason you wouldn't take them is if your a crusader hoping for mercy or if your trying to block LOS or a charge to a juicier target
  24. That wasn't the point of my post it was more the "does this mean that Kong-to can't be first-striked as he has reach???" the rest was more "if he does, he would kill him out right, no matter who attacked first" though Kong-to will do that to any one . and it's not like he is the only one Khong-to would kill. Though i am foced to agree that in a "standard" sized game it would be too expencive (i've just left the "One model army" chain of thought) but a more viable option is to swarm him, as usal . p.s. does having a single model with reach in base to base cancle first strike (eg. first stiker charges two opponents can he take his first strike on the non-reach model), and secondly if some one is sopported by a reach model can the sopported model still be first striked? sorry if this is a bit off topic
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