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  1. does this mean that Kong-to can't be first-striked as he has reach??? If that is the case send him in with a lesser or moderate magic weapon and he will wipe the floor with him, then back him up with 2-3 clutchlings and you do 3 mav:10 attacks after mods enven if it's just one clutchling and MMW thats still 3 mav:8 attacks... and when all that is done and he swings back in his turn you do another 3 mav:7 attacks
  2. Yeah... i desided to go the compleat oppusite as i normally do eg. as many cards as possable, no knong-to , archers (4), no magic items (apart from Totem and musitions. I can see the value in archers now (2 out of 4 were in the last 3 (t'kay with them)) and i'm defantly keeping the clutchlings+musition, as i'm not giving up there 18" total charge , i may continue with no magic items (though i will inclued divine favour) and may replace Kong-to with a Nai-Khannon but i will be going back to the 2-3 card army (the big ones get too many defencive strikes other wise ). So i should end up with Nai-Khannon, 2x chai-uut (or Kong-to), t'kay, warriors/skullbreaks/clutchling all in a 1/1/1 ratio and a troll or two, I'm still not decided about the totem does anyone see anything that is a complete no go in this plan?
  3. this is a big help in tacking out grunts if you have a warlord like Kong-to were you take out 2-3 on your turn than another 2-3 on your enemy's next actavation, than another 2-3 when thay send the next wave of grunts in. At which point it is best to heal the model of any lucky ten. If you are able to heal him back up the enemy usaly gets wise and leave the model to a big guy
  4. I was just reading the Rules FAQand it occored to me that it never said if you could dish out 2+ poison tokens to the one model, though on the other hand it never said you couldn't. So long story short are you able to give a sigle model two or more tokens forcing it to make two or more poison save? (for being very badly poisoned ) If this is posable it could make a very big differance.
  5. that is some of the nices terrain i've seen (considering that it is just a print out ) the wait is driving me crasy It's only 10 days away . I'm not even near the quota for trash talk leading up to our game and whats worse is that i cant find any thing to pay you out on here
  6. This would be more logical than making Reptus/Evil models as Reptus are just protecting there land, a bit on the extrem, but still protecting there land when it comes down to is. Overlord/neutral ... i wouldn't be that surprised, if there put neutral in crusaders, why not some of the evil ones?
  7. Nope he can't do that... club only on the 1st and 3rd sunday . that gives us till the 19th to insult and tease and have fun with all the trash talk that can start flying about . And beside that if he use the Crypt Legion he will loss the biggest advantage he had over me (I've desided to stop spending over a 1/3 of the points on Kong-to, clutchlings have changed my way of thinking), other than the grudge the dice gods have on me , there will be no traitorous scum to kill
  8. we play it as the extra inch penalty comes from having to go up an elevation. So needles to say if it's solid and wide anough to stand on you get the bonus, though this has only come up once. sorry if it seams like i was just repeating what was already said but i thort you mite like a bit more reason than "it works"
  9. I had a 1500pt game today against a cript legion (sorry about spelling ) and took both Khon-to & Nai-Khannon, each with a greater magic weapon of course , and they realy are nasty. And they would of been nastier still if i could of gotten to those 3 #%@# banshies . sadly though i must say that it's was a loss on my part. if you do use them both, use Kong-to's 2nd elite slote to take a t'kay and through another t'kay in a second troop (both with bandages) as the t'kay in the troop can bandage one when one falls prior to its activation and the 2nd so that they don't just send wave after wave of grunts on each turn (as both will take down at least 2 grunts on defencive strikes with there 4 warmastered attacks (taking into acount greater weapon)) there will always be a spot for a new grunt to fill and you atleast get an extra chance to eliminate the effects of those lucky 10's. the camera that i was using is too sencitive to glare so i well not be able to get a pic up on reaper games
  10. Don't we usally give Brushmaster credit for the change and still claim your wrong . Anyway well back to topic: sure shot should not be blocked in such a situation. you can not tell me that it would be easier to hit a model with 1/8 of its base sticking out from the side of a barn than it would be to hit a model with 1/3 of its base sticking out from behind a river troll for instance.
  11. Does this work in reverse as well, e.g. a model with a base size of 2 is it able to carry two madels with a base size of 1. I only ask this because a while back I play a "raid the village" type senario were i was the raider (i think Brushmaster said it was from the necropolis book ) and it didn't make sence that a rivertroll (base size 2) was limited to only carring the same load as a model half its size (a single villager:base size 1).
  12. Happy is not the word for it (and any other emotacons the look happy). were getting the teraned bord out on sunday . though i think i'm going to have to make a bord with more than just a corner of marsh (eta. probable late 2008). though i now have a tacktic
  13. It's simple... we just hack off his shins so he feels short and inadequate . then sit back and wait till he tries to run off and hide with in the goblin comunity . problem solved
  14. I have to agree with this, inperticular the last statment. Though it somewhat lacking i like the fluff, it gives them a worrior monk kind of feel to there society. There going to kill any warmblood that stands in there way, and enjoy it, but it's all in the name of there beliefs. The fluff also seems to point to a rift in the societies higher powers (the temples) forming, as some believe that it is not yet the time for war but still a time for peace. This gives the whole reptus society some mortality that all races need. sorry if i went a little to indepth this is what happens if you have "Keno" as a teacher for the entire 9-10 manditory history course
  15. and as he looks over the lifeless body of the fallen solo he just used his past 4-6 attackes to take down he watches as he in turn is pulled down by 6-9 grunts that were a good "turn or two" away. beacause isn't this what topic was about using the solo's to divert attacks and then later it was disided that the best use was as bait for one of those traps with the nice springy sound to them.
  16. You'd be amazed at how much even a simple paint job can kill a model, and i'll take that bet. if you nead some convicing the best "painted" unit in my only remotly finished army (GW:Empire) are the knights and there armour was done in permanate marker (quight effective for a matalic black ).but i think that i'm finaly lerning to paint after 4 years as my Kong-to looks amazing (atleast next to my other models) and once i can get my camera to work i plan to put it up. Kong-to Jr. thats the best way to use him. Use him as a cheaper alternative if you don't have the points for Kong-to himself. Or feild the pair and realy tick the enemy off p.s. purple works well with green
  17. I'm painting up a river troll, so you should all be able to sit back a laugh at how baddly it's painted, with in the weak
  18. the easyest way to avoud this is don't verse Brushmaster. I swear if he needes the dice to land balacing on the 9 and 5's edge he'll roll it balacing on the 9 and 5's edge.
  19. I've planed to start up a campaign at the local gaming club but the rules are a touch confusing and lacking a bit here, there and well everywere. so i seached the forums and found two that seemed to focus on the topic, one settled a little about reanfocements, while the other brourt up some good questions but no one replied. So i've quoted the original post and decided to hold my questions untill some of these are ansered. So as not to overload too many people. i would also appreasiate people posting things they pic out as wrong as to solve as many problems with it as posable. p.s. if this has already been brought up, can someone point me in the right direction. Many thanks Hellsgate
  20. One of the best bets i'd say is a krung beast. sure it 185 points but with a DV13+deflect and still DV10+deflect when on his 3rd damage track he is one tuff pin cushin, haveing once survived 2 rounds of 14 elven arrows without a single scrach. then when he gets to there front line they try to swarm, horrid stopping 1/4 and 3 defencive strikes and throw in a t'kay and maybe a few grunts to slow any actual threats and there's half the battle won!! p.s. i like my krung beasts
  21. That would be fun to say the least... Two attacks MAV-2 and a chance of double damage. Though i hope that if they were to give us the venomus snakes that they would a seperate unit all together, because venom would add a good 10-15points each and i don't think that a 42-47 or more point model is a playable choise in an average game especaly with a DV of 9. While if we had a #MA-2 MAV-2 DV-9 Nagendra adept with only mashwalker and venom SA it shouldn't cost much more than Nagendra ranger. *reads own post* me worried about points costs??? this place realy has changed me.
  22. sorry to disapoint you but the entire Ruptus force is neutral Also the Krung is well worth the pionts DV13+deflect, then 11, then 10. with T'kay to back him up he should make the front line undamage, then with #MA-3 MAV-4, warmaster and horrid to-boot the beast of burden is truely devestating
  23. Thanks for the complement and I don't worry about him much, I just hope that my Reptus can invent the can opener by the 5th of next month I'm curently toying with a 1000pt list that has a Na'Khanon instead of Khong-To and has no Krung Beast pin cushon on the plus side it does have 18 grunts and a troll (this is alot for me for those who don't know) next meating we'll see if the extra 200-250 freed up point go to good use.
  24. I'm glad someone's finding a use for my tatic. Even if I'm not planing to... often
  25. But you have to look at the tatical advantage of being able to hide the "kick-assed" leader in a groop of grunt But i don't think anyone can resist showing off
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