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  1. Isn't it at Quakers Hill High School or is the Laviathan moving this year. Either way I'm in because i seem to have more luck with a d10 than a d6
  2. evil glare How can you even suggest such a thing? Letting traitorous scum live!!! If I let one live they will all get it into there heads that they can just turn tail when ever the situation soots them and we can’t have that now. Can we? The two that have managed to survive out of all the battles with the crusaders are two too many as far as i'm conserned
  3. I've been playing Warlord for a good few months now (though my track record is disgraceful to say the lease, though it’s mainly because the dice-gods have cursed me). But I just started to post today, so here’s my opinion and feel free to tell me how wrong I am and that I should give up on tactics altogether. I fined it’s rare to have a fallen model with more than one enemy blocking line of sight to a nearby T’kay. For the last few hours I’ve sat down and read the entire 12 pages of this topic along with, in total, about another 10-12 pages and not once have I heared anyone suggest using the Skull Breaker’s namesake SA, breaker. So field T’Kay with some breakers, any holes you need made charge an enemy model with two breakers, two Mav 4 attacke will take down any grunt with little effort, then use your breaker move to step out of the way. Remember you only a ½ inch gap. I also have to agree whole heartedly with this. When I think of Reptus, I think fantasy rather than prehistoric, eg. based on dragons and lizards, rather than dinosaurs. But as far as I can see this is going to be a for all creatures of the swamp. We have a new troop, new generals have been coming thick and fast and were already started bragging about our wins, which on the topic I won the first game I had this year with an undamaged Kong-To and damaged T’Kay still standing in the end. A very prosperous year indeed.
  4. that probably is the best way to do Reptus. I fined that my reptus come up well with a medium green thats a tuch on the aqua side and very light brushed with a light gold two give it a "shiny scales" look. there armour in a some what dark earth colour (e.g. brown, orange, morone), trimmed in a light gold. with the cloth done in a nutrual colour and a brighter colour on the edges, in my case purple. sorry if i went into too much detail
  5. Finaly something both fast and some what cheap to swarm those forsakened archers, put them with a cleric with a part or two and your killing the archers (or at lest tieing them up) by the second shuffle of the deck. couldn't agree more. the clutchlings are going to change my list dramaticly
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