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  1. Why not everything from Aboleth to Zern? remember, there are four monster manuals now.
  2. lol my only question is, why didn't they do this sooner?
  3. It would make sense to me if the mount/dismount action was made a non-repeatable action. And if they actually were grouped together, since they are written that way.
  4. I am now looking at putting together a Ritterlich army. I have looked through the data cards for a mix of soft-kill and hard-kill, and I think the following list has a fair balance with a bias towards defensive piercing fire. My friend who is the only person I know willing to play CAV at this time has a strong prefference for CAVs for three main reasons: My Vanquisher always killed his gunships when we were playing 1st edition, Infantry "always slow things down too much in mecha games", "Soft Target" really means "easy to kill" in his mind. I will probably have to fight an Emperor, at least one dictator '70, and several gunships when I play him next. Given that, what do you think of my list? Ritterlich 2999 Armor 1634 . . . . . . . . . . . Armor 1365 Rhino - - - - -635 Attack . . .Mastadon - - - 626 Fire Support 2xWolverine 644 Attack . . .2xSabretooth 384 Attack Jaguar - - - - 230 Attack . . .Jaguar - - - - - 230 Attack Panther OEM 125 Recon . . .Panther OEM -125 Recon
  5. I dont care who that Ogre belongs to. It belongs to me now. And so does that ritt Commodore's name. I don't care bout no darn "Steel Griffins" or "Mil-Nets", I wanna go fast! I wanna go fast! I wanna go fast! YAAAHHHOOO!!! Ahem, now seriously, the blue-white Scorpion shown in the JOR is described as "at its debut in 2262" which tends to make me think that that is a Borsig-Spline paint job. This is supported by the Borsig-Spline logo on page 48 of the rulebook (page 60 of the pdf). It is also notably similar to the darker blue-light-silvery Mark IV paint job on the Wraith one page earlier, and the SyRaM Falcon just below the Wraith. It appears to me that the Polar Bears symbol is also a kind of blue-white/silver, and the Templars also seem to favor the Blue-White-Black color pattern on their badges. I don't know who the Steel Griffins are, but since they are not in the first edition or second edition rulebooks, I will assume that they were invented over on the Mil-Net site where you are active. I would still enjoy using their paint schemes on my Borsig-Spline models if I didn't actually prefer the black and green of Hughes-Marrietta and KDM. Although, I will likely paint my Ritterlich army Black and Blue just to be a little more stylish than you.
  6. Some of the color JOR pics are here: http://www.mil-net.net/digital_jor.cfm They don't actually have the Ogre I remember seeing, but there is a BS Scorpion in a similar sceme, as well as a Terran Kahn. This is similar to the Ogre pic in the JOR: http://cavhq.reapergames.com/?nav=Main&amp...amp;detail=1323 Iterestingly, my green on black scheme matches colors on the KDM and HM logos.
  7. I'm using all GW colors. I have one Ogre primed with shadow gray, and I am painting it chaos black with snot green plating. It should end up being mostly green with black on parts. The ends of the guns will be either bronze or tinbitz. The glass might end up being blood red or scab red with black ink. I'm using these colors because that's about half of the paint I have sitting around on my minis desk. I'm still trying to decide how to flock my bases, though. My 40K stuff (of which I haven't actually completely finished a single model in over 2 years) is getting flocking gravel on its bases. I just bought some static grass for my CAV bases, but I'm thinking I might use the gravel to fill in the depth gap between the model's feet and the actual surface of the hex base, then cover that with the static grass. For some reason, though, I find myself wanting to paint the flock too. Also, the colors on the Adon symbol in the rules are black, red, and yellow. The picture of the Adonese warrior shows him in a green uniform. Black and red seem to be the main colors in the "Legendary Units" icons, but one is red and yellow. Blue and white seem to be the colors of Borsig-Spline; and black, red, and silver/white seem to be the colors os RMI. I actually really like the blue and white color scheme on the Ogre in the JOR. Black and red are also good colors for me since I may want to play Rach too. I thought about black and blue since I kind of like some of the Ritterlich models. I am sort of uncertain at this point on what color scheme to use, too. I want everything in the army I field to use the same scheme, but there are several different schemes I want to use, and I just don't feel like buying three or more of everything. Although I am already buying doubles of everything...almost...
  8. Just trying to keep this thread alive by not being the last one to post. Has anyone successfuly used the "Hyrwyda Dyrnel Doctrine"? Could you share some war stories, perhaps? I have 6 armored infantry without transports, and I am trying to decide which additional Infantry and Transports to buy in the future.
  9. I watched Serenity on DVD at a friend's house, then we watched the pilot epiosode of Firefly a few nights later. I have to admit, it really was a good show. It just needs a new theme song. It really, badly needs a new theme song that is not sung by Joss Wheadon. And more ninjas.
  10. Yes, I was just about to post that winners would have their choices of minis found in Casket Works costing no more than a given amount: 1st- $20, 2nd- $15, 3rd- $10, but then I realized how expensive that was going to be. I definitely do not have the money to throw away, especially since I just got fed up and walked out of my job tonight. I need to talk with a lawyer about that (It was a pretty bad job) which means more money, and my Black Lightning points probably won't cover the winners of 3 or 4 contest with those awards for some time, so I think I will do a few paint contests first. Thank you for the advice and suggestions, though.
  11. I like biker Sophie, bedtime Sophie (in the long PJs), teacher Sophie, Star Trek Sophie, Jabba's slave girl Sophie, bunny costume Sophie, and Tomb Raider Sophie lol That reminds me so much of Vampirella! Seriously though, a Playboy Bunny Spohie would be kinda cool.
  12. Since you must be reading this in order to be reading this, you must have seen my plea for help. I shall therefore dispense with the begging and get right to the heart of the matter. I am a worrier. I just registered for Black Lightning with the intention of running a small painting contest at the local gamestore next month for one of my initial Lightning Strike events. However, I have never entered or run a painting contest before. I think that entries should be restricted to Reaper minis, being a Black Lightning event and all, will this keep potential entries and customers away? I am thinking that I should give people at least 2 hours to simply paint their minis, and then allow them to place votes in a box at a set ending point. The votes of the participants could then be counted to determine a winner, but isn't there a better way? Should people be allowed a month to paint their minis, then bring them into the store and show them off? Should I do it both ways? How are these things normally done? And then there is the question of what should be the prizes. I don't expect too much support from Reaper, and I dont want to buy many minis with my own money then give them away freely, but I don't want to go cheap etither. What are typical prizes for these kinds of events? Any advice from someone who has some experience with small in-store painting contests would be very much appreciated. I might even smile.
  13. Here is a list of some Fire Support/Recon CAVs with TC 2 or 3, and at least a +5 (with target lock) against soft targets: Tsukai has TC 2, GGCx1 (24", RAV 2, Shredder 1), and Gunport with Transport 3. Sultan has TC 2, IFMx1 (44", RAV 2, AOE 4, Adjustable Munitions, Counter Battery), making it a solid choice for multiple roles. Spider has TC 2, IFMx1 (44", RAV 1, Shredder 2, AOE 4), and DAx2 (36", smart, AA), with increased mobility and popup, making it a stealthy recon/sniper. Spectre has TC 2, IFMx1 (40", RAV 1, Shredder 2, AOE 4, Counter Battery), and DAx2 (32", RAV 1, Shredder 4, AA, smart). Spartan has Assault, ECM, FIST, TC 3, DAx2 (32", RAV 1, Shredder 2). Sovereign III has TC 2, IFMx1 (40", RAV 1, Shredder 2, AOE 2), and DAx2 (32", RAV 0, Shredder 3, Smart, AA). Sabre has Assault, Avenger 2, ECM Pod, FIST, Soft, TC 3, DAx1 (32", RAV 2, AA). Puma has Assault, ECM Pod, TC 3, Flamer (4", RAV 4, Shredder 4) Kahn has Assault, ECM Pod, EST, FIST, TC 3, LBGx2 (28", RAV 1, Shredder 2) Conquerer has TC 2, IFMx1 (36", RAV 2, Shredder 3, AOE 4, Counter Battery), and DFMx2 (28", RAV 2, Shredder 2, Smart, AA) Blitz has TC 2, IFMx1 (36", RAV 2, Shredder 1, AOE 4, Counter Battery), and DFMx2 (28", RAV 2, Shredder 1, Smart, AA). Bishop has TC 2, IFMx1 (44", RAV 0, Shredder 4, AOE 4, Counter Battery) Recluse has ECM Pod, EST, Increased Mobility, Popup, TC 3, DFMx2 (36", RAV 3, Smart, AA), and it's faction specific. Hornet has TC 2, IFMx1 (44", RAV 0, Shredder 3, AOE 2), and it's faction specific. Most vehicles also have FA-45s (with their shredder 5), and infantry really are pretty good at killing other infantry. I have to look at the Gunport SA, but I think the Tsukai might become my favorite O-M Infantry Transport choice. Also, thank you to Gunfighter for the strategic suggestions he offered in his post above.
  14. I can imagine now puting together a defensive armor section of my 2 Ogres (with 3 shots each!), and 2 Mantises to protect the Recluse. That's 2520 points all by itself. Once I get some Barons with Airborne Infantry; Dragoons, Scarabs, and Hornets for fire support and fire support support; and a few more CAVs - I could have a cool 6000 point Task Force ready to target and destroy everything in its path. A note on Rhinos: Since I am holding out for the Hardcover Rulebook, I just used Final Beta rules with final version data cards to playtest an Ogre against a Rhino, starting at point-blank range. And guess what? The Rhino went second, but with 2 damage tracks on it, annihilated the Ogre in one volley of shooting that included a critical hit. The moral of the story is that all of us Adonese need to make sure those vulgar Ritts don't get their unblemished Super-Heavies too close to us. And I may need to gather up some RMI models next.
  15. All that they actually showed was some concrete being chipped away at by an unseen source. If this is their best promotional video, they need a better marketting manager. I never liked people who talked a lot and did little, so I can see why some people would be skeptical after seeing just this video. If it works the way they say it does, and I believe that it is possible, this is a great step foreward for combat technology. HOORAH!
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