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  1. Yeah, that was about the time of our first try (this is our second, lol) but living at a military base, real life happens more often than not. We defined the win conditions to make SURE there will be fights, hopefully lots of bloody fights. Win condition for ours id controlling more than 50% of the Urban blocks (31 or more). Thanks for the input wildbill. That's mainly what I was hoping for, and/or any suggestions anyone might have.
  2. LOL, OK "squishy" might not have been the best term. "Fleshy" might have been better. She was hoping for an all undead army. But, yeah the tweaking a data card idea is probably the best way to go. Any thoughts? :-P As for the long bow, with a max range of aprox 200 some odd meters and the typical scale if 1"=1.5 meters that's ONLY 130" range or so. O_o
  3. I agree, living Pirates would be nice. However, I'm more interested in expanding some of the current armies with a data card or 3 more. My wife plays Nefsokar but REALLY hates the fact that she HAS to field "squishies" in order to have archers or cavalry. I would like a vampire archer (or vampire spawn or something) data card or Chattel archers or something other than bones (I never cross my 2 possibilities (Bones or Blood suckers, not both. Personal fluff choice).
  4. First off, thanks to all those who pushed to get Warlord 2 published. Played A LOT back '04-'07 but real life happens and all and I don't think there was anything wrong with Warlord 1 or Rage Chronicles but evolution is the state of the universe. Second, I know that some here think the old campaign system is "horrible and convoluted" but we enjoy it. It gives the illusion of having to not only fight with your army, but to manage one as well. But that's our thoughts on it. Now, we (a couple of old school players) have recently been addicting new players and have decided to restart the old map campaign. Not one to re-invent the wheel, the old campaign system works as is about 85%. Only a few (as we see it) modifications were needed. We changed Warmaster on the character/troop advancement to Weaponmaster. Added back in Loot Action as a special action (though no Coup-de Grace rules) Rules that the 50% data card rule applies only to Soldier models Removed Freelance references (obviously) Now, I do have a few questions that I'm hoping to get some feedback to. 1) Faction Doctrines. Chosen and set for the whole campaign or decided turn to turn or (like standard) battle to battle? 2) Concerning number 1, the Mercenary Bounty Doctrine Change of Heart ability, does this work only on 1 data card for the entire campaign? We were thinking initially for number 1 on a battle to battle basis. Most Faction Doctrines feel more like tactical choices that can be determined based on several factors. i.e. If Dwarves know one of their enemies in Knotthorn are Reven with lots of giants, they would obviously send their troops with experience fighting Giants to those squares (Giant Slayer Doctrine and possibly Shield Maidens). However committing only 1 training set to an entire invasion force sounds..foolish. However, the Doctrine needs to be in the Turn orders with which Unit(s) are sent. On number 2, we are in some minor debate. Making Mercs choose only once seems to really nerf them concerning the thoughts we have on number 1. My thought is the Merc player can "retain" whichever data cards he/she would be eligible to field with the Bounty Doctrine. He may only sent out 1 stolen data card per square IF he uses the Bounty Doctrine. Any stolen data cards that are available for defense only can, again, only be fielded IF he uses the Bounty Doctrine, and only 1 data card per battle. Just looking for some ideas, maybe something we missed or what have you. Thanks
  5. Another reason for this will be fighting Darkspawn. If you make your Tough checks after combat, they may fail and give your opponent Pain tokens, but those same tokens wouldn't help everything else you've killed that activation already. This has really torqued our local Darkspawn player more than once, especially since I play Crypt Legion (Hurray Dark Energy!) Jareth
  6. OK, no more faction books. No problem. Rage Chronicles 2007 and main book, check. (BTW, played a few games with the new rules,....very nice). So, now where do we go for the fluff? I bought all the faction books for the other armies for the fluff for RPG purposes. So now how do we get the fluff? Jareth (just returning to Warlord after more than a year, so forgive me if this is now common knowledge)
  7. Undying Host? True enough. I love my Undying Host. Jareth
  8. Bone Horror and Shell of the Coffin. Jareth
  9. It would be nice to see an option or 2 for Necropolis. I mean Necromancers, Skeletons, Zombies. I mean, come on. Just a thought. Jareth
  10. Using it to great glee. Especially when my main opponent would live and breathe HALO if his wife would let him. Thought up a few additions too. Good work. Jareth
  11. The scenario's pretty fun. Really quick to play too. It can be found <HERE> on the Warlord HQ main page, under Featured Downloads. So, Stickman, how'd it go with your Deathmatch? Jareth
  12. That's because no one's allowed to have a rouge or assasin on the board but me. Didn't you read that part of the rulebook? stoopid hound AMEN! stoopid Judgement That's why we are waiting for an official word. Maybe I'll repost in the rules section. I can't seem to find the original thread. As for a totem, I've only fielded one once. But since, as a player, when I see something like that on the board tend to target it. Either try and keep a couple of mini's near it (sacrificial mini's) just to keep the bonus down, or have a few whiz on the alter (defile). For 6 loot actions though, that's alot of whizzing. Thank goodness one of our Dwarf players is using the Dwarven Brewers for his totem. Jareth
  13. Not downing your list (might even try it, just to mix up my opponents ), just noting the differences in tactics with player to player, opponent to opponent. Keana seems like a good investment, but I just haven't had a chance to field her effectively yet. Maybe on the next week or two. As for the Kentaur and Dauron tag team, I have decimated squads with that pairing (although it was Dwarves, and the look of supprise when Bane doesn't work. ) As for Railor, I understand why you put LME on them, and use them as healers. I also use mine as healers. Nothing like an archer unit going down and comming right back the next round. Only Bull orcs can do that. Just for 30 points I'd give Moandain a G.F. and use that for Surge. (Still waiting for official word if this is available, but since you can use the G.F. for all other magic effects...). This gives Moandain the maneuverability to get aroung the battlefield and cast his spells/heal and be protected by a screen that can only be overcome with Scry Shot. Though I tend to add alot more to my Moandain, so I try to protect him more. But LME on Railor gives an extra 10% chance your healing will work so it does make sense. Anyway. Good list. I'll try it out and see how it works in this area. Not that some of my opponents would appreciate ANOTHER Crypt Legion list after they've gotten used to the one I field. Jareth
  14. Not a bad list S.E. I tend to put Douron with Moandain and give HIM the Divine Favor. Since he's usually running interferance for Moandain, putting the D.F. on him really throws some players for a loop. (What do you mean your Warlord doesn't have D.F? ) I'm not too convinced on the Banshee yet. Tried her a couple of time and she failed miserably. Will continue to try though. Just bought the Grave Horror mini. Looking forward to trying Burrow out (don't own any Called yet), but 219 points really hurts. Personally, I don't equip much gear on Railor. For the 30 points you put with Lesser Empowerments I'd rather field a Gruesome Familiar for Moandain. But I think it's a style thing. Having "Little Death" running around the fiels on a base of his own just looks cool. One nasty tactic for vamps is to field Naomi with 2 Dance of the Blood Wyrm. Yes I know it causes a DT to cast, but not if SHE's the one with Divine Favor. THAT really through an opponent, especially since she had a G.F. too. She stayed in the woods and just cast from the Familiar. One casting uses the D.F. and the second (if you need it) takes a DT off. By that time she just uses Scry Shot the rest of the game and the Familiar runs around Looting. Just some thoughts BTW, thanks for the thumbs up on my list. Worls well so far. Jareth
  15. Now as for lists, here is my 1000 Tourney list. This is the one I have been fielding for the last 10 or so games. Works rather well. Kentaur w/ chilling Aura Nivar w/ chilling aura 5 skeleton warriors Azarphan w/ chilling aura 5 skeleton warriors Railor w/ Bindsoulsx2 and Fearx2 5 Wraith Harvesters Railor w/ Bindsouldx2 and Fearx4 5 Skeleton Archers Aysa w/ GME, Bindsouldx5, Dispelx2, Boltx2, and Convulsive Fearx1 I add a Bone Horror and a few other things I can't recall right now for a 1500 point game. I know people say bad things about Aysa, but I have had an opponent fold in 2 seperate games because there were 10-15 Specrtal Minion on the board. I also have tried Aysa with a Gruesome Familiar, just for the mobility of summoning anywhere on the board. Of course, when I do that I load up on the Fear spells. Effectively 5 points for a DT for the Familiar. Jareth
  16. It is an Invoke Ability action. As for Judas, yes very nice. I have a 1500 point all vamp list, plays well enough, though I would like to see vamp archers. Maybe 44-50 points and Marksman, Tough/1, Volley. And an Archer Sergeant would be nice, but oh, well. I manage. Jareth
  17. If I read this correctly Stubbdog, he's playing the Deathmatch scenario. No unit/troop restrictions. As for your list, if you're following the concept of the Deathmatch, then no gear or spells are allowed. All is given by the items foung in the arena. Though 750 points and up to 5 models sounds wild. I did one Monday night with 500 and 3 models. I fielded Judas, Douron, and Osric (Necropolis) and my opponent fielded Orba, Lupine Lord, and Lupine Shamen (Mercenary). It was very cool Jareth
  18. You must field Ranzig as a Warlord, so it is not possible to field a pure-Ranzig's Revenge army that does not contain a Scurvy Dog candiate. It would be Ranzig if you do not field any captains, heroes, clerics, or mages. Ah, axegrrl, the "Scurvy Dog" is someone on the opponent's team that is nominated (by the opponent) as a target for Razig and his crew. If the "Scurvy Dog" is killed, then the Razig player gets double the normal bounty points for that model. If left alive, than the Razig side looses double the "Dogs" points. It's a neat list. Jareth
  19. I tend to use alot of DH for my mini's because I like the overall look better for some. Like: 2241 Spirits for my Spectral Minions. 2281 Crypt Wraith for a Railor of the Undying 2056 Draogth the Defiler (Lich on a throne) for my Moandain. Just looks cool on the board. 2081 Fog Wraith again for a Railor 2103 Murkillor the Wraith king again for a Railor (getting ready to replace this one I think for the Fog Wraith) 2181 Sirithis Succubus Princess for Syphrilia 2499 Tomb Wraith once again for a Railor (this is my Archer Sergeant, again probably going to replace) 2551 Monique de Noir as an Athak (We decided to make Athak a rank for our Vamps) 2766 Arius the Black as an Azarphan 2819 Gloom Wraith used this one as Nivar until my FLGS could get the actual Nivar model in 2834 Deladrin, female assassin as a Bloodseeker Vamp 2866 Ivan von Helstein as Lord Tharian 2960 Skeletal Warrior as an Azarphan (possibly Dauron. Since this one is hard for the store to keep in stock, I still have time to decide) 2984 Undad Constructs as Gauntfield (never did like the scarecrow look for my army. Cool oterwise) 2986 Female Necromancer as Naomi and 2990 Crypt of the Vamipress as my Vampire Battle Totem These are either ones I already field, or have yet to be able to field. I try to keep my stuff as obvious as possible (though I volenteer info as to which mini is which). If it is non-corporeal it either looks like a Ghost or a Wraith, period. Which is why I cannot stant the current undead cav. Bones with non-corproeal. Don't like it. This is where I actually field something non Reaper (Sorry guys). I field Ring Wraiths from LotR as my cav. Wraiths look like they have non-corporeal, and viola, the mini's fit. Just my 2 cents. Not ecactly what the thread is about, but thought I'd share Jareth
  20. Pretty please with hot wings on top ! There goes the hot wings again. Someone might want to post something, this might get ugly. Jareth
  21. Did a search, but came up with nothing. When playing Crypt Legion for Bounty Points, When do you get the points for looting? When you actually loot and then get the points for the model when and if I fail my Tough/Dark Energy check? Also, ho many times can a model be looted for the extra Bounty Points? If I have downed models that have already activated, and this is the last turn, how does my opponent get points for the downed models since he cannot take them off the board with coup de grace? Do we all roll tough/D.E. checks at the end of the game and tally from there? Thanks Jareth
  22. Concidering the source, it is some yes. Jareth
  23. I'm very careful I don't even come close to those models. Like targeting fireball just away from the defensive mage. Take out the meat shield and you can play Whack-A-Mole. Know thy enemy. Jareth
  24. This is how we played it tonight, and geeze, did it give alot of mobility. Moandain move, G.F. double move anywhere and <BAMM>. And as for loosing spells, that's what Bindsouls and Fear spells are for. 7 points to give it "effective" damage tracks. More than worth it. Especially since any attacks against it are attacks not made against me. Jareth
  25. I thought as much, but we cannot find an official post as yet. Is there one? Jareth
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