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  1. My painting skills have atrophied to nothing by now ;) I think Dave Wappel is doing all the studio painting for Dark Age now.
  2. This page is basically just a stopgap until I get the proper site up and running. I just used photoshop to create the page automatically. I'll see if I can find where the text color setting is in the code and I'll get a little more contrast in there. Just saw your Dub Sam. Looks great! TS: The big blue thing is Howler from Dark Age Games. I think it's supposed to be released within the next couple months.
  3. I'm in the process of rebuilding my website and attempting to re-immerse myself back into the mini sculpting world. I put up a small online portfolio here: http://prophet-miniatures.com/webfolio/ Let me know if there's anything you guys think of that I left out! Thanks, Matt
  4. For the antlers you will definitely need an armature. Brass wire or rod will work. It's stiff, but more likely to break than steel. I don't know what size your sculpt is, but you'll probably need to go with something like 24g wire if it's 28mm scale. You can probably get away without on armature for the skull, especially if it's going to be attached to the base.
  5. Hi Flay, You've a decent job with the smoothness. How long have you been sculpting? The arms look out of proportion with the rest of the figure. They're pretty long and lean and the figure itself is short and stocky. I think they may be too long. With the arms down, the extended fingers should reach mid-thigh. The foot stand out too. You could probably lose about half of the width there and be OK.
  6. You're generally not going to run into thickness problems with a standard sized miniature. If you looked at the pic I posted, you'll see that the solid core underneath makes up roughly half of the overall thickness, maybe a little more in thinner areas. I wouldn't recommend sculpey as a core, since it's so fragile. I generally go with an apoxie sculpt/gs mix. I've had figures that I've baked 3-4 times and never had issues with burning. You can even use a standard putty lamp oven with a 60 watt bulb to bake it.
  7. If you're sculpting in polymer clays, the frame or armature itself becomes more important. With GS, the figure becomes more solid and durable as each layer hardens. Not so with PS. Even baked it's still fragile. Essentially what you'll be doing is using a thin layer of polymer clay to skin the figure., with the bulk of the underlying structure already done in a tougher epoxy putty. The prime advantage is unlimited working time. The disadvantages are durability and that the sculpt will stay soft until baked, which can cause issues if you accidently wreck one finished area while focusing on something else. Here is a picture of a fimo figure that shows some of the green stuff structure underneath: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/...57605418143137/
  8. Generally with little bits like this, you should be able to sculpt it directly on the figure. As far as tools go, you can probably get by with just an exacto blade.
  9. Very cool. Loads of character in these. Besides the sword, I really, really like the treeman.
  10. Hey SB, Since you seem to be going for anatomical accuracy, I'll be nitpicky. The lower portions of the obliques stick out WAY too much. The rest of the upper body looks good. The thighs seem to be missing the vastus medialis, the teardrop-shaped portion of the quad. The lower legs are the biggest issue I see. The calves seem to be as big around as the thighs. The knee caps (and feet to a lesser degree) are big and bulbous, which really stands out in contrast to the refinement you've gone for in the rest of the fig. So from mid-thigh down, I think it could use some reworking, but the rest of it looks very nice.
  11. Hey Simon, I'll email you the jpeg of that image if you'd like.
  12. Hi Candra, There's are links to reviews of the kit here: http://z14.invisionfree.com/prophet/index....;st=0last
  13. It's not bad. I knocked out a coule figs with it to try it out. It works fine, but wasn't really an improvement on all the other stuff I'm used to. Did that thief about 3 years ago. It was the second or third sculpt I did for Reaper. It was a good pose, but overall a little rough IIRC.
  14. I've added a brief rundown of the properties of the various media used to create miniatures: http://www.prophetminis.com/primer.html
  15. And don't forgot the review of "Sculptors Do It With Small Tools!" </pimp>
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