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  1. wolf

    New Cavs

    I'm with Storminator, give me Banshees and Nomads.
  2. If you have to explain the "pucker factor", it'll get ugly.
  3. wolf

    Sci-Fi skirmish

    Give me Power Armor!!!!!
  4. I've already pertty much completed a Hercules. The doors gave me the most grief, as I had to improvise with drinking straws and wooden dowels. My step-son thinks it's cool anyway. Earthwalker, you're dead on with combining like pieces as much as possible, for ease of construction and making it as stury as possible, given that it's made from foam board. I'm thinking of making another one for my other step-son, but making modifications to the front fuselage and maybe the front of the CAV bay area. Planning is in progress. As for making it out of alternate materials, I've got a friend who has scaled up his by 50% and made his out of 1/4" press board. He used small, metal hinges for the doors. All he has left to do is paint and detail it.
  5. I personally use camo as the whim takes me. I also have a demo force set up in drab gray with one bold highlight color for my victims of the demo. I'm using a desert scheme for Wolf Pack, like one I once used when I was playing Heavy Gear. The scheme worked so well then that my fellow players and myself lost track of them the playing field. The everyone in the store came to the table to "see" what was going on. I had to go to table level just to make sure I was keeping track of my mini's. The point is, if you're up to try camo schemes, go for it, otherwise, keep it simple.
  6. Chrome, that's exactly what I was thinking of using those guys for, since I can't phathom what they're doing with the infantry anyway, and they look odd enough to stand out. :) Don't mind me. These are the mad ranting of a man with a low tolerance to Codine. :p
  7. wolf

    Scenario posts

    Actually, there have been some senerios posted in a couple threads. Not a bad idea though for a dedicated area for them.
  8. wolf

    My first game

    Ok Frank, look who is calling who "mad". :p Though I can understand why. :D
  9. I want one too!!!! :D Very nice piece of work John. I'll just have to wait until I get back from playing in the big sand box on the other side of the big pond before I can enjoy it. I personally think the original Scorpion doesn't look bad. The rework you've done gives the Scorpion a meaner feel to it.
  10. Now that thing is a beast, yikes!!! :)
  11. wolf

    Modified sultan

    Very nice piece of work there!!! :)
  12. Well, you have a point there. Time to squash that ankle biter. :p
  13. Sounds like that'll leave a mark, or 8 Frank!!! :D Pain is just a natural learn tool. If it hurts too much, then don't do that. :p Play nice guys and don't leave any perminant scars this time. BTW Frank, I can understand being a bit disheartened by some of the weapon stats. That just means we have to play smarter with the First Son of the Almight Ogre.
  14. The High Priest of the All Mighty Ogre is lossing faith???? ??? What is to become of all the faithful masses, yearning for his guidance and blessings? Not to mention all the trash talking that'll be missed out on? :p Seriously, you've just got to play up to the strengths of the unit you're working with.
  15. I'm glad you like it Roadkill. :D I had to get colorful to get my point across. :p
  16. Just my 2 cents, but I'm all for this being a senerio/optional rule only. That way "if" someone feels the need to use, they can, otherwise they can just ignore it. It's that simple. :) Making this apart of the core rules would be counter productive to CAV. Honestly, there is no need to get bent around the axle over this as long as we compromise and fully understand each other's views. That way, we're all on the same sheet of music, even if some of us are skipping verses as we go.
  17. wolf

    Weapon packs

    Nice to have you join us FrostShade. :) I know that I had a passing interest in CAV when it first came out, but then a few months later I caught my first demo and have been hooked since.
  18. wolf

    Merc brief

    I hope we don't get penalized for sending in to many revisions??? :D Come to find out, my proof reading and editting skills suck. :p
  19. There is nothing wrong in putting the rules out as senerio/optional rules so that they will be avalible to players who may feel they have a need for them. I know I can't fault your opinions and how you've based them, as I agree with you. It's still good to be able to share these opinions and atleast get a feel for how others understand the same topic.
  20. wolf

    Star ships?

    Hey Chrome and Nadin, thanks for the input as I now have a better idea about Imperator. I'm with you on being impressed with BFG and Epic, though I've never gotten involved with either, but I have thought about it.
  21. wolf

    So what is???

    Hey now, easy on the reality checks, you'll bounce them if you don't watch it. :p
  22. wolf

    The speed of gravity

    Einstein strikes again!! :D Pretty neat article.
  23. wolf

    Star ships?

    I wonder if there is some stuff out there, something like teasers to give us an idea what is to come? :)
  24. wolf

    Proving grounds update

    You've definately got a very good point there Chrome, and I agree with you and the solution to it. That'll prevent some major munchkinisms from going down.
  25. Chrome was building his force based off what is listed on "The Proving Grounds", where it states that "A Side may have as many Veteran Crew upgrades as desired." That being the case, with him using the 2:1 for Elites and 3:1 for Aces is accurate. I'm with Frank though on just sticking to a 3:1 ratio across the board, for the sake of simplicity.
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