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  1. Shadowhunter

    Army Builder 3 files

    Thanks Stub, this is what I ahve been waiting for.
  2. Shadowhunter

    Armybuilder 3 data files?

    Sure buuuuttt you need to ckear it with Reaper first since you would be recieving money.
  3. Shadowhunter


    This is the way dwarves are meant to be, I think I'll like the changes but now there are so many troop choices I'll have to play a 3K or 4K battle to use them all
  4. Anyone updating the AB3 data files with the new stuff?
  5. Is anyone working on making a data file for Warlord with the new stats and costs? Or if there is one already can someone provide the link? Thanks
  6. Shadowhunter

    I'm Home!!!!!!

    My Dwarves will be needin' some new lizard skin boots, the one I got last time are startin' to wear a bit thin. Oh, and Freya is waitin' to show those trolls how sharp her axe is.
  7. Shadowhunter

    Beta Thoughts

    It seems to me there will be a lot more book keeping during a game. Where once you have a few models with multiple damage tracks now every model has multiple damage tracks. Not a complaint as I have yet to play using the new data cards but an observation.
  8. Shadowhunter

    Upcoming Generic Card Changes?

    I believe that almost every angle of every point has been made, it's up to Reaper now. All I have left to say is I hope at least in the KJ's that they will put in some generic stats for DHL monsters not covered in the WL system if not a whole generic system otherwise I will be buying very few if any DHL monsters and my ability to quickly put a little extra twists in games from time to time will be severely handicapped.
  9. Shadowhunter

    Upcoming Generic Card Changes?

    Yes, I also don't see the need for "official" sanction of "unofficial" data cards. Why would generic data cards made by Reaper be better than ones made up by someone else? Rich Points is an approximation of how strong or weak a unit is, and while the generic system is not perfect is does help guide one so that it is easier not to throw out something that is too strong or too weak without having to play test it over and over which by the time you get it right it's no surprise nor is it something new for your players. And like someone else said Reaper has the formula already so their system would be more accurate. Ok, still not mad
  10. Shadowhunter

    Upcoming Generic Card Changes?

    For me I'm not mad nor do I wish to make anyone else mad, just trying to better explain my point. Unfortunately sometimes a forum is a poor medium to do so because you can see the words but not the posters emotional state. I too think that you don't have to compromise to have an open system on one hand for local friendly games but close it down for official tournament play. Let me explain what I mean by cut throat, it's were everyone is so competitive that you have to choose certain troops for a particular army and min-max everything, no fluffiness allowed if you want to survive. I certainly don't want Warlord to go the same route that 40K did, at one time when 40K first started it was much like Warlord is now, you could design your own vehicles and other such things. But because they wanted to be more and more competitive the cut first one then the other thing out, got rid of rules and what not to dumb it down and make it easier for tournaments to the point that 40K has lost much of its flavor. Now they have to resort to changing this, obsolescing that, and adding new things to get the players to buy their minis. At least that’s how I've seen it over the years I've played the game. I've got more obsolete minis of 40K than I do Dwarves, which is a lot, but if 40K had a generic building system then I could a least use those minis in my local games with less hassle or throw in some other things to spice up the some old scenarios from time to time. Ok see, I'm not mad
  11. Shadowhunter

    Upcoming Generic Card Changes?

    And so how does making WL competitive preclude them from updating the generic card system that is not allowed in official tournaments? Other than local tournaments I don't play in them and probably never will and at least in my area most gamers I know have no interest in the cut throat tournament scene. They play for fun and entertainment which makes a generic card system more valuable to me that allows me to quickly throw twists and turns in an otherwise normal game. This is a fantasy game, sometimes players like to pit their troops against something other than the ordinary WL troops and Reaper has given us a way to do that and from what I've seen so far in this thread I'm not alone by far in wanting the generic system to carry over into the new way.
  12. Shadowhunter

    Upcoming Generic Card Changes?

    I guess I'd be too worried about making the game unfair for one side or the other, and there is the issue of who will be controlling those monsters. As you say, if there are 3 participants, why not throw in another 2000 point army and have a 3 way... A three way is usually worse because invariably two armies get hurt worse than the third and the third then steps and cleans up easily. For these encounters we've never had a problem with is before and as I said before it adds something different to the mix that adding another army to the game can't do.
  13. Shadowhunter

    Upcoming Generic Card Changes?

    Well some times I like to put down shall we say encounters on the battle field that your troops run across. Monsters live in the woods too ya know and some might not take kindly to tresspassers. It's a way to add a little variance to the game. And before you say monsters would run form an army until you get to around 2000+ you only have a same band of troops, or a banquet for some monsters.
  14. Shadowhunter

    Upcoming Generic Card Changes?

    I would like to be able to put in things like Gnolls, Kobolts, Carrion crawlers, Dragons, ect, ect in some games from time to time just to mix things up. There are a whole slew of monsters and non-human races that are not covered in Warlord. So I wouldn't mind seeing some kind of generic system to help guide GMs in making those. I also think it's a little extra draw for players if they know they can make stats for monster/ non-human races figures they already have no matter who the manufacturer is. Having said the above I would still expect that stats made with a generic system would not be allowed in official Warlord games.
  15. Shadowhunter

    General questions

    FYI the games is undergoing a change, if you haven’t read the Warlord 2007 update pinned at the top of this forum section, you said you were about to crash so you may not have, then you’ll see that the stats for the units, equipment, and spells are about to change but not so much the basic rules. So I would suggest you get the rule book and your figures but unless you want the fluff hold off on the faction book. As for how the game plays it is more like 40K or actually more like Necromunda or Mordheim if you played either of those. Designed for small scale skirmishes with two or three squads, troops, ect. However having played much larger games approaching a WFB game model count it scales up very well without bogging down. Oh, one other thing, IMO metal is much more detailed, of course that comes form a 40K Witch Hunter player where all my models are metal, and for non-unique troops you can use figures from the Dark Heaven line so variety in the looks of your troops should be no problem.