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  1. You read the rules in the book? Hopefully someone at the Reaper booth told you half the rules in the book are out-dated, all the point costs are wrong and abilities have changed too. So, find the new point costs and such before buying your force.
  2. Average man-sized model for AT-43 seems to be around $4 (for instance to Golems come 6 in a box for $25 MSRP).
  3. Actually, I said they look like ***, but the forum is a bit zealous in changing that. AT-43 paint jobs might mis a line or paint a collar flesh tone, but the major difference is how the paint on AT-43 at least doesn't look GLOBBED on. I've let my 4 year old paint my minis, and the paint doesn't look as thick as on those LEs. Unless you're a Reaper fanboy, the current pics will certainly make people look the other way -- perhaps permanently. Yes, people bag an entire line at first glance. Gamers DO that and you know it.
  4. The problem is there are pletny of PPMs that look so much better. Hence my disappointment.
  5. Are you guys nuts? Those look like complete butt. 3rd world children could have painted better (hell, look at WizKids stuff .. 100 times better .. and Mage Knight came out YEARS ago). Have you actually ever looked at really good pre-painted plastics? No? Check out AT-43 then. Apparently it IS doable.
  6. Very impressive looking. Quite inspiring to someone looking at the game again. Will this be at GenCon Indy?
  7. I agree the changes are great. My query is when do they get incorporated into a full rules purchase? See, I'm actually willing to purchase the full rules. I'm not willing to try and teach people the game, when I have to say "Buy this book, all the points, spells, equipment and some core rules have been errata'd. But there's a painting guide and you can get the rest of the book free online." People who have the book want to play with the changes. People we want to invite into playing .. can't buy a worthless book. The free download pleases your current fanbase, but do you have plans to grow it? Look, all games have errata. That's not the problem. But you have to admit this isn't a clarification on how LOS works or that Model #1 is supposed to have a different size base. Its a fairly significant chunk of the book entirely rewritten. It all boils down to: are you going to incorporate the rules into a full rulebook, even if said rulebook is only purchasable as a PDF?
  8. $24.95 for an out of date rulebook .. but oh, wait, it has a painting guide! So do dozens of websites out there. And lol .. they're kept up to date with new tutorials.
  9. Yes, I find that fairly disappointing. And in talking to my LGS owner, so is he. You can't in good morals suggest someone buy the main rulebook when SO much of it has changed. It certainly isn't worth the cost for the fluff and art.
  10. With all the new changes, has the average point size of games changed? How about for Dwarves, tons of points went up. How are we faring as far as number of models goes in a typical game?
  11. Okay, so I'm a bit confused. Will these changes ever be incorporated into a full rules doc for downloading? It sucks to have to have the physical book and keep flipping back to these print outs as well since they so significantly change things.
  12. So, because I'm confused: Thorvald is no longer a solo, but goes in a Troop as an Adept?
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