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  1. I have given this cd baseing alot of thought dont use a cd use the case .
  2. Very nice scenery work , I need to hone my skills. However I will work on that and try to get something together . Again very nice .
  3. Hail all reptus. Saturday is a 750 pt. deathmatch at Hobbytown in cols oh.My son and I are playing , he is fielding necropolis,I am fielding REPTUS . as if there is anything else. It si going to be a five model max. no monsters . here is my list what do you think?. Khong-to GMW,GMA 396 Ni-khanon LMA 160 Ra-am MMW 83 Ssudai 3 ice shards, 1 slow 85 739 totl. havent yet decided where to put last 10 pts. Grrrrr.
  4. Reptus are nicely sculpted, and a blast to paint as i feel they are the most difficult . The brown is a good idea i will try it and let yall see . mine are all green with red fabric , i made their armor leather tanned from the hides of enemy forces . i am going to pick up krung beast ,and nagrendra rangers friday and thats all of Reptus that is made . cant wait for Chai-uut. grrrrrrrrrrr.
  5. got some minis that are new and some special abilities are not in book hoping someone has the answers one is judgement and other is healer (not cleric) thanks
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