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  1. to start and finish at least 1 mini. I need to get my motivation back up
  2. with a slight color shift, it could be someone from Gryffindor
  3. This is reminding me of the anime Dr. Stone
  4. More peoplle need to get on more frequently or there is a Discord painting one now to. There are just to many options which thins out where people go
  5. Thank you! for the birthday wishes. I need to get back to painting and posting on the forums more often. Missed you all to whoever went to reapercon.
  6. Happy belated birthday 🎂 💓 💗 💖 💕 💛
  7. Thank you! I had a great time at reapercon, and seeing old friends and forumites. To bad we didnt get a photo or do a group dinner this year. ❤️ I feel like I made out, like bandit. I only entered in painters and walked away with 2 golds. Love and miss you all!
  8. I do not have him any more, but I can say that the eyes were difficult to get to! But I did do my best to get those eyes perfect! ❤️
  9. Following up on the other mini I posted, This fine gentle men was painted with grey sideburns! Some times it the little things that can add character.
  10. I haven't posted anything in ages, but I have been painting. More so then in past years. I think I painted up this bones model in 2020 or end of 2019. P.S. I really miss the inspiration gallery
  11. OOOO a new one will be happening soon! @SGHawkins09??!?!?!?!?
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