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  1. Good lord. I don't know if I'd be able to keep my calm if my kids did that. The television wouldn't be so bad really, after all it'll come off the screen easily since it's glass. But the floor and the couch? I seriously think I'd find the childs absolute favorite toy(s) and dunk it in the paint even if it caused him to lapse into a coma from the mental anguish. That picture is a good example of why I prefer the four legged form of 'child' that you feed once or twice a day, take for a walk or a run in the backyard or park, and will rip the limbs off of intruders in the proper situation.
  2. Rolemaster tabletop gaming. I tend to be the one of our group that collects the most "player character" mini's, although I'm slowing picking up monsters here and there (but they have to be damn cool ones). Reaper has almost become my only choice in figs in the last several years. I have a friend that does some painting for me that I'll eventually post links to in the future. I can't believe the amount of money to be made doing that if you're good enough at it. Imagine $1500-$2500 for painting someones Warhammer army... it just boggles the mind.
  3. I dunno... I do sales, and thinking from a marketing standpoint if you had a really cool mini that could only be picked up via the swag rewards deal it would actually encourage mini sales in general. Sophie on a chopper maybe?
  4. I was just wondering if you guys had ever considered making a special mini that is ONLY available as swag? (The Urban Legend Sophie would have been a good one...)
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