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  1. Thank ya'll both very much! Stubbdog -- To answer your question, no, not a brown wash. I start with Reaper's brown liner to base the gold metallic parts, then highlight up, first using mixtures of brownish black and intense brown, then go to metallics with a mixture of intense brown and my darkest gold metallic shade, then I highlight with my two lightest gold metallics straight. Silver is done much the same way, just with blues instead.
  2. She's beautiful! I really like the vampire take you did! The freehand on her cape is awesome! Really nice work!
  3. This is another Werner Klocke sculpt that I painted this week. I really like the pose and I thought if I used mostly green/gold for her costume, she should have auburn hair. I put some silver in the mix, too, not a lot, but enough to help break up all the golds.
  4. Seems I'm painting at least one drow a week lately! I'm still working with the metallic and non-metallic technique. I really like this mini and had a lot of fun painting her. I am thinking of doing a drider conversion using one at some point.
  5. Thanks again! I'm glad ya'll think the colors worked out well. :)
  6. Thank ya'll both for the kind comments! Jordan--All I did was add a little bit of flock on the base after painting. :)
  7. Very nicely done! I really like your choice of more muted greens for them!
  8. Nice job! Good blends and I liked her gem, too. My husband and I are also envious of your little turntable! We're going to have to get one. :)
  9. Thank you all for the very kind comments!
  10. I really like this! A great job! I really like the bones, the detailing of the muscles, the eyes, everything! The color choices for the skin and fur give it a moldy feel which I think is terrific! Great work on the base, too! Absolutely super! Now I want to get one! :)
  11. Wow! Very nice work! Great contrast! I like the green and gold color scheme. Her face is wonderful!
  12. That's a neat mini! I think you got nice contrast and I really like the shading on her coat and the highlights on her boots and gloves! The wood on the base looks real! Well done!
  13. I think the books came out well, especially not having sculpted anything before! I, too, really like the purples and your freehand is great! Nice work!
  14. I seem to be finding a way to include a drow in every group of figures I've been painting the last several weeks. I like the skin color method I've worked out, but I may try some different things in the future, like the dark elf or dusky skin triads of the Master paint series.
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