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  1. Thank ya'll both very much! Stubbdog -- To answer your question, no, not a brown wash. I start with Reaper's brown liner to base the gold metallic parts, then highlight up, first using mixtures of brownish black and intense brown, then go to metallics with a mixture of intense brown and my darkest gold metallic shade, then I highlight with my two lightest gold metallics straight. Silver is done much the same way, just with blues instead.
  2. She's beautiful! I really like the vampire take you did! The freehand on her cape is awesome! Really nice work!
  3. This is another Werner Klocke sculpt that I painted this week. I really like the pose and I thought if I used mostly green/gold for her costume, she should have auburn hair. I put some silver in the mix, too, not a lot, but enough to help break up all the golds.
  4. Seems I'm painting at least one drow a week lately! I'm still working with the metallic and non-metallic technique. I really like this mini and had a lot of fun painting her. I am thinking of doing a drider conversion using one at some point.
  5. Thanks again! I'm glad ya'll think the colors worked out well. :)
  6. Thank ya'll both for the kind comments! Jordan--All I did was add a little bit of flock on the base after painting. :)
  7. Very nicely done! I really like your choice of more muted greens for them!
  8. Nice job! Good blends and I liked her gem, too. My husband and I are also envious of your little turntable! We're going to have to get one. :)
  9. Thank you all for the very kind comments!
  10. I really like this! A great job! I really like the bones, the detailing of the muscles, the eyes, everything! The color choices for the skin and fur give it a moldy feel which I think is terrific! Great work on the base, too! Absolutely super! Now I want to get one! :)
  11. Wow! Very nice work! Great contrast! I like the green and gold color scheme. Her face is wonderful!
  12. That's a neat mini! I think you got nice contrast and I really like the shading on her coat and the highlights on her boots and gloves! The wood on the base looks real! Well done!
  13. I think the books came out well, especially not having sculpted anything before! I, too, really like the purples and your freehand is great! Nice work!
  14. I seem to be finding a way to include a drow in every group of figures I've been painting the last several weeks. I like the skin color method I've worked out, but I may try some different things in the future, like the dark elf or dusky skin triads of the Master paint series.
  15. Here's a go at the Nature Warden. I tried to paint her as close to the Pathfinder art as I could. I did make a change on her sword and made the blade silver instead of gold. It seemed to need something to break up all the warm tones.
  16. This guy was fun to paint! I am really enjoying playing with the metallic technique I am using. I also enjoyed putting the lightning bolt effect on his weapon. This figure is a little on the large side; crouched over, he's as tall as other minis, so he looks rather intimidating up against 30-35mm figures.
  17. Very nice work! I really like your base work, too. Thanks very much for posting this. I've been wondering how the Bones figures held up to painting.
  18. Welcome aboard! Very nice highlighting work! I especially like the dress and hair! Well done!
  19. Very nice work! I really like the sword! It looks like it's made from ice! Very cool! I'm going to have to try that. :)
  20. Sorry you had trouble with the paint, but I'm really liking what you did here. Sure, it's a bit rough, but the color contrast realy gives me a sense this creature is moving about at night. The stark highlights put me in mind of glints of moonlight against the darkness of its robes. Very nice capture of mood!
  21. Thank you all very much! I'm pleased ya'll liked how the leather and fire came out. :)
  22. Wow! Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments! Cookjimjr -- Thanks so much for all your encouragement and checking out my work! Cerebro -- I was thinking of doing a lava style base initially. I think you may be right, it would have given some brightness to an otherwise very dark color scheme. They say you should always go with your first instinct, and I guess I should have. :) Hot Lead -- Just wanted to thank you again! I consider your comments high praise coming from you. :) Spaztica -- I was trying to go for something really dark, old and powerful. I'm glad it came across! Thank you!
  23. Thanks to all of you! I was very pleased with the shield as well! I'm glad ya'll liked it! And Joshua--thanks for the info on Kragmarr!
  24. Thank you! I appreciate you checking out my work!
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