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  1. Mix the bison with chicken, some seasonings, an egg for binding, and some barbecue sauce. Add in bread crumbs as needed. Form into patties and grill until done. Serve on a Kaiser bun.
  2. I would go with some kind of complementary color scheme, picking colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel for added "pop!" Blue and orange, yellow and purple, or red and green.
  3. I really like how the wings turned out.
  4. I like the creative thoughts of worms with a fire pit. I do wonder what they are cooking as well? That 3D printed fire pit is pretty awesome.
  5. Good to see you too! Nice to see some names I recognize!
  6. She shops Firemountain? Have her look up the artist "Amanda Bielski-Wright" on their site. That would be me. I stopped doing their contests a few years ago due to lack of time, but managed to rack up an impressive rap sheet of awards with them before I went on extended hiatus.
  7. I'm digging the anime look. I watch a lot of anime with my Husband. I agree to save this, don't dunk her!
  8. I am so sorry you have had to face this. My Sister came out about 12 years ago. My Parents were incredibly cool about it, had her and the GF over for dinner a lot, went to her wedding as well and everyone was awesome. I sometimes forget that not everyone has Parents as nice or as open-minded as mine. When I got together with the man who is my Husband, I remember my Mom looking at me as I was getting ready to head to the airport to move to Seattle, and she said, "You sure you want to move away from the family?" "I'm not moving away from the family Mom. I'm moving to
  9. Heya Glitterwolf. No we haven't met. I don't remember seeing your name when I was a regular here many years ago. This place has certainly changed a lot. It's what happens when you go out of touch for a while dealing with the rest of the world and life. The good news is I have my own patch of desert with a house, two dogs, a great Husband, a stable (though stressful) job that pays decently and allows me to pay the bills. I really don't have anything to complain about. Now just to get life to slow down a bit so I can enjoy several things again - beading, painting, and w
  10. Out of the blue today I had the thought balloon that I should come and log in here and touch base with old friends. The place sure has changed a lot. I can't find the boneyard, and I was hoping to peruse it for parts to put into making jewelry for myself. Something tells me the Boneyard went to the graveyard years ago and I missed it of course. It's nice to see plastic minis. If my hectic life ever slows down, I might get back into painting. Good to see y'all.
  11. Favorite color? Favorite storybook character?
  12. Egads! Probably something to be checked out on Snopes.com. But if it is true... That's pretty darned scary!
  13. Just a huge update to this. We are living in Chandler AZ now! My Boyfriend got a job down here in the Phoenix area. So no, I haven't forgotten about all of you. I've just been busier than a one-legged man in a kickboxing tournament! I've been unpacking the house, and getting things organized. Darsc Zacal: Oh how well I know. My boyfriend put his house on the market on November 1st. He bought the house 11 years ago for like $215K. Property values in his area of Delta went up so much that it's assessed now for $615K!!! He has it up for $630K. Oh and how about Delta having the high
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