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  1. Ok, been out of mini painting since 2008, so I don't feel I can critique anything adequately. What I will say is that for being up 48 hours straight I admire how clean the paint job is for that time span. I don't find the bases distracting - I find them awesome. Afterall they are robots. Robots are seen in the movies standing on metal floors and all sorts of sci-fi type surfaces. Silver works fine.
  2. What is the job market like in Dallas and the general cost of living? Why am I asking this? Let's just say a lot has happened in my life as of late - cross-country move (NY to WA), great awesome boyfriend who is a Canadian transplant. He's applying to a job in Dallas soon and if he gets it obviously we're moving - again. The really ironic part of this whole thing is said boyfriend is the same guy I dated in 2002 who got me hooked on mini painting! So I see mini painting creeping back into my future as soon as we make a permanent landing someplace. We're trying to sell his house in Canada right now and living in an apartment in Bellevue WA while he works in Seattle. His job he is currently at, ends at the end of September so he's been applying to all sorts of programmer jobs since March. So yeah my life has been a hair crazy - but it's a GOOD crazy. And I want to paint again! He's already promised me a Studio all to myself once he buys a house again!
  3. Thanks! Busy would be an understatement. I'm finally now a few months after going down to one job getting a chance to get back to checking forums and getitng things DONE that I've needed to do for ages now. In fact I'm about to do something that I never would have had time for before either - going to the store and buying stuff to go plant herbs for the kitchen etc. I love my veggies and herbs. Heirloom tomatoes rock! As for the contests. The first time I placed in one I sat at my computer staring at my screen in shock for about five minutes as it slowly sank in because I just didn't believe my work to be good enough for it. Then as everything sank in I started screaming - literally! Which set off a chain reaction with the family as they came running to make sure I was OK and hadn't just impaled myself on a pile of beading needles or something similar...I then just busted out crying and pointed at my screen to show them why I was a ball of emotion...I was at a loss for words so pointing was all I could do. So far I hold Grand Prize Silver Medal for the 2011 Gemstones category, and Silver medal for the 2012 Wire working, metal clay category. I have a deadline at the end of May to meet for the 2013 Seedbeads category. I'm currently waiting on word if I made it to semi finals for the 2013 Wire category again... Yup, quite busy. But I need to paint, the itch is there... Once I get the gardens in and the current contest entries done and submitted I can relax and hit some paint.
  4. Just a note here, if you don't have the money to care for a pet, please don't get one. Feeding, vetrinary care etc all costs money. In many cases around where I live when someone doesn' t get their cat/dog spayed or neutered it's because they can't afford the $300 surgery. Yes it costs that much as we just had our dog Annie spayed a few months ago. We got a puppy off some poor woman who could not afford to spay her dog and next thing she knew she had 11 puppies to feed on top of the dog. Our beloved Annie is 9 months old now, and a ball of complete energy, also a complete mutt - Blue heiler, Newfoundland, Boxer and Pitbull mix. At least in my experience the folks who don't neuter/spay, don't have the money for the surgery, and in my opinion if you don't have the money for something basic like that, you really shouldn't own an animal until you do have the funds to put into the animal. They are living loving creatures with feelings and personalities, they deserve to be treated as such. I worked for five and a half years up until this past November at a Farm/Garden/Pet store that has a huge Pet department devoted to feeds, toys, and other care for animals. People were allowed to post up posters for animals they had to find a home for or who were working for rescues looking for homes for fostered pets etc. It never failed that at least a couple times a month someone would come walking into the store with a dog on a leash and the dog was in heat. The people walking the dogs smelled about as bad as their dogs did as well. Seriously if you can't afford to properly care for yourself let alone the poor dog, you shouldn't have the dog. The dog is the one who suffers... OK before I start ranting I better stop....
  5. Thanks. I'll have to look into contacting him then and getting this fixed.
  6. I wasn't at Rcon, haven't been in years.. However that piece is amazing. I like the unique one-of-a-kind concept with the stage and the jazz band. You just don't see minis done that way and it's awesome.
  7. Thanks guys! No I don't lick brushes, never did in the first place when I was painting religiously every weekend... A whole bunch of stuff has contributed to me not painting in years - working two jobs (Now thankfully down to one that pays better), family health issues, Family mental health issues, Volunteering at a local museum tending the gardens, becomming a Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener, working on my jewelry business...The list goes on. If it sucks time up I've probably done it in the past few years.. I have plenty of minis and pieces from the boneyard to attempt painting. One of the first goals is to finish several pieces I started - like a large ceramic Santa I was making for Mom in the Eastern European tradition. I have it like 80% complete and that's where I stopped on it some five years ago. When I finally get the dang thing done I'll post pics. The same goes for the snowman and santa ornaments I was doing for my folks that I got almost finished and then stopped. Notice a pattern here? I tend to start a project and then for whatever reason despite my best intentions I can't get it finished. Beading projects I finish with no problem as atested by the fact I've placed now in two Fire Mountain Gems contests. Which of course if you ever need ornate over-the-top beaded jewelry, just let me know. Hrmmm That gives me a thought balloon - what if I paint a mini to use it in my jewelry??? Of course if I want to use the mini en cabochon I'm going to have to saw it in half lengthwise depending on the mini of course, some wouldn't require such treatment...
  8. OK so I haven't had a brush to a miniature since Reapercon 2008. Sad eh? So I'm hoping to get back into painting at some point here if I manage to get life to slow down a bit. Any pointers for me if I dive back into this? I checked my paints the other days and most seem fine. None of my MSP's have dried out and it appears my ProPaints are fine... Speaking of which, what the heck happened to the Pro Paint line? I went looking for it a bit ago and couldn't find it.
  9. OK so I wanted to update my signature. I went in, took out the current text and added in something different. I did not change the Reaperbryan Fangirl image at all in the signature. However when I go to hit save, I get the following error message: Unable to retrieve signature image dimensions, please try another image. I haven't changed the image at all. Haven't edited it, haven't done one iota of change to it, so why all the sudden won't this work?? Did Cuthulu put a curse on my signature image? Have my brains been eaten by some zombie? And if they have why did I have no knowledge of it? Thanks!
  10. Thanks everyone! Dad hasn't recently given me an update on how everything is going with the book and if he's made any sales. I do know he's slowly working on another story, however he has not told me what it's about.
  11. Good to see you're still churning out some of the most unique kitbashed converted miniatures ever derived from small bits. They look awesome Lanse!
  12. Dad and my brother had a HUGE falling out last year in early March and put that on top of the depression we found out he had and it was a very bad combination. He's much better now, getting the help he needs. My Brother still isn't talking to him and won't let him see his only Grandchild either, but there is always hope my brother will grow some maturity one of these days. Thanks for your support. It is greatly appreciated! Hex: Vanity publishers are those that want to charge you to publish your book. (I remember one poetry vanity publisher back in college that wanted to charge a friend $75 to publish a poem, I told him he was nuts if he did it..) These folks don't work that way. A true vanity publisher won't refuse any material. Smashwords and Booksurge are both pretty particular in what they allow published. Booksurge is a division of Amazon.com. Smashwords is an independent company. Publishing the book on Smashwords was my Aunt's idea as she puts her boyfriend's books up there as well. She edited my Father's book to fit their format, and then someone on Smashwords reads the book after you submit it before they allow it to be posted for sale - so there is a process of checks and balances. When you sell a book they take a small fee from each book sold - but that's typical of any publisher.
  13. Oh my! I do hope everything turns out alright for all involved. What a disaster!
  14. OK I haven't been around much for a whole bunch of reasons most people are probably not interested in hearing about.. Anyways, Dad recently finished writing a book that has taken him a few years to write. My Aunt went through and did several edits and published it for him on Smashwords. Oh and it has trolls in it! (Sorry Spike there are no Orcs in it!) Completely 100% safe for family and work: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/299229 Dad always liked to tell us stories when we were growing up. He always wanted to write a Children's book. I guess it took him attempting suicide last year to figure out it was time to actually get his book rolling and finished. So Please Enjoy, and if you want to let Dad know how much you enjoy the book you can find him on facebook.
  15. Thanks folks! I'm reading through the postings and gleaning information. The more information I have, the better I can combat this thing. Some days I wish I had never bought him a computer...Then again if I had not done that he'd be using mine, and my computer then would be having the problems.
  16. I find your comment funny. Why? About half the folks who have looked at this since February have said the same thing. In my opinion of course I feel the person who got "Presidents Choice" should have been the Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner...
  17. Back in 2002 I was dating a guy who needed some minis painted up for some D&D he was playing with friends. Since he couldn't paint fine detail well due to a birth defect I volunteered to give it a try. The minis he bought were all Reaper. He said he liked them better. So he bought some Reaper Propaints that had just come out at his local hobby shop and sat me down with a variety of brushes and I went at it. The rest is history.
  18. Wow I really have missed a lot... Congrats! :bday:
  19. I've been a very busy person for a few years now working six days a week with both jobs, and now I have my jewelry business in the mix. It's been a long time since I've had time to paint a mini. Maybe if I manage a vacation here at some point I can finish a few that have sat half painted the past few years. On the subject of Jewelry I wanted to share with you folks something that happened earlier this year. If any of you have ever been over to the Fire Mountain Gems website and looked through the jewelry contests you might have seen a familiar name there... The results were announced back in February that I took Grand Prize Silver Medal in the Gemstones Category of their international jewelry contest last year. For those of you unfamilar with these sorts of contests, it might be the jewelry world's equivalent of winning a Silver Demon. The piece I placed with took me 36 hours to create from start to finish, and included Tigereye, Brecciated Jasper, a carved bone dragon I hand painted, Japanese seed beads, gold plated beads, copper wire, and a host of other beads and components. http://www.firemountaingems.com/galleryofdesigns/jewelry_design_gallery.asp?docid=BC2011GEMSTNWINNER If you click on the above link and scroll down to second place you'll see my entry titled "My Chinese Zodiac." Enjoy! At least now you know what I've been up to in my absence...
  20. OK, I've been dealing with virus problems on my Father's computer. AVG isn't cutting it anymore. He keeps picking up some lovely bootsector virus on Facebook, and after I told him to NOT play the game that he keeps getting the virus on, he played it again, and he has the virus again. I have some antiviral the computer repair guy installed on Dad's computer running in safe mode right now on his machine to see if I can nail it to the wall without Dad dropping $100 again to get it fixed. So in your opinion, what is the best antiviral I can put on Dad's computer? At this point I'm game to anything, even if I have to pay for the program and the upgrades. I'm tired of dealing with the problem,and I'm fairly sure Dad doesn't want to have to take his computer up to the repair shop again after he only got it back two weeks ago from getting fixed for the same problem. I'm even considering installing Linux on his computer, since it seems viruses aren't written to infect linux based machines...If I can't get him to understand doing a behavioral change like not playing a scrabble game on Facebook, maybe I can at least head off any further frustration combatting things ahead of time... Dad is operating on Windows7 and using Firefox as his browser (And only because I made IE useless disabling every feature it had as I couldn't get him to understand that using IE he would get more spyware...)
  21. I came here to check in and see if everyone at Reaper was alright. Good to hear everyone is safe and OK. Jason, good to see your family is safe, that was a close call. I haven't been around much, but that doesn't mean I don't care about all of you.
  22. I've been away from mini painting for a while so I really cannot make comments on technique. However that is some outstanding NMM in my opinion.
  23. So true. Through my main job I have access to people who run rescue shelters or regularly foster rescue dogs as well, so I will keep my eyes and ears open to see what they have available as well. We don't plan on getting another dog right now. We want one, we're just waiting for Dad to be ready. He will be the deciding factor in this as to the how and when. Right now he is very adamant about not getting another one. Maybe time will help that out a bit.
  24. I'm at a bit of a dilemma here. Mom and I want another dog. However Dad is against it. He cites not wanting to go through losing a dog again as his biggest reason. We found Zoe at the shelter 12 years ago last month, it seems only fitting to find our next dog at the shelter as well. Is it selfish of Mom and I to want another dog? We just want another fuzzie to love. The wounds are to fresh right now to consider getting another dog right away, but we do want one. The only thing we have going for us is that Dad is a complete sucker for a pair of brown puppy dog eyes that are begging to be taken home. Maybe in time he will come around.
  25. Heaven have mercy... How sad. That girl and her siblings are in my prayers.
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