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  1. Thank you, all of you. It has not been an easy day, but talking about it has helped me cope with it. Thankfully I have incredibly understanding employers as well otherwise this would have been much worse.
  2. Several of you at one time or another here in the Rochester area had been to my home in years past. You were greeted by a furry four-legged canine friend named Zoe. I thought it only fair to let those of you who remembered her know what had happened. Today we had to put her down. She was diagnosed with liver cancer yesterday morning, and it spread quickly. By this morning she was drooling, bloating, and was in pain and not eating. We did what was best. She was my best friend. I'll forever love her and miss her. Rest Peacefully my loveable wiggly fuzzbucket Zoe. 6/8/1999-9/15/2011
  3. I make everything myself. I do simple necklaces, earrings, wirework, polymer clay, bead embroidery, bead weaving, and the inclusion of antique materials salvaged from thrift stores and antique shops. I made a piece last year that sold a while ago now. It was a large enameled copper shield that I had found at an antique store strung with a bunch of beads that were BADLY corroded to the point I could not ID the metal. The beads got tossed but the shield got a brand new hand made chain that I put together using aluminum, copper, gold plate and silver plate, and it matches the tri-tone coloration of the rest of the piece. I'd attach some pictures but that option isn't available in this part of the forum. A Website isn't available yet.
  4. Congrats! I hope everything goes well for you!
  5. No, I haven't fallen into some deep dark chasm or gone to the bottom of the Marianas Trench. I do indeed live. Two jobs and a jewelry business do not make for oodles of posting time much less painting time. I'm currently in the middle of a five week stint of working 7 days a week, no time off at all. However if I ever manage to have two hours of time to rub together again I MIGHT get a chance to paint something for the first time since 2008... With that said... HEYA EVERYONE!! NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!
  6. I'll live through the rest of you vicariously. I'll watch the forums and see what I'm missing from afar. I'm not allowed to take time off in the month of May at all, and there are no exceptions - unless you're dead or laying in a hospital bed. It's almost amusing - When I worked at Michaels getting time off wasn't a problem, scraping together the cash to go was the problem... Now I work as a manager for a nursery at a Farm and Garden center and the money isn't the problem - or at least not as much of one. It's getting the time off that's the problem!
  7. I'm so sorry to hear what is happening. You and your family are in my prayers.
  8. Primer: You should be using it. It will help with the paint peeling problem. Primer sticks to the metal better than paint and acts as a surface for the paint to adhere to. Without it your paint will continue to peel. Varnish might help but in the long term you'll still have some problems with peeling paint. Using a base to hold your mini on while painting is essential for it keeps your skin oils from getting on the mini - which incidentally skin oils can cause peeling paint as well. Before you prime your minis you should at least be giving it a bath in some soapy warm water to get rid of any oily residues and mold release from the manufacturing process. If those are left on they will cause peeling paint as well. Hope that helps.
  9. I would say you did a great job redoing this guy. While it's been AGES since I've looked at a transformer, I will certainly say it's a great project that you have undertaken.
  10. A beautiful and memorable tribute to a friend. I am sorry for your loss. You and your family and friends are in my prayers.
  11. Great tutorial! I agree with keeping things simple with tartans. I also agree some of your craft paints are decent for mini painting - I have a good sized stash of them along with my RPP and RMS paints. Sometimes that perfect color just isn't attainable with an RMS paint but I have it in handy bottle form in a craft paint.
  12. http://kerrycallen.blogspot.com/2009/02/verily-if-you-dont-read-comics-you-wont.html I don't typically follow webcomics. However I found this posting this morning and laughed so hard I thought I was going to fall out of my chair. So I figure I would share. Oooh I rhymed! This girl doesn't have bad dating advice...Though I think if I said, "You are not worthy" to any guy I would get some pretty strange looks...
  13. This was your first mini after a long vacation from painting???? It doesn't even look like you ever stopped painting! In fact it looks better than what I remember you posting years ago on another forum. Give yourself a much deserved pat on the back.
  14. I gave up any attempt at painting NMM ages ago. My hat is off to you for some decent looking armor on this guy! I could never get it to look right so I just stick with shaded metallics.
  15. Get well soon Ed! We miss you! Hospitals SUCK!
  16. I like the drawing that is pretty darn cool! I like coming back to this forum now and then to catch up on things I'm missing in my more than hectic life - two jobs AND my Jewelry business! For some reason I thought I would see the mascot wearing some kind of leggings or breeches even if only short ones. I was surprised to see her just wearing a thong. Then again it's a fantasy miniature- anything goes!
  17. On the photography side of things when I snap pictures of jewelry I display the piece on black and then use a lighter background behind it. You used here roughly the same color background already that I use. It works fine for me, it's just a matter of adjusting the lighting. Lighting seems to give me the biggest problem and I will often shoot several pictures with different lighting before I decide on one I like the best. Half my problem is I keep hitting the flash button on the blasted camera because on a SONY Mavica the flash button is right in the line of fire for when I'm fine-tuning. The flash is one of those things I DON'T need.
  18. I agree with what the others have posted here on this subject. People fear what they don't understand.
  19. Welcome to the forum! We all look forward to seeing some of your minis when you finish them.
  20. At this stage of the game I'll probably never get married and I have some friends that tell me it's not all that it is cracked up to be either. However that being said if I ever did get married - and I have not been planning this out since I was three years old...(Maybe only on and off for the past six or seven years actually) I'm making my own gown, have the pattern already. It might sit on the bookshelf and rot for the next 30 years, but I have it. I have a cousin who can make cakes that will knock your socks off. Rings? No diamonds, no frills. Give me sterling or argentium silver and I'm happy. Catering? Said cousin who makes cakes and her sister - it's covered. DJ? My Sister. Photographer: Aforementioned sister. Place to get married? Well heck I could always do what said cousin above did - get married under the park pavilion! Guests - don't want a lot. If there are more than 30 I'm going to start having fits at there being to many...The way I see it I'll invite who I want and to heck with what my family members might want. I'll probably be paying for the wedding anyways, not them. Dresses/tuxes for the wedding party? I'm going for the whole historical renaissance theme. Find yourself a cool ren faire outfit you love and wear it so long as it's tasteful and you're not dressed like a court jester or the local leper. Bridesmaids? I have like four people on my list and I'm not even sure all of them would even be able to attend due to distance. One of them I am pretty sure would dress like a man anyways - more power to her! So a show that is showing the worst in brides, quite seriously is not typical of what I feel most people spend on a wedding - most of us don't have that kind of cash to outlay or find it utterly rediculous.... Of Course then there was my Brother's wedding almost two years ago. We adore his wife but her family went NUTS on the wedding. I think nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen is a bit excessive. The whole ordeal is rumored to have cost $50K total and I just cringed when I heard that. The reception hall were we had waiters and waitresses bringing us our food looked like Windsor Castle inside and was decorated to the ninth degree. Let's not forget the 100foot long Appetizer and drink bar that went on for two hours BEFORE we went in and sat down to have dinner! WAY to much. At this wedding it wasn't a bridezilla we had to deal with but a mother-in-law-zilla instead as the wife's mother was going just spastic about everything. At one point I wanted to ask someone if they had any vallium we could give her.
  21. Woohoo! Congrats Kit! :bday:
  22. I don't post often and just saw this. God speed to you Sarge, thank you for your devoted service to our country and for keeping us all safe! Come home safe and sound soon!
  23. Thanks for the comments. :) I do have pieces for sale if you are interested. You can PM me. Once May/June ends I might be able to finally get back to attempting to paint something...
  24. Am I the only person to look at the posted pictures of these guys all painted up and think they looked like Ewoks??? They are cute however!
  25. This is the only stuff I currently have actual pictures of. There are pieces I have sold that I never got pictures of that I'm sure I should have. The first piece was a stone I bought for myself - a HUGE piece of Namibian Pietersite. It is wrapped in non-tarnish copper wire with non-tarnish bronze colored copper wire, Pietersite beads, Copper beads, and Czech glass. The Chain is all hand-cut links.
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