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  1. Sorry I didn't check into this thread over the past day or so. I've been putting in 55-60 hour weeks at my job with it being the height of the nursery season and since I'm the nursery manager - well you get the idea. I have ONE watch here I can dismantle that I no longer wear. I do appreciate the offers. I did find one source for miscellaneous clock/watch parts through Firemountain gems as it seems they now carry steampunk jewelry supplies. As for shopping the craft stores. Having worked at Michaels, and having been part of that machine, I really don't go there now unless I know I can't find it anyplace else. I refuse to support their business practices. You think Wal-Mart is bad...I don't have a Ben Franklin in my area, though I do have one Hobby Lobby that perhaps I can convince Dad he needs to go with me to since I don't know how to get there! He can give me directions while I drive. I'm getting hesitant to let him behind a wheel... For those of you with the offers on the table. Drop me a PM and we'll go from there. I'll try to drop you a PM too! Please don't get discouraged if it takes a few days or more for me to reply - I'm not ignoring you - just busier than a one legged man kickboxing! I don't need a lot of parts, just enough to make a couple chokers to start with, mainly so I have one to give to my friend Cassie. She loves Steampunk almost as much as she loves her Fiancee!
  2. That plate you reference was salvaged from the local antique mall. It is enameled copper. When I found it, the rest of the strung necklace was some kind of white agate beads and some metal that was corroded beyond recognition. I was able to save the agate beads and used them in another project, the metal beads got tossed in the trash. I made a new chain for the copper plate because it screamed to have a nice chain with it. Thanks for the comments. :)
  3. Great minis as always Meg. I haven't been around to much to look at what others have been doing. Been ages since I've really painted anything. Pretty much haven't touched a mini since Rcon 2008. The bust is comical, I love it! Very fitting! The Chess set pieces are awesome, I hope the client does them some justice with some good basing.
  4. I went to post this down in the "Poetry, writing and other abuses forum" But it won't let me attach pics there... I figured this was the next best place to post these, so if they are in the wrong spot you can move them. I've been quite busy with work, and trying to get my jewelry business off the ground. So my free time has been mostly sunk into making jewelry, moderating Bonsaisite,working on my bonsai, and researching inexpensive places to buy jewelry supplies. I figured you might enjoy viewing some pictures of some of my work. Yes folks Amanda does indeed have a camera now that is functional, working, and I'm still learning how to take photos properly but at least they aren't a complete loss. The Camera is a SONY Mavica that takes a small 3.5inch floppy! I bought it for $25 from a neighbor's garage sale last year! I haven't had a lot of mini painting time at my disposal but I'm hoping to gain some of that back soon. So here you go. Enjoy. All real stones, Silver wire, silver plated wire, Copper and gold plated copper wire, And a host of other non-plastic materials. I don't like using plastic in my work, it makes it look cheap to me.
  5. It's the wrong time of year I am feeling so down I can't get the time off So I can't get out of town... I got the blues....oooooh. I got the Reapercon Blues.
  6. I have a friend locally who is just almost obsessed with Steampunk and Cyberpunk style jewelry. She has an anniversary coming up soon and I would like to surprise her with a nice piece of jewelry. My problem is other than robbing an old winding watch that I have, I have no other source for parts. I was considering invading some local thrift stores, but after walking into one and finding they wanted almost as much for a used watch as a brand new one at Walmart I was a bit hesitant to really buy it. (...And I'm certainly not going near a Walmart unless it's necessary, I loathe the place.) So I need some ideas of where to look for this sort of stuff. The gears, cogs, winding widgets and gizmos all have some possible uses in what I wish to make for her. I'm all for recycling anything old into something new, so if you know where I can find some cast away old watches or clocks to raid for parts, I'm all ears. Better than watching the stuff rot in a landfill. I already have a stone to use as a centerpiece. I just need the little parts! Thanks.
  7. I believe I found a solution to the problem now. Thanks for all your help! :)
  8. I guess I didn't explain this well enough.. I have it marked as Spam, it goes to my spam folder. I check my spam folder now and then for legitimate emails because some of my friends have email addresses that Gmail thinks are spam when they aren't. I believe what I need is an alternate way to contact someone to get my email address removed from their list. Since there is such a restaurant in the Dallas area I wasn't sure if someone had a phone number or something I could call to ask them nicely to stop sending me these emails? @Kit: Never heard of a bounce option, I'll have to dig around to see if Gmail has one. Thanks.
  9. It's been a couple years since I've been to Rcon. The last time I was there I had shown some passing interest in visiting Maggiano's Little Italy. I had gone to their website but never signed up for anything. Never even ended up going to the restaurant. The past couple months I have suddenly been bombarded by Spam advertisements to my Gmail account for this restaurant. There has been no link at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe. I have now written them TWICE to ask them to remove me from their mailing list. Any thoughts on how I should further address this small problem? Thanks.
  10. Ahh snow..... Isn't it just fun????? *drips sarcasm* Granted I don't have to much here - yet - but I do feel your pain at waking up to that much snow. Good luck with the rest of the moving and settling in process!
  11. Enchantra


    I can honestly say that I won't be going. Since I manage a nursery I won't be able to get that block of time off because May is our Peak season. If I asked for that off my Store manager might pull me aside and ask me if I was feeling OK (Which I'm not, but that's topic for another discussion). Add to that the HR department at the nursery screwed up on my tax withholding and hence I wouldn't have the tax refund to buy the tickets with this year anyways. For the rest of you... Enjoy it! HAve some fun, drink some Shiner, and have a few for me!
  12. Or an eternity on the phone with Sallie Mae trying to get people who don't speak English to understand why you need a deferment form...
  13. Rastl, that mixer is the bomb. I wonder if I painted Mom's mixer like that what would happen....
  14. Good to see you around LSH. Though not like I can say I've been here either...Much the same thing keeps me from here that kept you from here.
  15. The only time I've experienced both of the problems mentioned above is when I didn't thin the paint enough or I accidentally grabbed my flow improver plus water solution to dilute the paints. Using straight water I have no problems.
  16. I wish I had been able to see the zoo when I was in Nebraska back in Late July/Early August, but that ended up not happening. I had my camera all ready and my sunscreen packed and then it didn't happen.
  17. I found this on the news this morning online. These folks send their child to the Dallas School district and have the last name of Pugh. Ed are they any relation? If not, ignore it, I just found it odd that someone with that last name from the Dallas area was in the news. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34818450/
  18. When I hear the word "Ghetto" several things come to mind - first is the original meaning of the word which it was applied to the Jewish areas of cities in the Old World through the Middle ages and into WWII. When you hear about the burning of the Warsaw Ghetto, it was the burning of the Jewish quarter of Warsaw. The term Ghetto seems to be a take off on the Yiddish "Shtetl." Pronunce the two and they sound similar. Aside from that minor history lesson, in this day and age I hear that word and what also comes to mind is: -South Central LA -Large Segments of Washington DC -NYC - Yeah I see much of that city as Ghetto. I've travelled through segments of it going to see my little brother on Long Island, sadly not much to look at. -Detroit - The Big three closing down a lot of manufacturing hasn't helped this image any nor has all the images of hopelessness and helplessness the media has portrayed of the area. -Inner city Rochester - there are places up there I refuse to drive through even in daylight out of fear for my own personal safety. One of the local clubs I have connections with wanted me to come to a meeting, when they told me their new home for the club was at the intersections of Dewey and Joseph I politely told them when their new home moves into an area where I don't fear for my safety I'll attend.
  19. Yes Folks, I do exist. Just thought I would let y'all know I'm still breathing. Work has been hectic with both jobs, no time to breathe, and I'm also dealing with benign positional vertigo and arthritis in my neck. Mmmmmmmm. <--- See how the eyes spin? That's how I feel some days when I just move except it's the room spinning not my eyes! I'm learning to just deal with it and keep running forward. I've become so "needed" at both jobs that at times I feel like I have one employer on either side of me pulling hard and they are trying to see if I will divide by binary fission. We have an employee out at one job for a couple months due to an ATV accident and then at the other job a manager is going out soon for surgery. I guess this means I'm working more hours... So I haven't forgotten about you guys here. I haven't been able to put a paint brush to a miniature since Rcon 2008, but I'm OK, and eventually I hope to have time to paint again. I miss you guys.
  20. Doesn't really matter what date in May the con is. No matter what I won't be able to get off from work. As the manager of a nursery now and May as the height or peak of our biggest selling season I'm basically chained to my nursery that whole month and my wings clipped. Time off requests? Yeah that would get a good laugh from everyone except my store manager. He MIGHT let me go if I was able to arrange knowledgeable coverage - but therein lies the rub since I'm the only person there who knows what I do. When the store manager calls you for product advice on killing a specific bug or a certain fungus a customer has or helping someone find the right plant for a certain spot in their yard - you know that you know more than your boss. Both a frightening and rewarding thought all in one.
  21. I'm so voting for this option as well!
  22. Tron. Wow. I remember watching it and it bored me to sleep - literally. I got woke up later on when it was over. The plot was creative, I'll give it that, but it did nothing for me otherwise.
  23. Get it waxed? Seriously, every few weeks I go and get waxings to get rid of hair I don't want. Depending on the salon the charges will vary. The hair comes in finer as it grows back and eventually some of it will just give up altogether. The hair will stay away for a week or two if not longer - depends on how fast your hair grows.
  24. Thank you so much for making me feel old. I remember watching Ghostbusters - the movie - at a Drive in Theater as a child in Wisconsin, it was a double feature night and it played with the movie Ice Pirates. I'm not sure which was more funny to my 5 or 6 year old mind at the time; the line, "What did you do now Ray?" Or the discovery of the Space Slurpy on the space ship with Ice Pirates.
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