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  1. That's rich, really rich!
  2. And he still prefers to paint the larger scale kits. Lately though he's been working on commissioned armies of 15mm WWII guys. I would go buggeyed painting that scale! I'm glad his eyes can do it! As for help, he's a message away. I have some larger scale kits I know I'll be enlisting his help with at some point myself, A few of them I've been sitting on for a while. One is a huge Young Miniatures Viking in 72mm Scale. Do drop him a message, he'd be happy to hear from you and to help.
  3. I wouldn't judge your experience based on mine. But I'm not huge on dating sites. I also don't drink, don't frequent bars, cannot stand nightclubs and the like. My job schedule doesn't really allow me to do much either at this point as far as go out places. I tried dating sites for several years, the major one being jdate.com, which is affiliated with Match.com and it's a Jewish singles dating site. It's been a few years now since I even bothered logging in there. Quite frankly my experience was the guys I met through those sites had more issues than Newsweek. One didn't disclose till after we had met face to face that he was a heart transplant patient, while I had no issues with his medical condition, it was the mental issues he had dealing with his condition that ultimately fried the relationship. Another one was a closet gay, who frankly had he just been honest with me, we could have parted on nicer terms. Another one - well I really don't know what his problem was as he had to many of them! The worst one was this guy who had recently moved into the area from California, He pulled up in a car with a broken window, the rain had fallen, the passenger side seat was wet, the car smelled of stale cigarettes and every other word was "Eh man." With first impressions being what they are, he didn't make the cut. I even tried meeting guys over IM, like Yahoo and ICQ. That was really bad! The creeps that would message me finally made me set my Yahoo invisible and set my controls to only accept messages from people I already knew. I don't even wish to discuss some of the crap that was sent to me by IM from guys out of the blue. *shudders* My best luck has come from meeting guys through websites with forums that I frequent that deal with my hobbies - in other words we have mutual interests to build on. I've even met a few through Roleplay sites I've visited in the past. My current boyfriend of a year and a half is a member of this forum. How did we meet? I messaged him because I liked how he painted his minis, and we were discussing an issue with a mutual friend - two purely innocent messages and we apparently clicked more than we initially thought. At the end of July I'm flying to spend a week with him. Last time we got to see each other was Rcon 2008. A bit rough at times dealing with the distance, but after this visit we're hoping to change the distance issue in the near future pending the outcomes of some other circumstances going on. So there are ways of meeting people online, but for me, I'll avoid the dating sites like the plague if I'm ever in the situation again where I'm looking.
  4. Welcome back! Good to see you up and painting again!
  5. Nice to see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. To bad I couldn't be there due to work. I need a vacation. Though I almost got a vacation anyways on accident - literally. Kind of happens when you slip in mulch at the nursery and nail a rock with your leg. Thankfully, my leg won that battle and I'm no longer on crutches a few days later. Thanks for posting the pics guys!
  6. I'm not going to be there this year either. Money actually wasn't an issue. My nursery job which is full-time doesn't allow us to take time off during the May rush. May for nurseries is like Christmas for the rest of the retail establishment world, so losing a key nursery player at the start of the rush they won't allow. However before I found that out I had already decided to take my income tax return and buy a plane ticket - to see my boyfriend instead at the end of July. So I'll be at Rcon in spirit if not there physically. I plan on buying a Sophie at the very least online this week.
  7. To bad I won't be at Rcon this year to get that shirt. That shirt is amazing!
  8. AaaAAWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Congrats Qwyk!
  9. Ya know, that's a really good idea. How hard would it be to toss them into a bucket or shoebox? Shove it in a corner and once a year donate to Kris... I bet alot of folks would bid on it, and it would be for a good cause, and it would get people off your back. I'll second this. It's a great idea. Auction them off for charity and help someone out in the process, make the world a better place one mini at a time.
  10. Pae, I'll tell you why I strip the few minis I've stripped. To me if I toss away a mini after I've painted it I've wasted money that I don't have loads of. Even working two jobs doesn't mean I have cash to just blow. Throwing a painted minis away simply because I don't like how it turned out is like my Sister who can do beautiful freehand sketches and drawings in colored pencil on black paper working on a drawing for days and suddenly standing up, looking at it and tearing it apart. I've seen her do this much to my horror. Sometimes perfectionism isn't the greatest personality trait to have. If I can repaint that mini, I've saved myself the cost of that mini and then I can turn around, give that mini as a gift to someone and see the smile on their face as they hold something they will treasure forever and it's worth it to me. And if I don't like the paint job and don't feel like stripping it again? I just give it away anyways, I've never met a person in my circle of friends who hated getting a painted mini from me - no matter what it looked like.
  11. Oh please last I knew any miniature that came to you with mold lines gave you nightmares! Or is that a daymare? For me, any miniature that has a gazillion parts is the one that gives me the creeps. Parts are good unless it's in excess of about six.
  12. I found this place online that at the very least makes and sells all sorts of goodies that are egg-free. http://www.maggiesgfgoodies.com/
  13. Lanse, that's not cheesy, it's ingenious. Not many people can look at a small plastic milk carton and say "Hey that would make a cool spaceship." Cheesy? I think not.
  14. Truly amazing. I think this one looks better than the one on the website for Kraken.
  15. Well I've been listening to you talk about these tanks for the past few weeks while you worked on them. It's good to finally see the finished product. I love the weathering effects on them. Considering how SMALL these things are your detail is amazing.
  16. Good to hear your kid is alright Kit, allergies are pretty scary. My sister is allergic to soy of all things. She reads labels religiously. She gets even a little bit and she has trouble breathing and also can end up spending hours in the bathroom - nothing to mess with. At least you did find out now instead of finding out later on when he ate an entire egg instead of a piece of one. That would have been scary.
  17. Congrats! Yes we want pics! We need pics! Bring on the pics! :bday:
  18. Really? Can Hollywood not come up with an original idea for once or are they just going to keep rehashing and remaking old movies? I couldn't stand the original three twits.
  19. I don't know what happened, but whatever it was, it's gone horribly downhill. The guy in charge of the place who I recognized from before was to busy complaining to someone else he worked with about some change in some game to pay any attention to my friend and I as we walked through the store, and never once bothered to even greet us. The whole visit to that store left me feeling cold and it left my friend rather unwilling to go back. Her and I decided we'll be frequenting Coyote's Den down in Canandaigua a lot more - it's closer and a heck of a lot cleaner, friendlier, even if only a tenth of the size of Millenium.
  20. I had a recent not so nice experience with a sort-of local gaming store myself. Last Friday I decided to go up to Millenium Games and Hobbies in Rochester. I drove up there with a friend of mine from work. She's into Magic and I'm more into the minis. Figured this would be a cool place to stop since I could drool over minis and she could get magic cards and hey, things would be great right? Now last time I was there was way over a year ago (probably almost two years ago). With how gas prices were last year I stayed within 15 miles of my home for the most part. The last time I was there the place was fairly clean - rug was vacuumed, it was a bit musty in there, but no gamer funk, though some of the clientele was a bit weird and of that ilk. So, we enter the store to hopefully get some things we want. This time the moment we walked in my friend and I were immediately accosted by gamer funk in the air. The rugs looked like they had not been vacuumed in ages, their Reaper stock was only HALF of what I remember it being and they had no Reaper paints at all anymore. My friend was appalled at how the magic cards were not neatly in their boxes for the people there playing some small tournament, but that instead the cards were half out of their boxes, some all over the floor. Everything looked filthy in there. We might have been in there all of 15 minutes and left and as I walked out the door I looked to my friend, "I won't be coming here again." My thought here is if that guy at your store isn't responding well to your email message and isn't taking the 30 seconds to send you off a quick response to an email you have sent in the past 48 hours to say "yeah I've ordered the stuff." Then perhaps you need to find another FLGS that's a bit more willing to go the extra mile for you, and that actually seems to want your business.
  21. I fixed it. A file must have been corrupted in the recent install of Flash that I had done. I downloaded it again and did a fresh install and it's working now.
  22. I'm not using IE. I use Firefox, latest version.
  23. The Countdown widget on the main page isn't working for me. It says I need adobe flash player. He's the kicker - I have adobe flash player and I have the most recently updated version as well, so it should be working. I'm running the latest verison of Firefox on Windows XP Professional if that helps to diagnose the problem.
  24. As a former professor now five years removed, I'm going to say that any student that wrote such nonsense would have been docked points by me. Chat speak has it's places, term papers are NOT one of them. What made me feel old was when I was teaching in 2003, most of my students had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned the First Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm. I officially felt old that day - and I was only 27 at the time. A week ago right before Thanksgiving my former AP Biology teacher from high school came into the store. She has come in before and we talked. When she was teaching me my senior year, she had a baby daughter who she would bring to class and the kid would sit up on her desk scooting across the desk in her diaper. She told me said daughter is now 15. I thanked her for making me feel officially old.
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