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  1. My favorite classes in college were: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, History of the world before 1500, History of Ancient Greece, Native-American Archaeology, Native-American Ethnography, Weaving (We got to use those huge floor looms!), and my Independent study class where I replicated Native-American pottery techniques. The most fun was the pottery one. Last I knew the tools I created by hand, along with the pots and the other items I created were still in use as teaching tools in the Anthropology department.
  2. Thanks for this. I'm giving Dad the information so he can call some people tomorrow and light a fire under their feet. It's bad enough Mom is about to go out and grab a second job. She been dragging her feet about it, and not like I blame her, she's 57, and she doesn't have the energy of a twenty or thirty something to be doing two jobs. As it is there are some weeks I barely have the energy to pull it off.
  3. I never authorized it - that's not an assumption. It's not a magazine subscription, it's not some annual fee for some site - I don't belong to sites I have to pay for nor do I buy online subscriptions to anything - I have much better uses for my money, like gas and food. I've never done business with anyone in mainland Europe. The only magazine I have that I pay for sends me my bill through snail mail and that's National Geographic. At this point everything points to the theft of the information - however they managed to do it. Thankfully my bank is great, and always has helped me out when something odd happens with my account. So I sit here and wait for my new card, watch my account just as religiously as always, and be thankful that the creeps didn't take everything out of my bank account otherwise Thanksgiving would not be happening at my house this year. I'm shouldering much more this year than typical since Dad's Disability checks have been stopped due to a mistake someone made at the Government level. The Government admitted to the mistake, said they owe him money, but that money hasn't appeared yet and it's been four months now since it stopped. So I've been buying a good load of groceries for the house each week, and this time that meant almost all of Thanksgiving dinner. It's a good thing I work two jobs.
  4. I just went online and went to each of the credit reporting agencies and requested my free credit report and checked it out and I am alright, nothing odd appeared. Lars: Thanks for the tip. I'll ask my bank if they can do that.
  5. Almost every Friday without fail I go and check a print out of activity on my bank account. It's one of my anal retentive things I do. However it's a good thing. So yesterday on my way home from work I got a print out. I came home and looked at it. Now it looked alright until I went back to November 12th. There sitting on the print out was a charge for $29.95 to some European Union Credit Card processing company on the internet called CCbilleu.com. I scratched my head and thought about the online transactions I had done. My last online transaction was back in September to a US based company, Firemountain Gems, so I knew that this charge wasn't mine. I also know I haven't done any business with international companies in a couple years. So this morning I went to my bank. She pulled up my account on her computer screen, drew up some information. She reversed the charges on my account, cut up my debit card and issued me a new one that she is having come to me by expedited mail, and she said the problem should be solved now. However if it continues I'm going to have to close down my account and open a new one. This sucks. She also drew up other information which I couldn't see on her screen and said to me, "You need to contact the companies you've done online business with this year as their site or sites may have been compromised and that is how they got your information." So I did. I only had four sites to contact, one of which is Reaper. I'm so hoping this is some weird random thing and no one's sites are affected. I've been checking out my computer as well in the chance it was something on my end. However my double firewall checks out, my computer is clean of viruses and spyware, so at this point I'm left scratching my head. My passwords are pretty secure as well using numbers along with letters and I checked out my email accounts for anything amiss. So far everything on my end looks fine. So yeah, I hate, loathe, and totally am disgusted with hackers right now. This couldn't come at a worse time when my car payment is coming out at the end of the coming week, I have more shopping to do for Thanksgiving, and bills outstanding that I already cut checks for. I'm ticked. I'm thankful my bank is so helpful, and I'm thankful that so far this has been easy to take care of, it's just a huge inconvenience.
  6. You could use the Testor's, however they are not going to give you the smooth dull coats of paint you need to create decent looking minis. Even for just tabletop quality minis for play I still paint with acrylics and then do several coats of Testor's dullcote to seal and protect the paint job. If you are looking to paint on the cheap - go and get paint sets by Delta Ceramcoat or some of the other craft paint sets you would find at a local arts and crafts store. Often for about $9 you can get 24 colors to work with and they will work up nicer than the enamels will on your mini. If you don't mind dropping a few more $$, the next best thing is Liquitex has a 24 cell pack of acrylic paints. Don't forget to prime your mini first.
  7. So I had something weird happen yesterday while I was out shopping. Now every time I go to the Walmart near me I always encounter some rude and crass individual - I'm talking about other customers, and not employees. I do believe yesterday took the cake. I typically don't grocery shop at Walmart, but since I had to get new shoes for work I figured I'd just do all my shopping in one place and get it done. So I am down in the dairy cooler area of the store. There is this woman in her late fifties or early sixties who is on one of those little go-cart things. Her hair is long, gray and scraggly looking, and she looks dirty and unkempt. I chalk her up to being someone who doesn't believe in taking care of themselves and make my way up alongside the dairy case. I park my cart a certain distance forward because I see her coming up to the case and I don't want to be in the way. I go about getting what I need from the case and as I'm about to grab my cart to move and I'm turning a bit I hear from her what sounds like, "Well thank you for finally getting out of my way." Now I wasn't sure due to a crying baby nearby and a loudspeaker going off. I turned, "Everything ok Ma'am?" She looks at me a look of shock on her face, "Oh yeah I'm just talking to myself." I nod and just go on my merry way through the store and get some other things I need. I go up to the deli counter, the folks there are finishing up the one person ahead of me and suddenly I have two people willing to wait on me. There is no one behind me. So the one lady takes my cheese order and the other gentleman takes my meat order and they go to work on it. I hear a motor and I see the lady in the go-cart coming up near the left-hand side of me. She parks her cart and is looking at the stuff in the deli case. The lady comes over with my cheese and hands it to me. As she is doing that the guy comes over and hands me my meat. All the sudden the lady in the go-cart stands and looks at me, "What you need TWO people to wait on you??!" The poor workers behind the counter were looking at her like she had grown horns. I didn't respond to her but looked at the young lady behind the counter, "Go ahead and wait on her." The young woman had an odd look on her face but nodded and went and took care of the lady. The gentleman was searching for a type of meat for me, apparently they were out of turkey ham. Just as him and I were discussing this I hear the young woman tell the older lady, "Would you like anything else Ma'am?" The old lady responds, "No, I'm fine but that woman over there thinks she needs two people to wait on her, you might want to see if she needs help!" I blink. What the heck is this lady's problem? At this point a million things I could say to tell her off are going through my head. However I'm also thinking, "Why should I stoop to her level?" I ignore her, thank the Gentlemen who helped me and I proceed to go back through the store making sure I have what I need and head to the checkout. What I had wanted to say to her went something like this, "I am sorry you feel so poorly about yourself that you have to take it out on the other people around you and make other people miserable because you feel miserable inside." Such a comment with her sadly would have been a waste because I somewhat doubt it would have had the desired effect. Thankfully, I'm not like my Father who would have immediately asked her if she had double parked her broomstick.
  8. I happen to be in agreement with that statement. I'm blind enough with glasses, and when I do detail work on 25mm and 28mm and even 54mm I typically throw on the magnifying visor. I want to keep my eyes. I think wash filling in the eye sockets works fine enough on 15mm. I'm in agreement there. The closest good supply of minis is 30 minutes by car, there are two closer places but their mini selection isn't all that great. I end up resorting to going online for anything I know I cannot find locally. Though between the two Rcons I've been too, I have enough pewter to paint up to last me a while. I like the basing you did on these. I'm assuming some kind of sand like paste that you painted over after application?
  9. Generic heroic and non-heroic sculpting dollies for 54mm and 72mm. I don't care if they are in pewter or lead. I want the ability to sculpt my own one of a kind larger scale minis. I've seen the ones over at Bronze Age Miniatures, however they're quite pricey for the 54mm ones. I know if they were in lead, they would be cheaper.
  10. Horses are peculiar animals. They have their own unique personalities and traits much like we do. Sometimes I feel we sorely underestimate what they can do, and how much they can think. The store I work for supplies the local race track with feed, bedding and other equine supplies. People are in frequently buying saddlery, liniments and other things for their race horses. One thing that all of them have shared is that you never underestimate a horse because just when you do, that's when they'll get back at you. One lady had a particularly stubborn horse and she was talking to a few of us at the store about it. The horse would buck and try to throw riders, yet with others the horse was fine. It puzzled her. After countless hours of observing people with the horse in question and doing other research they discovered that it wasn't necessarily the person the horse didn't like, but rather the COLOR of the clothing the person was wearing. Apparently this horse disliked blue, yellow and bright red. They eliminated those colors from what they wore and the horse all but stopped the behavior. I've heard others have had issues with horses not liking a certain cologne the rider was wearing or not liking someone who was or wasn't wearing leather. In your case, I would do two things: 1) Get to a doctor about your back. Since you're not concerned about your finger, at the very least take care of your back. If your back goes you won't ever be riding again much less walking upright. 2) Spend time with the horse in question and observe her to see what might be bothering her. I've met you, you're stubborn like I am - with that in mind I know you'll keep trying till you can ride this horse. You'll do it eventually. Just don't let the horse kill you in the process. That all said, I do hope you feel better soon and heal up. Ibuprofen is your friend.
  11. Thanks for the input guys. I guess I go back to the drawing board and keep searching. I'd sink cash into a small compressor, but then that would be less cash being set aside to save up to move with - so the compressor will have to wait. I actually do have a Hobby Lobby now (Opened two months ago)- the only one remotely on the East Coast and the largest Hobby Lobby in the Country. They bought a whole entire vacant Chase Pitkin's store (Think Lowes or Home Depot) and the whole thing is a HUGE Hobby Lobby. However it's a good 35 minutes away by car, whereas the closest Michaels is ten minutes by car. The amount of gas used to get to Hobby Lobby negates any savings on product. I have been to the new Hobby Lobby, however it's not a trip I'll be doing often - if I go it's to do what I did last time - drop a large sum of cash on jewelry supplies for my jewelry side-business since they had all the supplies on sale at 50% off with their Grand-opening sale.
  12. Criminy, that's so sad but oh so true... I had an ex like that - drove my DM at the time nuts. Come to think of it he was driving me nuts too and that's one of the reasons we split... Heck I thought a pebble sitting on the floor made a great representation of whatever monster we were fighting, imagination supplied the rest, DM thought it worked well too.
  13. In Lanse's immortal words... I must go floss my brain now...
  14. Bingo. Mine had always played nice together as well and I have been using the free version of both ZoneAlarm and AVG as well. Since the reinstallation and a couple more updates on the part of both I haven't had another problem - yet. I have my AVG set to update automatically when I boot up my computer, and my ZoneAlarm does it's updates automatically as they are created.
  15. I solved the issue (so far) but I'm writing this so others are aware of it... I was getting ready for work this morning. At 6:30 in the morning I am FAR from awake. AVG pops up these little boxes saying it's found a Trojan horse and asks me if I want it taken care of. Of course I say yes. The computer runs fine the rest of my time on it this morning and then I go to work. Tonight I jump onto my computer. First thing I notice is pages aren't loading. Weird. So I do what I automatically do in such cases - I check my cable modem for power and cable. It checks out so I next reboot the modem and my router. I can load pages for about 45 seconds and then I get the same page loading error messages about the server not being found. I scratch my head. Dad then informs me his internet access is working just fine and he runs off the same network as I do. Hrm..... I remembered the little boxes that AVG popped up and decided to check it out. I pulled up the AVG virus vault. It turns out AVG decided ZoneAlarm was a trojan horse and quaranteened it! Now I have been running these programs together now for a couple years with no problems, no conflict, no issues to note. So I emptied the virus vault of it's contents - which had no real viruses in it. Tried accessing the internet again - no dice. The solution so far that has worked is I uninstalled Zonelarm completely and then reinstalled it with a fresh copy. Anyone else had experience with this and how did you fix it?
  16. So I've been out looking for an airbrush substitute. Some of the spray models with the canisters of canned air at Michaels are a bit to costly in my mind, so I found something that recently came out on one of the sites I order from now and then. It's used for dyes and also acrylic paints in painting and dyeing leather. Think it would work for minis? Here's the canister that holds the paint: http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/product...?number=2092-00 Here's the propellant unit: http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/product...?number=2091-00 Thanks!
  17. Sculpey works for making bases and terrain IF a few simple rules are followed: -Never bake it unattended. Heat can fluctuate in an oven causing burn marks or worse. An oven thermometer is your friend. I find toaster ovens heat to unevenly to be useful for baking sculpey. Setting a timer for your baking time is helpful and recommended. -Do not exceed the maximum recommended temperature for baking sculpey - the nasty fumes that result are not healthy to breathe if you cause the sculpey to burn. -If you must bake it with a mini, remember to do a test run with a scrap mini by the same manufacturer so that you know the alloy will survive the baking process instead of ruining that mini you have been cleaning and prepping. -Never bake it with a plastic mini. That's just a disaster waiting to happen as the melting point of your plastic mini (Or mini base) might be lower than what Sculpey bakes at. Add to that baking plastic can release nasty toxic fumes. -Always use proper ventilation when baking Sculpey as it can emit some pretty noxious fumes. -Always use a pan for baking that is for baking Sculpey and other polymer clays ONLY. Residues left on the pan that will exist through repeated washings are not good to injest in your food. Sculpey substitutes that don't need baking: -Read the "Great Basing Materials Compendium" at the top of the Tips and advice forum. I compiled that long ago based on experience and my time dealing with customers at Michaels. -Marblex, Stonex, green stuff, brown stuff, grey stuff, white stuff, creative paperclay: All of these do not require baking and are great for working with plastic minis and plastic bases. Save your ovens, hands, lungs and yourself: Use the proper materials for the task at hand and always research and test things out first to avoid disasters. If I think of anything else to add here, I'll add it in later.
  18. So I just got home today from a downstate trip to Long Island for my Little brother's wedding. So a few things I need to comment on: -NYC area drivers SUCK! You know you are in NYC when you are in bumper to bumper traffic and people decide that they can just lay on the gas and cross three lanes and they don't care that your car is sitting in the spot they want to be in, they expect you to move. They make their own lanes too where there are none! -We're flying down next time we visit and taking the train from the airport to his house since his house on Long Island is a few blocks from the closest LIRR station. This will save us from going grey earlier and keep my Father from losing what little bit of hair he has left trying to drive it again. -You know it's a good party when your Mother goes out on the dance floor with your Brother and shakes it with all she's got to Sir Mix-a-lot's "Baby's Got Back." Go Mom! My Brother was the dashing debonaire Mr. GQ that he's always been, and his wife was gorgeous and radiant. The Wedding was a lot of fun. The food was amazing as well. However after seeing the expenses of this wedding and the excesses as well, if I ever get married, I'm following the KISS principle. I don't see the point in a $800 limo ride or a 50 foot appetizer table, much less five choices of a main course for food. I'm just glad in this case my family wasn't paying for the wedding. I don't even want to know what the price tag was for it seeing it was held in a Church my Brother and sister-in-law didn't belong to, and a reception Hall that looked like Buckingham Palace inside. Add to that Open bar the entire night... However now at least one of us is married off.
  19. I second the motion of a dictionary. I have ones for French, Spanish and Hebrew. They help immensely.
  20. I get crap like this constantly. In Hotmail I click that nifty little button that says, "Report Phishing scam." It is a beautiful thing. Sadly all you will get out of this is either a line of bologna from this guy, more spam, or both. Though I have to commend your sense of humor in writing the message to begin with.
  21. Thanks guys! Some more updates. My second job so far thinks I'm amazing. I just did in a week what they thought would take a month and a half in their original plans - I got some several hundred people called for appointments, at least half scheduled, and I got their series of files organized as well. I was told today by the guy in the Ecommerce department that when they were looking for someone they had estimated a month and a half to two months to get everyone called and most scheduled, the fact I did it in a week was amazing. So now they are going to have me working on inputting into the database all the customer files. At CountryMax, my main job, my former supervisor from the nursery "C" was FIRED back on Tuesday! I guess the repeated harassment of others and not just me, and his numerous company policy violations finally caught up with him. The last Straw was he was the manager in charge of closing Monday night and he closed down the registers early, left the register drawers open (There's a great way to lose cash) while doing other things. He apparently didn't think anyone would report it, but two people who worked Monday night turned him into the company owners. On Tuesday I saw him come into work, he started cleaning the shed and then he disappeared, I figured he had gone on a delivery run. Not long after that he didn't answer a phonecall for him, and I found out later after that he had been fired. What his termination means has yet to be seen. They are not filling his position at this point. However I am now more or less in charge of the nursery to some extent and will be running the nursery with the Store Manager's guidance - I just won't have the title or the pay and will still be working the front end of the store running register. I do know the store manager has been trying to get clearance for me to learn to close the store.
  22. At CountryMax we have "Stitch" the cat. She's been around forever, no one is sure of her actual age, she's spoiled, and if she doesn't like you she will let you know. Add to that they swear she has more than nine lives with the sheer number of times she has gotten ahold of mice/rats that have already been poisoned by rat poison and she has lived to tell about it. We call her our "Guard Cat" for good reason.
  23. I have no idea how close he would be to where you need to go but I have a friend in Baltimore who works at the Aberdeen Testing Grounds I could get you into contact with. He's not a forumite though.
  24. Yeah, me too. I think of you everytime I drive by a Micheals. I had to go there last week because I am starting to draw again after a 20 year hiatus, and needed a decent sketch book. The whole time I was in there I was wondering how you were doing, not to mention watching the employees and wondering if they are experiencing similar things to yourself. I am very happy for you. Congrats! Andy Well if the word of mouth I have heard from other employees I have kept in touch with has any truth to it - which I know it does, I'm wagering that there are quite a few having some of the same issues I was having, however some of them are not as fortunate to have other jobs to fall back on like I did. One employee in particular I have to contact. We'll call her Mrs. H. Mrs. H. works three jobs, part-time at Michaels after the classroom program at Michaels was axed, One-Stroke painting instructor at JoAnn's and A part-time florist for a friend of hers who owns her own business. She is having it rough because every full-time job she applied for wouldn't pan out and she recently left her husband and needed something full-time. She's been with Michaels four years and she went for the same positions I did and also got turned down. She too had stellar reviews and a good job performance record. The catch here? Her and I were both pretty high on the payscale there for what we did (Sad that $8.35 an hour was high on their payscale, but it was.). We are both wondering if that had anything to do with both of us getting jerked around. So far the new part-time job is going well. I'm just working my tail off is all. When I go into work tomorrow morning, between both jobs I won't have another day off till the 30th. Ahh yes I'm going to be a work zombie again. At least this time I'm not working to pay off credit cards - I'm working to make extra car payments to pay it off faster and to save up cash in a savings account so I can move. The light is at the end of the tunnel and I see it...
  25. No worries. I have bookmarked some online tutorials on how to use the software so I'm not in the dark, and I have used related programs so it's not that much of a stretch to use it. I hope the new job works out well too. Since the company is growing and expanding and the President seems bent on upgrading,updating and expanding the company to move forward I consider it a positive sign. He mentioned in passing this job could lead to better opportunities for me there. I'm all for it.
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