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  1. Thank you, I am officially almost too old...
  2. Thanks Jon, I ordered 5 bottles yesterday after you announced the singles on FB.
  3. I have a bottle of Coal Black 09693 that is almost out of paint. I do not see it on the Reaper site to purchase. Was this a limited color or a eliminated color, if so, how do I get more? Thank you.
  4. I have a classed that I signed up for that is not showing up in "My Schedule", Combined Arms and Converting. All of the other classes are now showing though. Is this something that can be fixed before the Con or does it be fixed at the Con? Thx
  5. Thanks Ladystorm. I am interesed in trading in old metal for new. If they do not have what you want at the hotel, would they have it cast and brought to the convention? I believe the informaiton about the metal trade said that they will cast if what you want is not avalible.
  6. A couple of the tour times is a 4pm. If I am getting out of a class at at 4pm, Would I have enogh time to get there, tour the factory and trade in metal and get back to the banquet at 6:30? Thanks Patrick Chambers
  7. I know that Carnival Purple was a limited edition, but is it the same as Red Violet? Is Carnival Purple still avalible for purchase? Thank you. Patrick Chambers
  8. I sure that this question has come up in the 200+ pages of this tread, but... Are the newer sculpts going to be avalible in the future in either metal or resin (or a combo of both)? Way to go Reaper!
  9. Picked up this miniature sometime ago without a thought that I would ever use it for. Our group started a Rogue Trader campaign recently and the model was perfect for the game. Thanks for looking. Patrick Chambers
  10. The little green guy came in the same blister as Betty. I almost did not paint it...but what the hey...
  11. Thanks all for your kind words. I am looking forward to picking another 5 Chronoscope to put together and paint in the future. Thanks Reaper for the Chrono line!
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