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  1. I finished him up yesterday. To date he is my favorite Bones mini.
  2. Another vote for the Dresden Files. I have the series to be very entertaining with a great cast of characters.
  3. I am getting back into RPGs and starting a Pathfinder Campaign using the first AP. I just ordered this mini along with the boxed set of iconics. Great mini and awesome paint job.
  4. Another recommendation for Pathfinder. The PDF downloads are a very cost effective way to get back into gaming if you cannot afford the printed books.
  5. I have always been skeptical of sites like these. However my best friend did meet his wife that way so I guess it does indeed work for some people.
  6. Wow that is a great looking beholder. I am not sure why but I have a thing for beholders. I haver never used one in 30+ years of gaming but I just really like them. That one looks great so far.
  7. As someone that is just now getting hooked on Pathfinder and the setting coming across this thread was very timely. That is one of the best painted minis I have seen in a long time.
  8. I am going to give it another try. So far the game has really not blown me away. I think The Baldurs Gate series and the spin offs, even dated, are a better game. Neverwinter Nights was also in my opinion a better game. The graphics in DA are ok but more of a let down compared to other games made today and contribute to my blah feelings towards the game.
  9. I did free each of my party members but they disappeared in a shimmering light afterwards. When I go to the central node I am by myself.
  10. He is located at the very center of the Fade. He changes into an ogre once the fight starts. II get a few hits, I am playing a dwarf warriot, but the fight is over quick.
  11. I saw the trailer a little while ago and liked it. I loved the original movie as a kid and was not initially happy to hear they were remaking it. However I would not be upset if there was no mechanical bird. It was the one thing about the original I did not like.
  12. Anyone have any tips for defeating the Demon in the Fade? He kicked my butt all morning.
  13. Dungeons & Dragons and D20 Modern.
  14. TXB? Probably not if I do not know what TXB stands for. LOL
  15. I am playing it on the Xbox 360 and am about 10 hours into it. So far I am liking it. Having a rogue in the party is a huge help.
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